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Lifestyle Newborn Portraits | Cambridge, MA

Lifestyle Newborn Portraits | Cambridge, MA

It was such a pleasure to get to meet these folks at the start of baby M’s First Year Package.  M. was so alert and curious throughout the session, and I loved getting to see little peeks at what her personality might become as she grows!

Her parents picked some wraps from my collection — some that went with their nursery colors, and a bonus pumpkin setup because October — and we were off to the races with family shots, parent shots, and some individual shots.  After a few different setups, they asked “Would it be weird if we included a stuffed moose?  His name is Bruce.”  OMG, how could I resist a stuffed moose named Bruce???  Moose are a bit of an inside joke for this family, and I was so thrilled to be able to include something that was special to them, and glad they felt comfortable enough to ask.  I think Bruce might be making an appearance in M’s later First Year Package sessions as well 🙂

First Year Package

First Year Package | Winchester, MA

First Year Package

For their older child’s first year package, the timing didn’t quite work out to do a session with foliage, so this time around with their second little one, that was a priority.  And boy oh boy did the trees oblige!  One thing these folks did that was super helpful was that they hired a “mother’s helper” — an older kid — to hang out with their active toddler when we were more focused on the baby.  While not necessary, it did make it a more enjoyable session for everyone involved to have that extra pair of hands!  Here are a few of my favorites from their session:


First Year Baby Package

First Year Baby Package | Stoneham, MA

First Year Baby Package

Such a joy to see these folks (and their fantastic au pair, who joined us for this session) in Stoneham for baby Z’s second session of his first year baby package.  Hard to believe he’s 7 months already!  We really lucked out with the weather clearing up so we could go outside, and there’s a lovely bit of conservation land within an easy walk of their home.  We had some good fall color and had a grand time exploring the woods and fields.  Here are a few of my favorites from our time together.  I was super touched by mom’s enthusiasm when I sent her gallery — a quick text telling me “Mira!  Those are just too gorgeous!”


Breastfeeding Portraits

Breastfeeding Portraits | Belmont, MA

Breastfeeding Portraits

So many people were interested in the breastfeeding portraits I did last month for World Breastfeeding Week that we scheduled another go-round this past weekend.  We had four moms and their little nurslings come, and it was again an unbelievably gorgeous evening for portraits in Belmont, MA.  Like before, the session fees were donated to help support the incredible (and incredibly important) work of Mothers’ Milk Bank Northeast.  I feel so lucky to get to work with so many amazing families — here are some of my favorites of these folks.  If you’d like to schedule a portrait session to document your special feeding relationship with your child (however you feed them!) please get in touch — I love being able to celebrate these important relationships!

Breastfeeding Portraits

Boston Newborn Photographer

Boston Newborn Photographer

Ahhh… we apparently did the maternity session for this family just in the nick of time, because a few days later, baby Ruby made her appearance in the world!  Welcomed by mom, dad, and big brother Calvin (who I also had the privilege of photographing for his first year package) this little girl came into the world surrounded by so much love.  With the warm weather, we were able to do some portraits outside in the garden Ruby’s mama works so hard on, as well as some in their home.  All flowers used in this session were straight from the garden — how amazing is that?  Here are a few of my favorites of our time together — I can’t wait until the next session of her first year package in a few months!

Boston Newborn Photographer

Lexington Newborn Photographer

Lexington Newborn Photographer | Lexington, MA

Lexington Newborn Photographer

This newborn session was more poignant than most.  Baby Asher was welcomed into a loving, amazing family last week with a mom and dad, grandparents, and two doting big sisters.  His older brother, though, was not there to welcome him.  His older brother passed away at the age of 5 weeks.  Drew may be gone, but he is far from forgotten — we incorporated several elements in Asher’s session that were a nod to Drew, knowing that Drew will always be an important part of this family even as they move forward without him.  Blue for Drew’s hearts — a symbol the family has adopted as a way to remember and include Drew as they go about their daily life, and a rainbow wrap because Asher is this family’s rainbow baby — the hope that comes after a storm.

With older sisters in elementary school, I also had a lot of fun incorporating their ideas into the session — they were so excited about getting to take pictures with their baby brother and were just a joy to work with.

One of the things about newborn sessions I love is that they are flexible — the day of Asher’s session, it was beautiful and quite warm (ok, full-on August heat!) so when mom asked if we could go outside to their backyard, it was perfect!  We got to use the garden, as well as some of the woods behind the house!

Here are a few of my favorites — I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed working with this amazing family!

Lexington Newborn Photographer

World Breastfeeding Week Portraits

World Breastfeeding Week Portraits | Belmont, MA

World Breastfeeding Week Portraits

Last week, I was asked if I would be up for throwing together a portrait session for World Breastfeeding Week.   On such short notice, not very many people were available, but we had a gorgeous evening (in between massive thunderstorms in the afternoon and later at night) and the light was just perfect.  We did a couple of group shots, and then two of the participants opted in to do individual mini-sessions (with the proceeds going to support our local non-profit milk bank, Mothers’ Milk Bank Northeast).  I’m so pleased to be able to share some of my favorites from our time together.

We’re looking at planning another breastfeeding portrait session in September (when sunset is at a time more fitting for small children’s bedtimes and the weather is a bit cooler 🙂 ) so stayed tuned!  The date will be announced on my Facebook page.


World Breastfeeding Week Portraits

Littleton Newborn Session | Boston Newborn Photographer

We were tucked in the woods for this Littleton newborn session.   At 5 days old, baby P was super adorable, but the heart-stealing moments were when big sister C wanted to help (and showed how well she COULD help!).  A new baby is a big transition for everyone, but can especially be so for a big sibling who may have only had a vague idea of what was coming (ha, who am I kidding… as a mom of three, I know that even the adults involved really only usually have a pretty vague idea of how everything will go with a new baby!).  At all my newborn sessions with older siblings, I work extra hard to make sure that big brothers and sisters feel heard and involved, and get some say in how we do pictures.  So much is not up to them at a time like this, and so much attention focused on the baby.  I usually also start with the whole family shots first, then anything involving the sibling(s), so that after that, if the big kid(s) want to go play or not have the camera on them, we’ve gotten what we need with them.   Sometimes, like in this session, a kid who has decided they are Absolutely Positively DONE will actually come back around for some more candid shots, which is always so nice to see.

Littleton Newborn Session

Lexington Family Photographer

Lexington Family Photographer | Birthday Portraits

Lexington Family Photographer

From a maternity session to newborn, and now such a big kid on the move as she celebrated her first birthday, it has been such a delight to follow Clara’s journey.  I’m not sure I’ve ever met such a smiley toddler in my life (which should totally not have surprised me given how smiley she was even as a newborn!).  We had a great time exploring and had PERFECT weather — 70s and crisp and gorgeous evening light — we could not have asked for a better summer evening.  With one dress that was a gift from Grandma, and another that’s her special birthday party dress, this little one totally rocked her session, and I’m so excited to get to share these with you!

Lexington Family Photographer

Cambridge Birthday Photographer | Milestone Portraits

Cambridge Birthday Photographer

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since I first met Carl at his newborn session!  He’s grown so much, and I’ve loved getting to watch his personality develop along with the relationship with his older brother!  We had a gorgeous morning for his birthday portraits in Cambridge, MA.  We had many sweet moments, and silly moments, but I have to say my very favorite moment was when big brother Anders told a friend he saw “I can’t play right now.  I’m doing pictures with my friend Mira!”  — I totally melted.  I *hope* that the kids I work with enjoy their time with me!  Here are a few of my favorites from Carl’s session:

Cambridge Birthday Photographer

Home Newborn Portraits

Home Newborn Portraits | Arlington, MA

This little one showed up a little early, but was such a dream for her in home newborn portraits.  Most of all, it was delightful to see just how smitten her parents are with her.  Pippa had several special gifts that we were able to incorporate into her session, and one of her cats even hopped in for a shot.  One of the special setups we did was that we incorporated her dad’s childhood quilt and her mom’s childhood stuffed animal — these have been imbued with so much love over the years.  Here are a few of my favorites of Pippa and her parents (and cats!):

Home newborn portraits

Winchester Newborn Photographer | Outdoor Summer Newborn Session

Winchester Newborn Photographer

This in-home newborn session ended up being mostly an outdoor session.  With a new home, they are still moving in, and it was such a glorious day we couldn’t resist the great outdoors after a few shots in a favorite window seat and in the nursery. It was infectious, the love these two new parents have for their new baby girl and for each other.  And the love that went into all these gorgeous handmade gifts for such a loved little one.  Here are a few of my favorites from our time together — I’m looking forward to getting to see her grow!

Winchester Newborn Photographer

Somerville Newborn Photographer | Somerville, MA

Somerville Newborn Photographer 

I had the pleasure of working with this amazing family for an entire year for big sister Lydia’s First Year package, and I was so excited to get to meet Max and start his First Year package the other day!  He is such a sweet baby, and I loved getting to incorporate the gorgeous quilts made by mom and others for these amazing kids.  With siblings so close together, sibling shots can be a challenge, but I find that working with what older sibling wants to do and tweaking it just a little bit, with support from parents, helps enormously.  Here are a few of my favorites from Max’s newborn session, and I can’t wait to see them in a few months for his next milestone session!

Somerville Newborn Photographer 

Arlington Baby Photographer | Arlington, MA

It was such a joy, as an Arlington baby photographer, to see these folks again for baby M’s six month milestone session!  Dad had requested a playground location, and so we headed over to this fantastic playground in East Arlington.   These boys had a great time swinging and climbing and exploring, and it was so wonderful to see how they had grown!  Big brother O kept referring to M as “my baby” which is always so endearing, and their love for each other really came through.  Here are a few of my favorites from our time together — I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them!

Arlington Baby Photographer

powerful breastfeeding portraits

Breastfeeding Portraits | Massachusetts Breastfeeding Coalition

Several months ago, I was approached by the web developer who is working with the Massachusetts Breastfeeding Coalition on developing their new website.  They needed breastfeeding portraits to use in their new design.  Perhaps I could find 2-3 moms willing to model for this project?  As a breastfeeding mom myself, and former volunteer breastfeeding counselor with Nursing Mothers’ Council, I was SO excited to work with Mass. Breastfeeding Coalition on this project!  I knew they were on a tight deadline (they are hoping to launch the new site on Mothers’ Day), so I quickly sent a model call out into the world and was OVERWHELMED with the response.

