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Couple Portraits | Somerville, MA

Couple Portraits | Somerville, MA

Couple Portraits | Somerville, MA

Updated family portraits aren’t just for families with children — couples need them, too!  I absolutely loved working with these folks and helping to tell their story.  Their apartment in the heart of Somerville feels a bit like a treehouse with large windows and a sense of whimsy with the art they have created and decorated with.  It is their living space and their work space, and I loved getting to hear what makes it special to them.  They spend a lot of time cooking together in their kitchen, so that was our first stop.  With The Joy of Cooking and Ratio, we chatted about what they love to cook and it made me so happy to hear how happy they were!   We headed out to their balcony with a stunning view — another favorite spot.  A staircase is not usually one of my go-to spots in a home, but theirs is absolutely stunning, showcasing their art and taking advantage of the massive window opposite.  It also allowed for some fun angles to capture them being sweet together.  Then we headed up to their workspace, which was fantastic — I loved how they had both joint and solo workspaces and it was so neat to see where they create their art.

I was so glad to be able to help capture these two as they are and the things in their life that are important to them.  Here are a few of my favorites from our time together:


Couple Portraits | Somerville, MA

Winter Engagement Session

Winter Engagement Session | Cambridge, MA

Winter Engagement Session | Cambridge, MA

In April, when these two tie the knot, the world will be in bloom (or at least mostly leafed out 🙂 ).  For their winter engagement portrait session, I was so thrilled that one of my favorite winter spots is also one of their favorite spots.  When you a hire a photographer, they should be able to suggest location options for you for your session (I see so many posts in local Facebook groups asking for location ideas from people who have hired a photographer, but that is not part of the service they provide, which makes me sad).  But, it’s also always special when the location is one that has meaning for the people being photographed as well, so I love when we have this great meld of minds on where to go.

Nervous in front of the camera (though there was no reason for them to be!  They were fantastic), we warmed up with some prompts to go with our posing for a natural look for these portraits.  And now that they’ve survived this session, I hope the photography on their wedding day is one of the least of their worries — one of the reasons I love to do engagement sessions is so couples can get comfortable in front of my camera on a more relaxed day than their wedding day, so they can enjoy their big day more.  Here are a few of my favorites (PS — he made her hat — how sweet is that??):

Winter Engagement Session | Cambridge, MA

Small Winter Wedding

Small Winter Wedding | Boston, MA

Small Winter Wedding | Boston, MA

It’s a special couple that can manage not one, not two, but three wedding celebrations.  Wedding #1 was at Boston City Hall, and was a moment just for the two of them, wedding #2 and wedding #3 were wonderful family celebrations.  The first party was hosted by the bride’s brother at his home in Malden, MA and the second was hosted by the groom’s father and step-mother in Canton.  Both had ceremonies based on the Cuban mantilla ceremony (the groom has Cuban heritage, so this was a lovely way to incorporate that into their celebrations).

This wedding Mantilla is used to symbolize the unification of the couple. The shoulders of the bride and groom are covered with a mantilla, a type of shawl made of tulle or lace. Normally this is done after they have exchanged their marriage vows. The mantilla is a sign of the marriage union.

The veil used for the ceremony has been in the bride’s family since the 1840s, and has been worn by more than 20 brides, including her own mother and grandmother — surely a wonderful way to symbolize the blending of their two traditions.  At one point, at the second party, the bride’s niece was helping her mother hold onto the veil until the moment came to wrap her aunt and uncle in it, and I couldn’t help but notice how she was looking at it thoughtfully, possibly wondering how it might be used at her wedding one day if she chooses to carry on her family’s tradition.  Here are some highlights from both parties:

Small Winter Wedding | Boston, MA

Engagement Portraits Belmont, MA

Engagement Portraits | Belmont, MA

Engagement Portraits | Belmont, MA

Two years ago, I had the pleasure of working with M for a headshot session.  She wanted headshots for LinkedIn, but also for her online dating profile.  Imagine my DELIGHT when I got an email from her a couple of months ago:

Hi Mira,
How are you? You did a headshot for me a few years ago. I recently got engaged and was thinking how I need a good photo for a save the date card. I was was wondering if I could setup a shoot with you and do it outside with some fall color.

It was so nice to get to work with M again, and to meet the guy she’s chosen to spend her life with (he’s lovely!).  We had a BEAUTIFUL morning in Belmont with plenty of fall color as they wanted.  Getting to follow up and see how things turn out for my clients is one of the great joys of this job.  Here are a few of my favorites from our time together:

Engagement Portraits | Belmont, MA

Urban Headshot Photographer

Urban Headshot Photographer | Somerville, MA

Urban Headshot Photographer

The clouds rolled in later in the day, but we had gorgeous sunshine for E’s headshot session in Davis Sq, Somerville recently.  And, to add to the amazingness, E was accompanied by her delightful fiancee, so we snagged a couple of quick shots of the two of them at the end.  We didn’t go very far, but were able to find a lovely variety of spots just within spitting distance of where we started.  With lots of looks to choose from, I’m excited to send these off to E! Here are a few of my favorites:


Urban Headshot Photographer

beacon hill wedding

Beacon Hill Wedding | Boston, MA

Some weddings are years in the planning, some only a week.  This Beacon Hill wedding was planned quickly, but was just as full of love and personal touches as many that took 100 times as long to plan.  These two met at work, and are so clearly smitten.  A good friend of theirs officiated at the brief ceremony where their nearest and dearest were in attendance (having traveled in from as far away as Minnesota and New Jersey even with less than a week’s notice).  The bride and groom couldn’t have asked for a more gorgeous late-winter day, or more adorable flower girl and ring bearer (niece and nephew of the bride).  Here are a few of my favorite moments from this sweet wedding: 


Destination Wedding Photography | Palo Alto, CA | Boston Photographer

It’s not every day you get hired for destination wedding photography all the way across the country.  It was such an honor to be asked to capture Allen and Nora’s special day! Allen and Nora first met in an online forum, they bonded over studying for exams, and had a friend point out to them that they were flirting before they realized it themselves.  Allen proposed on a trip to Las Vegas, where they were going to see Mel Brooks speak.  It wasn’t any ordinary proposal — Allen knew there was a book series Nora loved, the Fionavar Tapestry.  As they wrote on their wedding website:

“In that book, there is an old-fashioned courtly way to propose: send a second to say, “The sun rises in your eyes.” Allen asked Nora’s friends to record themselves saying or holding a sign that said that phrase. Allen put all of it into a video.”

Nora, of course, said yes, and they got married in beautiful Palo Alto, CA at the Palo Alto Children’s Theater — an organization Nora had been involved with as a kid that means a lot to her (and thus, by association, to Allen as well!). Nora was attended by a friend of Allen’s who introduced him to the forum through which they met, Allen’s cousin, and several of her own cousins, as well as by the “too cute for words” (I have to agree!) flower girl who is the daughter of Allen’s best man, a dear childhood friend.  Allen was also attended by his brother, a dear friend from high school, and Nora’s nephew.  It was such a joy to get to meet all these folks who are so instrumental to their lives. There were many lovely personal touches at this wedding aside from a personal connection to the venue. At the tables were board games (and card games like UNO), the groom devised a “pony gun” that shot mini My Little Ponies with parachutes (a big hit with all attendees!), and the cake — this blog post would not be complete without a MAJOR shoutout to the absolutely STUNNING animatronic Tardis cake (it spun and lit up!).  It was just an outstanding piece of artistry, this cake, made by Allison Stamm of Cake Done Right (I couldn’t think of a better business name for Allison — this cake was done even more than right if that’s possible!). In addition to Allison, I should give a shoutout to Elaine and Vivian of Beglammed for hair & makeup, and Cafe Primavera for the delicious catering! Here are my favorites from Allen & Nora’s day — it was so hard to narrow it down! #AllenNoraDockShip

Maternity Portraits & Cherry Blossoms | Arlington, MA

What a stunningly gorgeous evening we had for these maternity portraits.  When I started talking to Laura & Scott about what they envisioned for their maternity portraits — these last portraits of them as a family of two before they become a family of three — I mentioned there were some gorgeous cherry blossoms in a spot they may not have thought of for portraits (a glorified median in a large traffic circle (not really quite a rotary, even).   When we first started talking about this, the late Spring snow was still on everyone’s minds, most trees had just barely leafed out, and these cherry trees were even further behind the times than their other local counterparts, but I had confidence that they would bloom.   I kept an eye on the location, driving by several times a day sometimes, and I watched as the trees went from completely bare branches to the tiny hint of reddish buds, to LOTS of buds, to all of a sudden full blooms in about 72 hours (we *did* have some unusual weather with lots of rain and then a couple of 85 degree days, which I’m sure helped!).

We had a fantastic time and I felt so lucky to be able to capture this precious time for them as they wait for their baby’s arrival (and I can’t wait to meet their baby when he or she makes an appearance later this summer!).  Best of all for me was this message I got from Laura after I posted their sneak peek:

Hi Mira, Thanks so much and can’t wait to see the gallery! Scott and I had a great time and that says a lot coming from him because he REALLY dislikes having his picture taken 🙂 Best, Laura

Family Portraits | Arlington, MA

Amazing Family Portraits, with kids from 2 months to high school

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What an amazing day we had for mini-sessions on Saturday!!  We seriously lucked out with the weather, and our location had greened out very nicely for Spring!  I loved seeing new faces and familiar ones, and loved getting to work with all these amazing kids and their parents (ranging in age from 2 months to 17 years old!)  We had goofy sibling games, LOTS of silly jokes (I learned a few new ones, and got to share a few of my favorites!) and got to see what the cool first graders are reading these days.  I got to hear about birthday plans (for the very next day!) and I made the acquaintance of a very friendly dinosaur (and his lovely sister).  I got to take a few seconds for parents to have a portrait of themselves as a couple — something I know can be hard to make time for!

Here are some highlights — I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed photographing and editing them!


{Sneak Peek} Beautiful Day for a Family Session | Somerville, MA

Yesterday I had the privilege of photographing a lovely extended family — we had been worried about the weather, but Mother Nature cooperated, and the sun peeked out from behind the clouds just in time for our session.  It was still a little on the chilly side, but everyone was a good sport about taking jackets off for portraits and quickly putting them back on in between shots 🙂

Here are a few of my favorites!


{Sneak Peek} Dawn & Alex | New Home Portraits | Arlington, MA | Mira Whiting Photography

These two had quite the house-buying saga — the first house they had an offer accepted on didn’t pass inspection, and then the second house came perilously close to falling through multiple times.  With a last-minute save, they closed, and are now very proud homeowners of an adorable Arlington house.  These two, an architect and mechanical engineer, have big plans for how they’re going to make this house a home, and wanted to celebrate their move with some portraits with the house.  I wasn’t surprised at all, knowing how into DIY they are, that they particularly wanted to have some images include their garage.  As Dawn said “My car might never have a place inside, but this is going to be an amazing workshop space!”

Welcome to Arlington, Dawn and Alex!