Baby Boy Milestone Portraits | Cambridge, MA

What stunningly gorgeous weather we had on Saturday evening for R’s baby boy milestone portraits four-month portrait session.  Baby R is taking part in my Baby’s First Year milestone package, and it was such a treat to see how much he’d grown since his newborn session in December!   Also taking part in the session were his godparents, and his aunt and her fiance who were visiting from out of town — they’d just recently gotten engaged and while the focus of the session was definitely baby R,  I took advantage of some of the feeding breaks to snag a few portraits of just them.

I often get asked if extra people can join in for a portrait session, and generally my answer is yes if it won’t overwhelm the original subject of the session — R’s godparents, and aunt and uncle-to-be were fantastic — helping to get him to smile, and happy to be along for the walk we took (this is one of my favorite locations to shoot, but there is definitely a lot of walking involved!).   R seemed to particularly love his godmother swooshing her skirt and making funny faces above my head (and even when the jokes went a little above what a 4 month old would understand, his parents cracked up and we got amazing smiles from them 🙂 ).

Both of R’s parents are involved in the circus, and while we weren’t able to incorporate many circus tricks this time, we’re going to try to for his 8 month milestone session when he’s sitting!  And with how much he loves zooming around in the air (which we did gets lots of shots of this time!) I bet he’s going to love that!!    And even though we didn’t manage to get baby R in, we did get one circus trick documented of just his mom and dad, which, as a SUPER clumsy person I was incredibly impressed by!!

Here are a few of my favorites — from our time together!

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