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{Sneak Peek} A Very Special Baby Shower | Boston, MA

Yesterday I had the privilege of photographing a beautiful baby shower for a beautiful mother-to-be.  Throughout the event were such lovely, personal touches, from the food to the gifts.

The food was a joint effort of the mother-to-be’s community — a salad made by one¬†childhood friend, a pie made by another, cupcakes made by two close family friends, homemade rolls by one of the grandmothers-to-be — and that just scratches the surface.

When it came time for gift-opening, personal touches were again evident all around, from handknit sweaters for the baby, to two gifts that were particularly tied to childhood experiences of the father-to-be — a hobby horse he had played with as a child, and which had been passed around the extended family, and a very special stuffed rabbit of the same variety dad-to-be had loved when he was a boy.

Here’s a little peek at this very special celebration: