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What a treat to spend some time a few days ago with Karen while I was on vacation in gorgeous Branford, CT.  Karen is an author and speaker, and was so excited for the opportunity to get her updated headshots while she was in her home town for a week!

I love getting to explore new places, and it was definitely a challenge to scout out some different location options sight unseen.  I started out by checking out some parks on Google Maps near where Karen was staying, seeing what photos other people had posted of them, and in one case a really neat news story with some video footage from a brand new park in town.  We ended up at Foote Memorial Park, which had some lovely shade (Karen was only able to meet mid-afternoon for this session so we couldn’t work with the usually magical golden hour light).    We did luck out with absolutely gorgeous weather — not too hot or humid or windy.

Karen had talked to me some about what she was looking for — many of the books she writes are for children, and when she is seeking speaking engagements she needs to convey a very animated, engaging personality, so having her feel accessible and lively was absolutely critical for these.  One of the things I really appreciated in working with Karen was that she was game for getting into a bunch of different poses, including some that involved being on the ground (she pointed out that her whole outfit was machine-washable, even though it looked very fancy — such an important feature!!).   That was a great way to provide her with variety in her images so she can really tailor which she uses for which purpose depending on the specific situation.

Here are some of my favorites from our time together — I hope Karen loves them as much as I do!


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