Within 24 hours, more than 70 mothers had applied.  Sifting through was quite a task, but I was so excited to be able to showcase the diversity of breastfeeding experiences in our lovely commonwealth.  I was sorry I couldn’t photograph everyone who applied, but so pleased to be able showcase racial and ethnic diversity, different ages of nurslings from 7 days old all the way up to a few three year olds, and every age in between.  One mom was excited to be able to help show that plus-sized moms can breastfeed, another excited to showcase her prosthetic leg is no barrier to breastfeeding her toddler.  We were able to include a family with two moms, and a mom with twins.  We photographed breastfeeding dyads in a cafe, at home, in a park, waiting for the T, and in a library, a pregnant mom who breastfed her older two and is looking forward to breastfeeding her new little one, and were able to showcase a pumping mom as well.

Here are some of my favorites — more than 65, and it was SO hard to narrow it down this much. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed working on this project!

In-Home Family Portraits | Cambridge, MA

With babies and a birthday deadline for a gift for Grandma, it can be tough in early Spring to find a good location.  In-home family portraits are a great option, offering a familiar environment for baby, and the flexibility to head outside for a short time if the weather is amenable without having to bank on baby being comfy outside the whole time if it’s a little chilly or damp.  This little guy was 8 months old when I met him and his lovely parents in Cambridge, MA for their in-home family portraits, and we had such a nice time playing indoors and out!  Here are a few of my favorites from our time together:

Boston area newborn portraits

Boston Area Newborn Portraits | Stoneham, MA

Boston Area Newborn Portraits

It was such a pleasure to get to see these folks again!  I had photographed their older son’s first year through my first year portrait package, and it was such a joy to get to see them again as they welcomed their second son to their family.  As a photographer in the Boston area, newborn portraits are one of my very favorite things to photograph.

With such an adorable little one and proud big brother, how could I not love jobs like this!  I’m so excited to get to capture little baby Z’s first year as well and watch him grow.

Lifestyle Newborn Portraits | Winchester, MA

After capturing their older daughter as a newborn, and recent maternity session, I was so excited to get to go meet the newest member of this wonderful family in Winchester, MA.  Baby R was so alert and awake, and I think he totally rocked his lifestyle newborn portraits.   It was such a joy to see his big sister be so excited about him, and see how he just fits in so well.  Big sister C was especially excited about how baby R can listen to stories too — she picked out one of her favorites to have their mom read to him at one point during the session, which was so, so sweet.

birthday milestone portraits

Birthday Milestone Portraits | First Year Package | Cambridge, MA

It was a chilly, slightly snowy afternoon for these birthday milestone portraits.  Little R has grown so much since I first met him at his newborn session, and it has been such a delight to watch him grow over the course of this year.  We started out outdoors, taking advantage of the softly drifting snowflakes, stopping at one point for a quick snack for R (his mom said then “What could be more New England than a picnic in the snow?” with a smile).  As R got chilly, we headed indoors, where he had fun exploring hallways and windows that were delightfully mirror-like.  Another first year package has come to an end, but it was a true joy to work with these folks over the past year.

newborn and siblings portraits

Newborn and Sibling Portraits | Arlington, MA

Ahhh…  I know I’m a bit of a broken record, but there is seriously nothing I love more than getting an email or phone call asking about newborn and sibling portraits because one of my former newborn clients is pregnant again.  I had captured big brother T’s newborn portraits  a year and a half ago, and had such a lovely time with these folks.  I was so excited to learn they were expecting a little girl, and even more excited to meet her!  Baby A’s newborn session happened to be on the day of a big Patriot’s game, so we did a few showing her (and the whole family’s) team spirit, as well as the more standard newborn shots 🙂

home maternity portraits

Home Maternity Portraits | Winchester, MA

I last got to photograph these folks when their daughter was a newborn, and it was so nice to get to photograph them again.  This time was for home maternity portraits in their lovely home, with their charming toddler!  I am so excited to meet their new little one in a few weeks for his newborn session, and it was so exciting to see Charlotte be so excited to be a big sister.

One of the nicest things about maternity portraits is that they capture a very fleeting moment — not just pregnancy which, of course, last for a limited time, but also their time as a family of three before they become a family of four.

newborn boy portraits

Newborn Boy Portraits | Billerica, MA

It’s always a little magical getting to photograph newborns, and these newborn boy portraits were no exception.  His older brother had a first year package with me, and I am so excited to get to watch both of them grow over this year.   I loved getting to see how he was similar, how he was different, and how big brother O was doing with the role transition.  Such an alert little guy, he loved to be held and just gaze at his parents and his brother — it was so sweet to see him just soaking them in.  Here are some of my favorites:

smiling newborn baby girl portraits

Newborn baby girl portraits | Arlington, MA

Ahhh, I love photographing newborns, and these newborn baby girl portraits were certainly no exception.  Her older brother was super sweet — making sure she had one of his favorite toys, giving her lots of hugs and kisses and snuggles, and using his quiet voice when she was sleeping (often a challenge for big siblings!).    The family had just put up their Christmas tree, and we took advantage, with the kids in their Christmas outfits for the first part of the session.  Then we headed upstairs to the parents’ bedroom, where there was fantastic window light and a very awake but very smiley, happy baby.  Such a joy to work with, and check out her amazing head of hair!

