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Event Photography | Lexington, MA

Client Event Photography | Lexington, MA

Client Event Photography | Lexington, MA

It was such a pleasure to once again get to photograph the client appreciation winter party for MA Properties Online of Lexington, MA.  With smiles all around, and delicious food, there was something for everyone who came.  Taking place after the rush of December holiday parties, the MA Properties Online party was in January, and you could tell from the relaxed vibe what a great decision that was —  people were getting to catch up with old friends and meet new ones, and it was really just lovely.

Best of all, rather than having to think about documenting the party — what food was served, how were things set up — and grabbing candids for their social media, the hosts were able to just relax and enjoy their time with their guests because I was able to take care of all of that for them.  There are so many things for a host to do, and this is something I love to take off your plate (more room for delicious food on your plate? 🙂 ).  My main approach is as a fly on the wall — I sense when the moment is about to happen and click right then so you get all the happy memories and none of the blinks or mouths full of food that aren’t so flattering.  Here are some of my favorites from my evening with MA Properties Online:

Client Event Photography | Lexington, MA

Small Winter Wedding

Small Winter Wedding | Boston, MA

Small Winter Wedding | Boston, MA

It’s a special couple that can manage not one, not two, but three wedding celebrations.  Wedding #1 was at Boston City Hall, and was a moment just for the two of them, wedding #2 and wedding #3 were wonderful family celebrations.  The first party was hosted by the bride’s brother at his home in Malden, MA and the second was hosted by the groom’s father and step-mother in Canton.  Both had ceremonies based on the Cuban mantilla ceremony (the groom has Cuban heritage, so this was a lovely way to incorporate that into their celebrations).

This wedding Mantilla is used to symbolize the unification of the couple. The shoulders of the bride and groom are covered with a mantilla, a type of shawl made of tulle or lace. Normally this is done after they have exchanged their marriage vows. The mantilla is a sign of the marriage union.

The veil used for the ceremony has been in the bride’s family since the 1840s, and has been worn by more than 20 brides, including her own mother and grandmother — surely a wonderful way to symbolize the blending of their two traditions.  At one point, at the second party, the bride’s niece was helping her mother hold onto the veil until the moment came to wrap her aunt and uncle in it, and I couldn’t help but notice how she was looking at it thoughtfully, possibly wondering how it might be used at her wedding one day if she chooses to carry on her family’s tradition.  Here are some highlights from both parties:

Small Winter Wedding | Boston, MA

Arlington MA Santa Photos

Arlington MA Santa Photos

Arlington MA Santa Photos

Love the photos with the kiddos and the one with Santa!  Can’t thank you enough and hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving!  – M (mom of three)
Every year, Beacon Group Real Estate hosts a holiday party at Menotomy Grill in Arlington.  They invite all their clients, along with a very special guest 😉  “Santa Dan” of was such a delight to work with, and he kept kids and adults alike smiling throughout the afternoon.  Kids brought lists to share and earnestly chatted with Santa about what gifts they’re hoping for.  No tears on Santa’s lap here — for kids who weren’t comfortable sitting directly with Santa, I worked with them to figure out something they were comfortable with — as always, keeping the kids happy is my #1 priority (and happier kids always take better pictures!).   One of the things I loved about this event was that there was really time for the kids to warm up if they needed that — no rushing, and I think it really shows in the final images.
There was one very special set of twins who were so enthralled, they spent a huge amount of time just hanging out with Santa between portraits, and they were totally adorable.  For those who celebrate Christmas, I hope you have a lovely holiday!

Arlington MA Santa Photos

Event Photography | Woburn, MA

Event Photography | Woburn, MA

Event Photography | Woburn, MA

I love getting to work with organizations that really make a difference.  My time photographing the Nashoba Learning Group annual auction convinced me that they are definitely an organization that makes an enormous difference in the lives of the families they work with.

This year the auction had an “OctoberFest” theme, and it was so much fun seeing how people had fun with that — dressing up and really getting into the spirit of the evening.


Event Photography | Woburn, MA

Boston Bat Mitzvah Photographer

Boston Bat Mitzvah Photographer

Boston Bat Mitzvah Photographer

A bat mitzvah is such a special time in a young girl’s life — she’s worked hard to learn her torah portion and write her speech, and her family is ready to CELEBRATE!  It was such a joy to get to celebrate with S’s family and friends the other week in Burlington, MA at Cafe Escadrille.  S did a phenomenal job with her speech and with leading havdallah prayers, and even though I had just met her, even I was kvelling a little.  Here are a few of my favorites from the party — I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed working with S and her family!


Boston Bat Mitzvah Photographer

Boston Bar Mitzvah Photographer "This bar mitzvah is going to be a little bit off the beaten path" -- music to this photographer's ears.

Boston Bar Mitzvah Photographer

Boston Bar Mitzvah Photographer

“This bar mitzvah is going to be a little bit off the beaten path” — music to this photographer’s ears.  I *love* when families make a life milestone celebration truly personal.  The personalization here was in the bar mitzvah boy’s fabulous fashion sense (and the amazing dresses his sisters wore!) and that the party was board game themed, taking place at the fabulous Adventure Pub in East Arlington.  The service was at the beautiful Beth El Temple Center in Belmont, MA.

It was hard to choose a few favorites, but here are some of the best moments of the day:


Boston Bar Mitzvah Photographer

Boston Event Photography

Boston Event Photography

Boston Event Photography

It was such a pleasure to get to work with the Greater Boston Interfaith Organization again recently.  They had amazing speakers for their assembly in Roxbury at Grant AME Church, and let me tell you it was PACKED.  It was amazing to see so many people coming together to work on important issues of the day, people from the city and the suburbs, and diverse on just about any axis you chose to list.  Here are a few of my favorites.  Keep up the good work, GBIO!

Boston Event Photography

Boston Party Photographer

Boston Party Photographer | Engagement Party

Boston Party Photographer

It was such a pleasure to photograph Erin & Max’s engagement party this past weekend.  They celebrated with family and friends at Legal Harborside in Boston’s Seaport District.  We could not have asked for a more beautiful day — bright blue skies and and a bit of a breeze off the water.  At one point, a dragonfly landed on the bride-to-be, and there was much excitement and declarations that this was surely a good luck sign 🙂 Here are some of my favorites from our time with Max, Erin, and their lovely families — I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed photographing them!

Boston Party Photographer

Massachusetts Wedding Photographer | Summer Wedding Photography

Massachusetts Wedding Photographer

It was about a million degrees and 1000% humidity, and for the family formals after the ceremony we were racing thunderclouds, but you know what? I barely even noticed because there was SO much joy as Eleanor and Ben were married on Saturday.

From the processional that was a parade of all their loved ones making music as they went, to readings from the heart and communal singing, and finally the littlest of joyful things — bubbles! This was a wedding I was so honored to be able to photograph. Here are a few of my favorite moments as a little peek into their day.

Massachusetts Wedding Photographer

Cambridge Bat Mitzvah

Cambridge Bat Mitzvah | Cambridge, MA

It was SUCH a pleasure to get to photograph Harriet’s Cambridge bat mitzvah party!  With a party at the school, the kids bounced back and forth between the dance floor and the playground (I couldn’t help but think that that seems like perfect metaphor for being 13 years old).   We also had absolutely gorgeous light for individual and family portraits before the party got started, and I loved the creativity of the outfits (at one point, one of the kids decided his unicorn sweatshirt needed to be in the shot 🙂 ).  Here are a few of my favorites, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed photographing them!

Cambridge Bat Mitzvah

Winchester Event Photography | Wright-Locke Farm Fundraiser

Winchester Event Photography — it was an honor to be able to photograph this fantastic fundraiser at Wright-Locke Farm in Winchester, MA.  Melissa White, a dedicated mom, has been organizing “Hats, Horses, and Hope” for four years.  A Kentucky Derby Party benefiting Neurofibromatosis Northeast, Hats, Horses, and Hope is a labor of love for Melissa, who works tirelessly to raise money for research and to support other families who are not as close to the excellent medical resources her family is within easy commuting distance of.    This year, the Derby itself provided quite a bit of extra excitement as well with the original winner of the race disqualified after the fact.  Here are a few of my favorites from the evening, and if you’re inspired, I ask that you check out the important work that Neurofibromatosis Northeast does!  ~ Winchester Event Photography

boston public library event photography

Boston Public Library Event Photography | Boston, MA

Boston Public Library Event Photography.   As climate change looms ever larger, I do believe we should each do our part, whether that’s on an individual or more collective basis.   This past week, I was approached by one of the organizers of this Transportation & Climate Initiative workshop, which took place at the main branch of the Boston Public Library in Copley Square.    As I photographed the morning session, it was amazing to listen into the policy discussions and input from attendees.   And I was so glad to be able to use my event photography skills to help them reach more people.   Here are a few of my favorites:

~ Boston Public Library Event Photography ~

Night Club Bar Mitzvah

Night Club Bar Mitzvah | Lexington, MA

A bar mitzvah is always such a joyous time (though also can definitely be stressful, too!).  This night club themed bar mitzvah at Temple Isaiah in Lexington was no exception.  Making it even more exciting was that friends and relations had traveled from all over the world — Australia, Israel, and what seemed like have of the US states!  With all the lights off, glow sticks and other treats from the “glow bar” were a huge hit with the kids and adults alike.  Here are a few of my favorites — I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed photographing this fantastic party!

Gala Photography | Arlington, MA

For the third year in a row, it was my great pleasure to be able to photograph the Arlington Chamber of Commerce Citizen of the Year gala.   Gala photography — such a joy, and the Arlington, MA Town Hall is such a lovely, elegant space.  This year, Bob Bowes, of Bowes Real Estate was honored with the main Citizen of the Year award, Abe Salhi, of Arlington Service Station, which was awarded the honor of Business of the Year, and Elise Caira of Sweat Fixx Arlington, which was awarded the honor of Community Business of the Year.   Here are a few of my gala photos from the evening:

beacon hill wedding

Beacon Hill Wedding | Boston, MA

Some weddings are years in the planning, some only a week.  This Beacon Hill wedding was planned quickly, but was just as full of love and personal touches as many that took 100 times as long to plan.  These two met at work, and are so clearly smitten.  A good friend of theirs officiated at the brief ceremony where their nearest and dearest were in attendance (having traveled in from as far away as Minnesota and New Jersey even with less than a week’s notice).  The bride and groom couldn’t have asked for a more gorgeous late-winter day, or more adorable flower girl and ring bearer (niece and nephew of the bride).  Here are a few of my favorite moments from this sweet wedding: 


event photography

Real Estate Client Appreciation Party | Lexington, MA

Oh the weather outside was frightful, but the company indoors was so delightful for this real estate client appreciation party for MA Properties Online, based out of Lexington, MA.  With such joy in the air, it was a fantastic evening.   We started the evening by taking some shots of the getting ready, and then of the guests with the MA Properties Online backdrop as they arrived.  As the evening went on, I focused on capturing both candids of guests involved in conversation as well as some lightly posed “grip and grin” shots.  Here are a few of my favorites — it was such a joy to capture this real estate client appreciation party for MA Properties online.

Lexington Bar Mitzvah | Lexington, MA

It was September when I got the phone call from a mom deep in the thick of bar mitzvah prep.  Her photographer had just cancelled on her, and her son’s bar mitzvah was coming up in just a few weeks.  She’d gotten my name from a local facebook group in Lexington, and was there any chance I could squeeze them in.  The date of their event was October 6th, a prime photography weekend here in foliage-ful New England.  I already had two other clients on the calendar for that day — a session with a local non-profit that works with bereaved children, and a family session which was going to be at the other end of the metropolitan area.  I so very, very much wanted to help this mom out, though.  I know how much work it is to plan a bar or bat mitzvah, and I wanted to ease her burden if I could.

As luck would have it, the timing worked out perfectly.  I was able to head over to the synagogue (Temple Isaiah in Lexington) in the morning, go to the non-profit in the afternoon, and then head out to South Boston for the family session before heading back to Burlington for the party at Tuscan Kitchen.   And I am SO glad it did — Neo and his whole family were a total delight to work with, as were the clergy at Temple Isaiah.  It was so much fun to get to capture the joy as they celebrated this major milestone for Neo, and to see his own sense of accomplishment.

Headshot Marathon, Chamber of Commerce | Arlington, MA

It was such a pleasure to work on a headshot marathon with the Arlington, MA Chamber of Commerce recently!  We had lovely weather, and a beautiful location right in Arlington.  Here is just a little taste of what we captured.  It is always so nice to get to meet with people from all walks of life.  Do you need a new headshot for your business or dating profile?  Fall and winter are great times to book, and I have a group rate for businesses requesting headshots of five or more employees at a time.

Destination Wedding Photography | Palo Alto, CA | Boston Photographer

It’s not every day you get hired for destination wedding photography all the way across the country.  It was such an honor to be asked to capture Allen and Nora’s special day! Allen and Nora first met in an online forum, they bonded over studying for exams, and had a friend point out to them that they were flirting before they realized it themselves.  Allen proposed on a trip to Las Vegas, where they were going to see Mel Brooks speak.  It wasn’t any ordinary proposal — Allen knew there was a book series Nora loved, the Fionavar Tapestry.  As they wrote on their wedding website:

“In that book, there is an old-fashioned courtly way to propose: send a second to say, “The sun rises in your eyes.” Allen asked Nora’s friends to record themselves saying or holding a sign that said that phrase. Allen put all of it into a video.”

Nora, of course, said yes, and they got married in beautiful Palo Alto, CA at the Palo Alto Children’s Theater — an organization Nora had been involved with as a kid that means a lot to her (and thus, by association, to Allen as well!). Nora was attended by a friend of Allen’s who introduced him to the forum through which they met, Allen’s cousin, and several of her own cousins, as well as by the “too cute for words” (I have to agree!) flower girl who is the daughter of Allen’s best man, a dear childhood friend.  Allen was also attended by his brother, a dear friend from high school, and Nora’s nephew.  It was such a joy to get to meet all these folks who are so instrumental to their lives. There were many lovely personal touches at this wedding aside from a personal connection to the venue. At the tables were board games (and card games like UNO), the groom devised a “pony gun” that shot mini My Little Ponies with parachutes (a big hit with all attendees!), and the cake — this blog post would not be complete without a MAJOR shoutout to the absolutely STUNNING animatronic Tardis cake (it spun and lit up!).  It was just an outstanding piece of artistry, this cake, made by Allison Stamm of Cake Done Right (I couldn’t think of a better business name for Allison — this cake was done even more than right if that’s possible!). In addition to Allison, I should give a shoutout to Elaine and Vivian of Beglammed for hair & makeup, and Cafe Primavera for the delicious catering! Here are my favorites from Allen & Nora’s day — it was so hard to narrow it down! #AllenNoraDockShip

laughing networking event photography acton, ma

Networking Event Photography | Acton, MA | Pepperlane

It’s not often I get asked to do networking event photography, but I always enjoy getting to meet new people and see all the fantastic things others are doing with their entrepreneurial drive.  I have been involved in Pepperlane, a local company that is building a platform for mothers who also have their own businesses, since it was brand new.  I was thrilled to be asked to photograph one of their Boost networking events this week in Acton, MA.

The meeting took place in the gorgeously designed Orange Door Kitchen — a shared commercial kitchen and event space right in the middle of Acton.  They also host a Supper Club that sounds AMAZING if any of you readers are interested in finding out more.

The meeting included a bookkeeper, a financial planner, a life coach who works with teens (wow — couldn’t we all have used that as teens ourselves?  I’m sure I could’ve!), a shortbread cookie maker, and more.

Pepperlane describes themselves as a company that “empowers mothers to transform personal passions into breakthrough businesses.” and I sure did see a lot of empowering at this boost!  From one member who needed help figuring out how to explain what she does to others, to helping another brainstorm organizations to partner with, this was not just any old networking meeting, and was incredibly productive.  I also loved getting to hear about all the things that Orange Door Kitchen does and is hoping to do in the future — I am so impressed with all they’ve accomplished, especially having just opened a few months ago!

Here are some of my favorites from my time with these amazing women of Pepperlane — it’s a fantastic organization, and I am so grateful to be involved with them in the work they do to empower mothers.  And please do get in touch if you’d like networking event photography for your event in the Greater Boston area.

moms night out somerville

Moms’ Night Out | Event Photography | Somerville, MA

MommyBites annual Ultimate Moms’ Night Out

What a treat to be back in Somerville at the Armory for the Arts for the MommyBites annual Ultimate Moms’ Night Out party!  It was great to see familiar faces and meet new people, and the keynote speaker, Morgan Sheena from Boston Moms’ Blog spoke powerfully about motherhood, reading one of the amazing blog posts from her site.  Cuisine en Locale was there with delicious tacos, there were several massage therapists and an acupuncturist ready to pamper moms.

cambridge bridal photos

Bridal Shower | Event Photography | Cambridge, MA

It was such a pleasure to photograph E & I’s bridal shower at Flour Bakery in Cambridge last week!  Mostly organized by E’s cousins and sister, the party was elegant and full of personal touches.  I loved that there were two different stations to write well-wishes and advice for the brides-to-be — advice on notecards, and well-wishes on teabags guests filled with tea for the couple to enjoy together.  The party favors were little mason jars of homemade granola labeled Gus’s Granola, after the honorees’ dog.  It was a truly joyous party, and I was so glad to be there to document it!  Here are a few of my favorites:

School Fundraiser Photo Booth | Arlington, MA

‘Tis the month for school fundraising parties and everyone loves our school fundraiser photo booth!  I began the month with the Peirce School ’80s Night, and finished up the month with the Lesley Ellis School Full “S.T.E.A.M.” Ahead fundraiser.  I was very excited to be offering a photo booth (“prom photo” as several of the couples called it).  Almost every couple who came through the door said to me “Oh, we pretty much never have OUR picture taken!” — these are parents who I’m sure take lots of pictures of their children all the time, but this was a fantastic opportunity for just the grownups to be in a picture.  Here are some of my favorites — and be sure to check out some of the neat science. engineering, art, and steampunk themed costumes — I loved seeing all the creativity!

march for our lives photos

March for Our Lives | Boston, MA

voices advocating for sensible changes to protect all our children

It has been amazing to see over the past month how some of these teenagers have come out of their experience looking forward. They have been through a tragedy nobody their age should have to deal with. Looking to make the world a better place, and looking to keep other kids from going through what they are going through.  It has been impressive to see their commitment to intersectionality, and how articulate they are.  It was a privilege to take my camera to Boston Common on Saturday to photograph the March for Our Lives rally. I especially loved that there were volunteers going around registering people to vote (and pre-registering teens who aren’t quite old enough yet).  Here’s a taste of what I saw:

Birthday Party Photography | Beading Birthday Party | Chelmsford, MA

I was honored to be able to capture H’s birthday party for the third year in a row this past weekend!  This year she chose to have her party at Beadles Bead Shop & Boutique  in Chelmsford Center.  What a fantastic little shop it was — so many amazingly gorgeous beads I had to be careful not to get too distracted 🙂 I was super impressed with how they ran the party, with little kits for a necklace and bracelet ready to go in a rainbow of colors (and even some kits that were the whole rainbow all together!).   H and her friends seemed to have a great time threading their beads, and trading for ones they wanted.  And H’s mom made a stunningly gorgeous cake, as always!  Here’s a little peek at their celebration:

Event Photography | Children’s Party | Brookline, MA

Workmen’s Circle annual Purim party

The Boston Workmen’s Circle’s annual children’s Purim party was a blast this year!  The 3rd graders did an excellent job with their Purim Spiel (play), and there were lots of fun carnival games for all the kids to play.  I loved seeing all the kids’ costumes and we set up a photo booth so they could all hop in front of the camera!  Here are some of my favorites:

Event Photography | 80s Night Fundraiser | Arlington, MA

I love event photography – what a pleasure to get to photograph the 2nd Annual Peirce School PTO 80s Night this past weekend! The music was fun, the costumes were impressive, and it was all for an excellent cause.   It was an amazing party, and I invite you to get a little taste of how much fun was had by all with some of my favorites from the night:

Baptism Portraits | Medford, MA

It was such a privilege to be asked to photograph such a special day for this family.  Baby L was baptized at St. Joseph Parish in Medford on Sunday afternoon.  Her grandfather is a deacon, and he performed the ceremony, which added an extra personal touch.  It was wonderful to see such a happy family gathered, with godparents coming from as far away as California for the occasion.  Here are a few highlights from the event and family portraits beforehand: