Boy’s Spring Portraits | Arlington, MA

Boy’s Spring Portraits

With Spring being so  busy with client sessions, it can be a little hard to find time to update portraits of my own family.  My 7 year old, Jesse, had been asking for a little while if we could do a portrait session of just him.  See, he’d gotten a “Super Secret Spy Notebook” as part of a spy kit prize for selling popcorn for his cub scout den.  And while my husband was surprised by the choice, the little notebook has barely left his side for the past six months.

When Jesse told me he wanted me to take pictures of him as a spy, I quickly went to my town yardsale Facebook groups asking if anyone had any spy costume pieces we could borrow for an evening — while there was lots of enthusiasm from the other parents, sadly nothing quite materialized.  As it turned out, though, that was for the best.  When I explained to Jesse that I was waiting on a friend who thought she had some neat costume pieces for our shoot, he looked at me with this very clear “Mom, what planet are you from?” look and said he clearly should just be in his regular clothes since otherwise everyone would KNOW he was a spy, and that wouldn’t be very good for spying, now would it?

Gorgeous Lighting

When our Friday evening plans got cancelled, and the light driving home was gorgeous, I asked if he’d been willing to go for it now, and he said yes!  Now, like all the parents reading this, even though it’s my job to take photos of other people’s children, my own children always present a particular challenge — there’s just something about me being their mom that makes them not want to cooperate *ever* when I want to take their portraits, and none of my fail-safe tricks that always work with other children work on them.  So having Jesse’s buy-in was HUGE for this (and now that my four year old has seen these, he wants his own portrait session too — I’m super excited about this ripple effect!).  Here are a few of my favorites:

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