Author Headshots | Lincoln, MA

When first looking at the ten day forecast for this headshot session in Lincoln, MA, the prediction was for torrential downpours.  Over the course of the week, the forecast gradually got better though — first showers starting after sunset, then just clouds, and when the day finally arrived, the forecast was for sunshine all around, and that is exactly what we were rewarded with.  I often get concerns from clients about the weather for their portrait sessions, and this is a perfect example of why I always advise calm, and waiting until the day of to make any decisions one way or another about rescheduling 🙂

Michelle has written a book about human trafficking, based on the experiences of a woman she met on her travels.  It sounds like a very powerful read, and I was honored to be her choice to capture her headshots for her author page.  We enjoyed the beautiful landscape of historic and lush Lincoln, MA, and had a great time exploring.  Here are my favorites from our time together:

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