Entrepreneur Headshots | Arlington, MA

I had a fantastic time with Debra the other evening in Arlington.  I met her recently at an Arlington Entrepreneurs meeting.    Debra is a career coach who  “guides women to align their work and personal lives with their brilliance and unique definitions of success.” in her business Connect2.  She was looking for new business portraits, and we had a gorgeous evening wandering around a favorite local park.   Our goal was to show Debra in her best light, and in a way that would encourage her potential clients to think of her as approachable and friendly.  Debra, like many of my clients, was a little nervous about having her picture taken (heck, I’m a photographer and even I get a little nervous when I’m on the other side of the camera!).  So we kept everything relaxed as we walked around the park (she had cleverly brought comfy flip-flops to walk in so she didn’t have to walk in her high heels).  It’s always nice to work with a fellow Arlington entrepreneur!

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