Family portraits in Nature | Lexington, MA

This sweet family contacted me in the fall — they wanted family portraits in nature with their two month old daughter and sweetheart of a dog.  “We love the outdoors so we’d lean towards something with trees vs water or a city background.” they said in one of our initial emails and I had the perfect spot for them, lots of lovely trees and very stroller- and dog-friendly.  And it turns out it was a spot they loved from years ago, but hadn’t been to recently — I love when my clients have a connection to our location since it just makes the whole portrait session that much more special.  It was SUPER cold, so their little one was super-bundled, but we managed to capture this family of three (plus canine!) for their holiday cards.

First Year Package Milestone Portraits | Cambridge, MA

It was a yucky and rainy for most of the day we had scheduled for these first year package milestone portraits, but the skies cleared just long enough for us to head outdoors into the gorgeous gardens near where these folks live in Cambridge, MA.   We had such a lovely time playing around in the gardens and exploring.   Little baby C was so sweet, and it was so wonderful to get to see how he’d grown since his newborn session.  When the kids got a little chilly and wanted to head inside, we went in and the whole family changed into coordinated Christmas pajamas — so cute!!   Can’t wait to see these folks for their next first year package milestone portraits in a few months.

Fall Maternity Mini-Session | Arlington, MA

One of my favorite things — getting to work with families again and again.  This fall maternity mini-session was an add-on to the start of this family’s second First Year Package.  2 years ago, I had the pleasure of capturing their first baby’s first year, from bump to birthday and I was so excited when they emailed to let me know they were expecting again!  It was a super chilly afternoon, but they were good sports, and when we meet next at their baby’s newborn session, we know it will be toasty warm 🙂  Here are a few of my favorites — a little peek into these folks in their last month as a family of three!

Outdoor Baby Portraits | Cambridge, MA

This sweet family has lived here for years, but will be heading back to England soon.  When they got in touch to book outdoor baby portraits (and family portraits!), they wanted to go to a place that would remind them of their time in the Boston area.  What could be better than to head to iconic Harvard Yard, where, of course, there is not actually any parking, and Cambridge Common.   It was a chilly morning, but their little guy was such a delight — so cheerful!  It probably helped that he was double-bundled up for warmth 🙂   He especially had a great time at the playground on the giant tire swing, swinging with his parents.

Castle Island Family Portraits | Boston, MA

Castle Island Family Portraits.  When I was a kid, Castle Island was one of my very favorite spots.  Only about 10 minutes from where I grew up, it was a perfect place to cool off with a sea breeze in the summer.  When Jana and Dylan suggested it as a spot for portraits, I was so excited I could hardly wait.

While Castle Island is a lovely place to cool off in the summer, it can unfortunately also have that feature on an already-cool October day!  The intense winds limited somewhat where we could go, but we had fantastic light.  Even better were the dozens of airplanes that flew overhead, entrancing the kids.

It was such a treat to get to work with these folks again, too — I had first photographed them at my Spring mini-sessions in 2016, which were a fundraiser for the Arlington Family Connection.  At that point, they were a family of three, and it was so nice to get to see them again as a family of four!

Milestone Portrait Session | Lexington, MA | First Year Package

It was such a pleasure to get to work with Benazeer, Mike, and Raffi for Raffi’s latest milestone portrait session, part of his Baby’s First Year package.  We had a GORGEOUS evening at a tiny parcel of conservation land in Lexington, MA (though the bugs were out in force — I have definitely been keeping a bottle of bug spray in my camera bag this summer).

Raffi’s infectious smile was the brightest spot of the session — at 9 months, he’s just delighted by things in such a charming way — from his musical instruments to some gravel, to the way he just lights up when he sees his mom or dad, he was such a joy to work with.

First Birthday Milestone Portrait Session | Medford, MA

It was such a pleasure to get to see Anna, Ian, and Charlie again for Charlie’s first birthday milestone portrait session.  It’s hard to believe it’s been a little more than a year since I photographed Anna & Ian’s maternity portraits, and a little less than a year since I photographed newborn Charlie.

One of the things the three of them love to do together is to hike, so we headed to one of their favorite spots in the Fells for Charlie’s portrait session.  The weather for Anna  and Ian’s maternity session was foggy — it leant a lovely ethereal sense to their portraits, and is not weather I often get to shoot in.  Luckily for them, the day of Charlie’s first birthday milestone portrait session was *also* foggy and lovely, which was a real treat.

It was such a joy to get to see how Charlie has grown, and how Anna and Ian have settled into being parents this past year.  Here are some of my favorites from our time together — they included some very special items such as a sweater handknit for Ian by his aunt when he was a baby, and a stuffed animal that belonged to Anna’s late father — it was wonderful to get to see how they are weaving their families’ stories into Charlie’s life.

First Birthday Portraits | Lexington, MA

Another Baby’s First Year package is coming to a close with first birthday portraits this week — a bittersweet moment, for sure, as I love getting to see how far the babies I meet as newborns grow in their first year and as much as the first birthday is a celebration, I also get a teeny tiny bit sad that I won’t be seeing them quite as often going forward!  Lydia is certainly no exception.  It was a great pleasure to get to watch her grow from a newborn snuggled up in her mother’s gorgeous handmade quilts to a 4 month old curious about the world and excited to have her grandparents visiting, to an 8 month old who wanted to be off exploring but hadn’t *quite* figured out how to get there yet, to today — a toddler who loves dogs (and we met quite a few at our session this week — Ruby, Cody, and Freddie were particularly friendly 🙂 ), has a mind of her own, and is adventurous and excited to explore (and has the walking skills to navigate some pretty challenging terrain!

Once again, Lydia’s grandparents were visiting, and joined in for some of the portraits.   It was especially nice for her maternal grandmother to be able to be there since she wasn’t able to make the last grandparent-including portrait session in December.

Lydia’s mom, Dana, mentioned at the very beginning of the session “We really have a toddler now” and that was definitely in evidence throughout the morning — Lydia toddled, Lydia expressed opinions, and Lydia charmed everyone we saw.  Here are some of my favorites from our time together:


black and white details Lifestyle Newborn Portraits Boston, MA

Newborn Baby Portraits | Boston, MA

Newborn baby portraits generally take place in the first two weeks of life, when babies are still a little sleepy and curly from being all tucked up in the womb.  It’s absolutely possible to do newborn baby portraits past that point, but they end up often being a bit different than more traditional setups.  When Alexa got in touch with me, her little boy was already 21 days old, but he arrived a little early, so in terms of his due date, he wasn’t past those first two weeks when it’s best to do newborn baby portraits.  And sure enough, little Sebastian was a DREAM to work with — he slept like a champ (though I always worry a little when babies sleep super well for me that I’ve used up some of mom’s nap time for that day!) and was a serious trouper in terms of outfit and wrap and setup changes — we seriously could not have asked for a more cooperative baby!!

Sebastian was clearly enjoying his 1:1 time with his mom at home in the West Roxbury neighborhood of Boston while his big sisters are in camp — they haven’t seen him since he got to come home from the NICU, and are so excited to get to spoil him, as big siblings love to do with their baby siblings 🙂

Alexa had picked out several outfits that were meaningful to her, and I was happy to incorporate them into Sebastian’s portraits.  It’s a little different than my usual style, but how could we go wrong with Sebastian’s amazing hair and cheeks!!  And I love that it meant something to his mom, which is the most important part of all.

When I got back to the office, I got the most amazing email from Alexa that made me smile from ear to ear — I love hearing that clients are happy like this, and that they’ve had a good experience:

“This was the first time I have done a newborn session and let me explain how happy I am with the whole process.

You are a truly professional when it comes to photography.  Also your quickness to come out the next day – really shows your passion for your business.  I love the way you run your business.  Thank you for everything! We look forward to the pictures and to more sessions to come.  “
Here are some of my favorites from our time together:


smile newborn portraits in arlington, ma

Newborn Portraits in Arlington, MA

It was such a pleasure to meet baby Clara for her newborn portraits in Arlington, MA this week.  She’s a sweet little one, who made a little bit of an early debut.  Her newborn portraits were taken on her two week birthday, and this little girl was bright eyed and curious about the world around her.

I loved that we got to incorporate some special items into Clara’s newborn portrait session.  When Clara’s mom was pregnant, they found out they were expecting a girl, but didn’t tell anyone — “the only person who knew aside from Mommy, Daddy, and the doctors was the sales person at the store in Canada” — Laura bought a very special outfit for Clara, a sweet pastel pink dress with butterflies.  She’d been hoping to bring her home from the hospital in it, but Clara was a little smaller than expected.  We still brought it out and put her in it for some photos with her mom (and at two weeks old, it was big but she wasn’t totally swimming in it — grow, Clara, grow!).

We also got to use two amazing blankets made by Laura’s friends for baby Clara — a lovely crocheted lace blanket and a stunningly gorgeous quilt.

For many newborn sessions, the goal is to have baby nice and sleepy.  Clara did eventually take a little snooze, but I actually love that we get to see her lovely bright eyes so much too!  I can’t wait to see how those eyes take in the world as she grows.

outdoor plants Newborn Family Portrait | Cambridge, MA

Baby Boy Newborn Portraits | Cambridge, MA

It was such a treat to see such a sweet little guy for his newborn portraits the other day in Cambridge, MA.  Little Carl was just 5 days old when I met him, and got to see his proud big brother and mom and dad, who I had last photographed about a year and a half ago.   The weather was just about the polar opposite (ok, if you know me, you know that pun was intended…) from our last portrait session — on that chilly day it was so cold we only lasted outdoors a little while before decamping to the family’s house for the rest of our time together.  Today, it was already almost 90 degrees by the time I arrived at 9am (though compared to the day before it wasn’t quite so hot!).
The most important part of my newborn portrait session prep guide is that the space we’ll be photographing in needs to be seriously WARM. Like, it’s usually a little uncomfortably warm for the grownups (but super comfy for the babies and helps them not get too cold when we swap out wraps and change things around on them).   This morning, mother nature obliged with heating things up enough that after we’d done some of baby Carl’s photos indoors, we got to head outside to the gorgeous gardens surrounding his home.
One of my favorite parts of Carl’s newborn session was working with big brother Anders — he was so sweet, running over to give Carl a kiss whenever he cried (and at one point, when I unwrapped Carl to switch to a new wrap, which Carl was not so keen on, Anders asked me “Why are you messing with my baby??” — he seemed mollified when Carl stopped crying as soon as he was re-wrapped 🙂 ).
Since Carl is taking part in my Baby’s First Year package, I’m excited to get to check in several times this year to see him as he grows!  Here are some of my favorite images from our time together:
Newborn Portraits | Merdford, MA

Newborn Baby Boy Portraits | Medford, MA

It was a wonderful treat to get to meet Nolan, his mom, dad, and grandmother the other day for his newborn portrait session.  Oh, and his pup Nash, who was a VERY enthusiastic participant (and was definitely checking me out to make sure I was an ok person to allow around his baby 😉 ).  At just 8 days old, little Nolan was bright eyed and curious about the world.  He was also in the middle of a growth spurt — in that adorable “can’t quite decide if I’m hungry or sleepy” stage, so we got several adorable yawns and took several feeding breaks!

Nolan’s grandmother was visiting all the way from Arizona — while we think it’s been hot here in the Boston area, she was so glad to be in cooler weather for a little bit!  I often get asked about incorporating visiting grandparents into a newborn session, and I’m always glad to do a couple of shots with them.  I was recently reading a story on NPR about how important anthropologists are realizing grandmothers were to our early human ancestors’ survival.  While in 2018 grandparents and other supportive family and friends are less critical in some ways than they were back then, in other ways, they are just as vital.  Especially when they live so far away, I always believe in striking while the iron is hot and grabbing a couple of shots in between all the other parts of a newborn portrait session.

Here are a few of my favorites of this sweet little guy:


mom and baby photography

Mom & Baby Portraits | Winchester, MA

When I last saw A. for baby portraits, she was a tiny little baby, and it was such a pleasure to see how she has grown into a big curious toddler!  Although the morning had started out drizzly, by our evening portrait session the sun was out and the light was absolutely gorgeous.  We went to a local farm, and had a fantastic time checking out the chickens and goats, exploring a path around a pond, and rearranging some of the pebbles on the main road (a favorite toddler pastime — rearranging things!).

When A.’s mom called, asking about a portrait session for the two of them, it was a week before my mini-sessions, and I’d just had a couple of people drop out at the last minute and had some openings, so I offered them to her since I only offer mini-sessions once a year.  She decided to go for a full session, and I’m so glad she did — it’s a much more relaxed experience for everyone.  With a full session we were able to take nursing and snack breaks (including one snack break where A. decided it was her mom’s turn to eat the cheese and just started feeding it to her — such a classic toddler moment!  The full session gave A. time to warm up also — she’d fallen asleep on the drive over and needed some transition time, so while she was fully waking up we took some pictures of her in her carrier — a favorite spot for some snuggles — and once she had a chance to get the lay of the land and see what was what, she was unstoppable with the cute moments!!

One other thing I loved about this session was A.’s sweater, made by her very talented mother — as you’ll remember if you’ve read many of my blog posts at all, you know as a knitter myself I do love when clients want to incorporate handknits into their portrait sessions, and the sweater and hat W. made could not have been more perfect!

Maternity Portraits & Cherry Blossoms | Arlington, MA

What a stunningly gorgeous evening we had for these maternity portraits.  When I started talking to Laura & Scott about what they envisioned for their maternity portraits — these last portraits of them as a family of two before they become a family of three — I mentioned there were some gorgeous cherry blossoms in a spot they may not have thought of for portraits (a glorified median in a large traffic circle (not really quite a rotary, even).   When we first started talking about this, the late Spring snow was still on everyone’s minds, most trees had just barely leafed out, and these cherry trees were even further behind the times than their other local counterparts, but I had confidence that they would bloom.   I kept an eye on the location, driving by several times a day sometimes, and I watched as the trees went from completely bare branches to the tiny hint of reddish buds, to LOTS of buds, to all of a sudden full blooms in about 72 hours (we *did* have some unusual weather with lots of rain and then a couple of 85 degree days, which I’m sure helped!).

We had a fantastic time and I felt so lucky to be able to capture this precious time for them as they wait for their baby’s arrival (and I can’t wait to meet their baby when he or she makes an appearance later this summer!).  Best of all for me was this message I got from Laura after I posted their sneak peek:

Hi Mira, Thanks so much and can’t wait to see the gallery! Scott and I had a great time and that says a lot coming from him because he REALLY dislikes having his picture taken 🙂 Best, Laura

Family Portraits | Arlington, MA

Amazing Family Portraits, with kids from 2 months to high school

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What an amazing day we had for mini-sessions on Saturday!!  We seriously lucked out with the weather, and our location had greened out very nicely for Spring!  I loved seeing new faces and familiar ones, and loved getting to work with all these amazing kids and their parents (ranging in age from 2 months to 17 years old!)  We had goofy sibling games, LOTS of silly jokes (I learned a few new ones, and got to share a few of my favorites!) and got to see what the cool first graders are reading these days.  I got to hear about birthday plans (for the very next day!) and I made the acquaintance of a very friendly dinosaur (and his lovely sister).  I got to take a few seconds for parents to have a portrait of themselves as a couple — something I know can be hard to make time for!

Here are some highlights — I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed photographing and editing them!


Baby Girl Milestone Portraits | Arlington, MA

What a treat to see baby Lydia and her parents last week for baby girl milestone portraits!   We had gorgeous light at one of my favorite spots to take portraits in Arlington, and it was so much fun to see how much Lydia had grown since I last photographed her four months ago!  As an active 8 month old, she crawls, enjoys standing while holding onto things, gives high-fives, can hold her own bottle (we had a couple of snack breaks during out time together!) and is generally a joy to be around.   My very favorite thing when families sign up for the Baby’s First Year Package is that I get to follow babies through the year and see how they change and grow and really become their own person — and I also get to see how parents change and grow and gain confidence throughout that first year.

With Lydia, Dana, and Chris, we did a full circuit around the pond, stopping to take advantage of some lovely blooming forsythia (one of my favorite spring flowers — mostly because it’s so BRIGHT at cheery at the very beginning of spring!), and spent some time on the playground, letting Lydia explore (and show off all her big kid skills!).

Here are a few of my favorites from our time together:


Newborn Baby Boy Portraits | Arlington, MA

Newborn Baby Boy Portraits

It was so nice to spend time with Jenya and Simon and their little ones the other day.  Big sister E was clearly so excited to have a little brother. He is certainly an adorable one!  We started off the session with some family portraits. So that Simon and E could go off to work and school, and then we focused on the baby by himself.  He was such a sweet little guy, letting me wrap him. Being such a good sport about changing setups to work in all the different stunningly gorgeous handknit blankets and shawls his grandmother had made. She was a professional knitter before the fall of the Soviet Union!.

In many ways, this was a regular newborn session like any other. Each of which, is, of course, slightly different because each family and each baby is different! But this session was also unique in a different way. I had someone else there with a camera!  Jonathan George, of Media Electric (also based in Arlington) was filming for a behind the scenes video he is producing. I’m so excited to get to show prospective clients what is involved when I come to a client’s home for a session!  After we were done photographing baby and family, we headed back to my house for a short interview. It will also be included in the final behind the scenes video.  For all the time I spend behind the camera, I’m actually no more comfortable in front of it than many of my clients, which is always a good reminder of what it’s like for them!

Here are a few of my favorites from this little guy’s newborn session:

Baby Boy Milestone Portraits | Cambridge, MA

What stunningly gorgeous weather we had on Saturday evening for R’s baby boy milestone portraits four-month portrait session.  Baby R is taking part in my Baby’s First Year milestone package, and it was such a treat to see how much he’d grown since his newborn session in December!   Also taking part in the session were his godparents, and his aunt and her fiance who were visiting from out of town — they’d just recently gotten engaged and while the focus of the session was definitely baby R,  I took advantage of some of the feeding breaks to snag a few portraits of just them.

I often get asked if extra people can join in for a portrait session, and generally my answer is yes if it won’t overwhelm the original subject of the session — R’s godparents, and aunt and uncle-to-be were fantastic — helping to get him to smile, and happy to be along for the walk we took (this is one of my favorite locations to shoot, but there is definitely a lot of walking involved!).   R seemed to particularly love his godmother swooshing her skirt and making funny faces above my head (and even when the jokes went a little above what a 4 month old would understand, his parents cracked up and we got amazing smiles from them 🙂 ).

Both of R’s parents are involved in the circus, and while we weren’t able to incorporate many circus tricks this time, we’re going to try to for his 8 month milestone session when he’s sitting!  And with how much he loves zooming around in the air (which we did gets lots of shots of this time!) I bet he’s going to love that!!    And even though we didn’t manage to get baby R in, we did get one circus trick documented of just his mom and dad, which, as a SUPER clumsy person I was incredibly impressed by!!

Here are a few of my favorites — from our time together!

Baby Portraits | Family Portraits | Medford, MA

A portrait session with 9 month old baby

What a treat to get to hang out with nine month old baby M and her parents!  At nine months old, M is on the move, super social, and overall a major delight.  She’s also definitely got a strong sense of when naptime is, and at nine months old definitely doesn’t care if it’s in the middle of her portrait session!  Luckily, this is one of the reasons I like to allow plenty of time for family portraits — after we played for a bit and she had a snack, she fell sweetly asleep and I loved getting to snag some shots of her sleeping oh so adorably in her parents’ loving arms.  We could have ended there, but when she woke up she was more ready than ever to play and we had a great finish to the session!  Here are a few of my favorites:

Newborn Portraits | Brookline, MA

Last week I had the pleasure of heading over to Brookline to meet baby Oliver and his parents.  He was *such* a sweetheart, and so happy to be wrapped up and moved around.  I especially loved some of the little special touches we got to include in his session — things that are important to his parents.  They both went to Boston College, so you will notice a lot of maroon and gold on this page along with the occasional BC logo 🙂  I also LOVED that we got to use blankets made by two of his great-grandmothers, one on each side — a gorgeous handknit lace cream blanket from his mom’s side, and a sweet and fun baby quilt made by his great-grandmother on his dad’s.  This little guy also has inherited quite the rattle — it was originally his great-grandfather’s in the Netherlands!  I love these little bits and pieces that tie generations together.  Here are a few of my favorites from his session:

Newborn Portraits | Boston, MA

It was so nice to spend time this past Wednesday with brand new baby Sydney and her moms.  She was such a sweetheart, and I especially loved getting to use a blanket made by her great-grandmother, the bassinet one of her moms had slept in as a baby herself, and some very special quilts made just for her.  As a formerly cloth-diapering mom myself I also totally loved the super cute diaper cover she had on.

One thing I often get asked about are feeding breaks during a newborn session — like most newborns, Sydney wanted to feed pretty frequently (such small tummies!  So much growing to do!) and you know what?  Every time she showed any hunger cues we just took a feeding break, no big deal at all — it’s how the rhythm of a newborn session often goes — get a few shots, take a break, get a few more shots, take another break — these tiny humans are just barely starting to get used to “outside” life so that’s just how it goes 🙂

Here are a few of my favorites from her newborn portrait session:

First Year Package | Four Month Portraits | Somerville, MA

Oh my goodness!  After two newborns this week, I finished out a week of babies with four month old Lydia, whose parents have chosen to go with a First Year package to document how she grows during this amazing first year of life.  It was such a joy to see how much she’s changed since her newborn session — interacting with toys and the people and world around her in whole new ways.  Her mother is a brilliant quilter, so we of course incorporated some pretty amazing quilts into the session, and her grandparents were visiting, so they joined in, too!  Here are some of my favorites:

Newborn Baby Boy Portraits | Arlington, MA

It’s a baby-filled week, and it kicked off with a newborn session with baby Caden!   As many first babies are, he was a little later than his parents expected, so mom’s plans for baby photos as Christmas presents had to be delayed slightly, but we still got in some shots that really spoke to some deep interests of Caden’s family members — particularly baseball and boats, and of course with a birthday right before Christmas we got the chance to use the holiday lights in Caden’s portraits as well.  Here’s a little peek at our time together:

Baby Boy Newborn Portraits | Cambridge, MA

What a treat to get to meet baby R!  He was a total sweetheart.  In this session, I especially loved getting to use some special items — a blanket from his parents’ very close friends and R’s mom’s wedding veil (a stunningly gorgeous red, though a little scratchy so we had to get creative to figure out how to use it without bothering baby’s sensitive skin).  Here’s a little peek at my time with R and his family!

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4 Reasons Why I Love Indoor Sessions

Why I Love Indoor Sessions

It’s that time of year where my focus shifts to more indoor photo portrait sessions. I’m glad it does! Although the great outdoors makes for beautiful backdrops, there’s something special about photographing families in their homes. I am happy to share with you my top 4 reasons why I love indoor sessions.

  • Comfortable setting. Kids (and adults) tend to act more at ease and relaxed in front of a camera when they’re in their own home. This safe space makes for the most personal sessions.  I especially love it when kids share their favorite books with me or the whole family gets involved in an activity. (Playing a game, building with blocks, cooking, etc)
  • Sessions are unaffected by weather. If there’s one thing we cannot control in life, it’s the weather! Although snowy backdrops are some of my favorites, uncontrollable wind or rain can put a damper on a session. So, with indoor portraits, we eliminate this stress completely. We can spend more energy on capturing great photos.
  • Personalized backdrops. Featuring your home or favorite room in your photos can add a nice touch to any photo session. It freezes a moment in a space that you spend time in every day. Looking back on the photos, this backdrop could be the house your child grew up in or a way to remember the first home you lived in as a family.
  • A variety of backdrops all in one place. If you can’t decide on one backdrop, indoor sessions are for you! Without having to travel far, you can change up backdrops by taking portraits in your favorite room. Perhaps your newborn baby’s room, or in front of a colorful rug.
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Here’s a peek at some indoor portraits below! I hope you enjoy and feel free to reach out. If you would like to learn more about booking indoor photo sessions.

Newborn Portraits | Arlington, MA

This little sweetheart waited until she was good and ready to enter the world, and I got to meet her when she was one week old.   One of my favorite moments during her portrait session was when, after a set with both mom and baby C, her mom commented that she’d gotten some lipstick on her, and before she wiped it off, I got a quick shot of that kiss’s remnant — so much love in this family <3   Here’s a little peek at our time together.

First birthday portraits | Stoneham, MA

It’s hard to believe it’s been six months since I saw baby J and his mom.  This week J turned one, and we had a lovely portrait session in the Fells to mark the occasion.  It was especially nice to have J’s dad at this session, since he had been called away on a business trip unexpectedly and had to miss our last session.  Loved seeing these guys interact with their little one.  Some favorites:

Newborn Portraits | Sutton, MA

Driving out west for this session it was such a treat to see the trees starting to turn!  When I arrived and met baby D and his mom, I loved seeing just how much love there is between them.  I also loved seeing the blanket and hat with Dax’s name — such a sweet thing for his mama to get for him, and I was glad to be able to incorporate it into his portraits.  We also had some very friendly assistance from some furry family members — one of whom was able to jump in for a quick cameo with her new human baby sibling 🙂  Here are some of my favorites from our time together: