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Team Headshots

Team Headshots | Lexington, MA

This past winter, it was my pleasure to photograph the client appreciation party for MA Properties Online, and this week I had the pleasure of helping them update their team headshots.  When I think about what I would want in a realtor, one who is down to earth and works well with their colleagues would be pretty high on the list.   While I’ve never had the opportunity to avail myself of their services, it was abundantly clear to me that this is a team that enjoys each other’s company and that they really know their stuff.  We had a lot of fun during this session, and I hope that comes through in these team headshots!

Interior Designer Personal Branding Portraits | Arlington, MA

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but Megan’s home, where we did her interior designer personal branding portraits, was warm and inviting.   Megan has extensive experience doing interior design with a big firm, but after her children were born, decided she’d like to start out on her own.  Our goal was two-fold — to get images of her that were as warm and inviting as her design, as well as to document some of her work in her own home for her portfolio.  You can read about Megan and check out her work on her website here.  And here are a few of my favorites from our time together:


~ Interior Designer Personal Branding Portraits ~

joyful Independent School Marketing Images

Independent School Marketing Images | Lexington, MA

One of the lovely things about long-term clients is that I get to delve deeper with them — Lexington Montessori is a great example.  As an independent school, marketing images are so important for them as they work to convey their passion for education and the montessori method to families who are looking around to different schools, and being able to capture the joyfulness, the seriousness, the real essence of what their school is about is a challenge I enjoy greatly!

For this year’s Science Expo, the upper elementary students explored areas of science they were interested in within a few broad categories, and it was such a treat to get to see what the students chose to work on.  I especially loved how enthusiastic the audience — of both younger and older students — were.  Here are a few of my favorites:

School Community Marketing Images | Lexington, MA

I was so delighted when I heard from Lexington Montessori School in Lexington, MA this Fall asking me to capture school community marketing images for them.  They have an annual community pancake breakfast with lots of indoor and outdoor activities.  The upper elementary students put together the day as a fundraiser for their big trip to Washington DC.  It was really neat to see how the kids set up, took orders for the different types of pancakes, and learned so many life lessons in the process (as one would expect from a montessori program!).  There were hayrides and pumpkin decorating, a pine cone bird feeder craft and more.  They had local author Josh Funk come to read his books (including the very topical Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast) as well, which was fantastic!    I loved having an opportunity to see this community in action and to capture some images that I hope will help the school convey what being a part of their community means.  Here are some of my favorites from the day:

diverse artist marketing images

Artist Marketing Images | Arlington, MA

Months ago, I walked into one of my favorite local yarn shops, Mind’s Eye Yarns in Porter Sq, Cambridge, and saw the most gorgeous hand-painted silk scarves.  They were made by artist Jessica Steytler of Newton, and I was so happy when Jess asked me to help her create some artist marketing images for her this Fall.  She gathered some friends to model, and they were so much fun to work with!  One of these models happened to just be walking home and saw us and asked what we were doing — his eye had been caught by the stunningly gorgeous work Jess does (his wife also does some hand-painting of silk scarves) and when Jess asked him if he’d be willing to be in a picture, he was happy to oblige.  The goal for this portrait session was to show that these scarves are for everyone, and I think we managed to meet that goal!

One of my favorite parts of the session was when Jess’s friends presented her with a gift — Jess was in the middle of the process of leaving her day job as an archivist, and her friends wanted to help support her as she goes for her dream of pursuing her art more full-time — it’s always such a joy, as a photographer and just as a human, to get to see such love and support that humans can give one another.  Here are some of my favorite images from our time together — it was incredibly difficult to narrow this down, and I hope these artist marketing images are able to help Jess on her journey!

School marketing images

School Marketing Images | Boston, MA

It was my great pleasure to get to work with the Newman School in Boston, MA this week to update their school marketing images.  Located in the heart of Back Bay, “The Newman School, an independent day school in the Catholic tradition, prepares young women and men from Greater Boston and around the world for success in university and college studies and life.”  It was lovely to see how the young people who modeled for this session expressed their enthusiasm for their school and learning environment, and the school itself was stunningly gorgeous.  I hope these school marketing images help the Newman school, and I hope to get to work with them again in the future!  Here are some of my favorites from our time together:

laughing networking event photography acton, ma

Networking Event Photography | Acton, MA | Pepperlane

It’s not often I get asked to do networking event photography, but I always enjoy getting to meet new people and see all the fantastic things others are doing with their entrepreneurial drive.  I have been involved in Pepperlane, a local company that is building a platform for mothers who also have their own businesses, since it was brand new.  I was thrilled to be asked to photograph one of their Boost networking events this week in Acton, MA.

The meeting took place in the gorgeously designed Orange Door Kitchen — a shared commercial kitchen and event space right in the middle of Acton.  They also host a Supper Club that sounds AMAZING if any of you readers are interested in finding out more.

The meeting included a bookkeeper, a financial planner, a life coach who works with teens (wow — couldn’t we all have used that as teens ourselves?  I’m sure I could’ve!), a shortbread cookie maker, and more.

Pepperlane describes themselves as a company that “empowers mothers to transform personal passions into breakthrough businesses.” and I sure did see a lot of empowering at this boost!  From one member who needed help figuring out how to explain what she does to others, to helping another brainstorm organizations to partner with, this was not just any old networking meeting, and was incredibly productive.  I also loved getting to hear about all the things that Orange Door Kitchen does and is hoping to do in the future — I am so impressed with all they’ve accomplished, especially having just opened a few months ago!

Here are some of my favorites from my time with these amazing women of Pepperlane — it’s a fantastic organization, and I am so grateful to be involved with them in the work they do to empower mothers.  And please do get in touch if you’d like networking event photography for your event in the Greater Boston area.

personal branding and headshots Sassy business portraits wakefield, ma

Fun Business Portraits | Wakefield, MA

It was such a pleasure to meet Ina the other day in Wakefield, MA.  She had a beautiful spot in mind for her business portraits in the center of Wakefield.  Ina didn’t want just any old business portraits — she wanted FUN business portraits.  We made great use of the space, and were very grateful that the local public works truck that arrived mid-session offered to park in a way that would still allow us to use the landscape.  Ina had some fantastic ideas for what she was after in business portraits and we had a BLAST getting these shots.

Ina is an entrepreneur — she runs a business helping other women who are interested in leaving the corporate world start their own businesses.

Behind the Scenes with Media Electric | Providence, RI

Media Electric, whose tagline is “Instruction through Storytelling” has been working with IBIS Consulting Group’s award-winning unconscious bias training.  Last Tuesday I joined them at Brown University in Providence where they were filming in a gorgeous old industrial building that has been  transformed into office and classroom space.   It was so neat to get to see behind the scenes what goes into a video instruction course like this, getting cameras and sound and light all set up was an intense process!


business marketing photography

Business Portraits | Waltham, MA

One of the things I love about my job is that I feel like I’m always learning new things — sometimes it’s a little kid who is super enthusiastic and telling me everything she knows about airplanes, sometimes it’s a family with some amazingly acrobatic young adults doing neat tricks during family portraits, and last week it was carpet cleaning.  I learned just how involved a process it is not just to get a stain out, but also to clean even a non-stained carpet during my session with Ray from Sunshine Cleaning Systems in Waltham.  I had a great time helping him document what he does so he can show his process on his website, and then we took some time at the end to get him some updated headshots for his business cards as well.  Here are some of my favorites from our time together:

Musician Headshots | Concord, MA

The weather for this session was a little iffy, but we managed to sneak in some outdoor shots before the rain really started up, and clouds made for lovely light.  Indoors, I was treated to a mini-concert while I got headshots of this young pianist recently graduated from the prestigious Eastman School of Music.  When thinking about possible locations, this young man knew he wanted shots with his instrument, and we both knew we needed some good natural light.  His old high school was kind enough to allow us to shoot on their grounds and in their beautiful historic chapel, which suited very nicely!  Here’s a little peek at our session:

Spring Mini-Session Fundraiser | Arlington, MA

What a treat to get to work all afternoon Saturday at Ready, Set, KIDS in Arlington Center, providing portraits to families as a fundraiser for Arlington Family Connection!  From families with small babies and toddlers, to older elementary kids, to a professional needing new headshots, it was a busy day!  Here’s a little taste.  Galleries are heading out this morning!

Business Portraits with Pepperlane | Lexington, MA

Business Portraits with Pepperlane

Last week it was my great pleasure to get to work with seven amazing businesswomen in conjunction with Pepperlane. It’s new website based out of Lexington, MA.  Pepperlane is “a community of mothers building businesses on our own terms.” It seems to be taking off like wildfire — it seems every other week I’m hearing about them from someone new in a different part of my life.  I joined a few months ago, and was thrilled when they asked if I’d be interested in working with them. We wanted to get fantastic business portraits of some of their members to enhance their profiles on the site.   Over the course of two half days, Pepperlane’s director of community outreach and I travelled around to business owners’ homes and places of business. We went to capture them and get some images to really convey what they do.  It was a treat to get to meet such a wide range of people in such a short time!  They ranged from professional organizers to a writer, to an accountant, natural healer, personal stylist, and decorator. I loved hearing all about what they all do and what drives them.

Here are some of my favorites to give you a taste of what we got up to:

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{Sneak Peek} A Walk Through History | Cambridge, MA

We couldn’t have asked for more gorgeous Fall weather yesterday afternoon, and Harvard Square in the Fall is particularly stunning with all the brick and turning leaves.  What a treat to get to play fly-on-the-wall for a walking tour of Harvard women’s history with Professor of History at Stonehill College, Linzy Brekke-Aloise and her students.   Prof. Brekke-Aloise’s enthusiasm for her subject was contagious — I know I’m a bit biased because my undergrad degree is in history, but I found the tour fascinating, and I definitely learned a thing or two (which is always one of my favorite parts of business marketing image sessions)!  Here’s a quick peek of the tour, and I can’t wait to show her more soon!