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Personal Branding Portraits | Cambridge, MA

Personal Branding Portraits | Cambridge, MA

Personal Branding Portraits | Cambridge, MA

What are personal branding portraits?  How is a Personal Branding session different from a regular headshot session?  I get asked this question All. The. Time.  And it’s a great question!  At first glance, they have a lot of similarities.  After all, “headshot” sessions are rarely only producing a gallery of traditional head-and-shoulders headshots these days, and often take place outside of a studio setting.  So what, really, is the difference?

With Personal Branding sessions, one of the main differences is time — a regular headshot session only lasts about 15-20 minutes.  There’s a limit to how many looks can be achieved in that time, and the focus is very heavily on getting portraits that will mostly be used for fairly simple personal and business representation — LinkedIn, or a dating website, or a business card, or your conference presentation.  Headshot sessions are great when you really just need a few images to show who you are.   Personal Branding sessions, on the other hand, can take up to an hour — there is a lot more time for more nuanced or divergent story telling.  There is time for whole outfit changes (how do my clients do an outfit change in the middle of a city street?  I have a little pop-up changing tent I bring along if I know a client has multiple outfits so they can have privacy to change no matter where we are).  There is time to really map out many different types of images that a business owner might want to use over time for different kinds of communications — traditional headshots of course, but also silly or serious or whatever might be needed for social media in the next few months — the sky is the limit.

Here are some of my favorites from a recent Personal Branding session — S. is a nurse and a lawyer who is launching her own business and needed images to use on her website and in social media as she starts down the road of the entrepreneur!


Personal Branding Portraits | Cambridge, MA

Personal Branding Portraits With Heart | Framingham, MA

Personal Branding Portraits With Heart | Framingham, MA

Personal Branding Portraits With Heart | Framingham, MA

“A business with heart” “Professional but kind and approachable” — these were some of the phrases Romina used when we discussed what she wanted to convey at her personal branding session last week.  As she gears up to launch her website for her new consulting business, her professional image will make such a big difference in how her potential clients view her.  She will primarily be marketing her services to other businesses and corporations, but decisions are still made by humans, and she wanted to seem like the kind of person who would be good to work with, while also being someone who understands the corporate world and the ways it works from her time there.

While we mostly shot in her home, we did run outside for some quick outdoor shots and a bit of a different look so she will have the variety she will need for not only her website, but also her social media usage as she launches.  The light in her home was absolutely stunning, so we had some truly excellent options and could shoot a variety of looks without moving more than 20 feet — it was truly a pleasure to work with Romina, and I hope these images serve her well as she embarks on her next chapter.  These are some of my favorites from our time together — I hope you enjoy them!  And if personal branding photography is something you find yourself needing, I’d love to chat with you about how I can help!

Personal Branding Portraits With Heart | Framingham, MA

Personal Branding Portraiture | Needham, MA

Personal Branding Portraiture | Needham, MA

It was such a pleasure to get to work with Ina Coveney again, as she helped with the inaugural podcast at the new Staples Connect location in Needham, MA.   While we explored our mutual love of pens (hey, wasn’t that anyone else’s favorite part of back-to-school every year? 🙂 ) I helped capture images for Ina that she can use in her own marketing of her podcasting classes and her consulting services.

Personal branding images are about more than just a headshot for your business card or LinkedIn profile — personal branding is about telling YOUR story, your business’s story, and conveying the vibe you want your potential clients to feel when they encounter your brand.  Portraits are a big part of that for a one-person show kind of business — in a sense, you ARE your business, so letting your personality shine through is really paramount.  From the pen aisle to the co-working space to the podcast studio, Ina, and her vibe and personality, are such a joy to photograph — I have definitely never had quite this much fun in a Staples store before!

Do you want help telling your story visually?  Drop me a line — I’d love to hear your story and how I can help capture it for you.  Here are a few of my favorites from my time with Ina:


Personal Branding Portraiture | Needham, MA

Corporate Headshots | Waltham, MA

Corporate Headshots | Waltham, MA

In a break from my recent run of family sessions, I got to hang out with these fabulous humans in Waltham the other day.  Medullan is an international company based in Somerville, and they are in the process of revamping their website.  Their Somerville-based team needed new headshots, so I joined them on a day they were having a company-wide meeting and pulled out each person by turn for just a few minutes to be photographed.

With my studio light and a lovely large window, I took about 10 minutes with each employee to make sure they were really comfortable in front of my camera — there’s no use in taking new headshots just to see them and feel like you don’t look like yourself because you’re too nervous, so while it only takes a minute to snap a photo, I find it’s really worth taking that extra time so everyone is happy with the final results.  In that time we can also play around with posing and angles and expressions so each employee has options to choose from — MY favorite image may not be THEIR favorite, and ultimately, this is an image I want them to feel good about using not only on the company website, but also for their own LinkedIn profile or maybe to to print for a loved one.  Even with 30 individuals to photograph, my process is never routine or assembly-line — I like to think that each of these images really speaks to who that person is.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Corporate Headshots | Waltham, MA

Winter Headshots | Cambridge, MA

Winter Headshots | Cambridge, MA

Winter Headshots | Cambridge, MA

January is a time of new beginnings, and what better way to refresh than to update your headshots?  P is an engineer who loves the outdoors, so we headed out to one of my favorite winter spots one morning to get him a bit of an update for his LinkedIn and other professional image needs.  We had a warm (especially warm for the beginning of January!) day, and it was overcast, which meant we had that lovely even flattering light for much later in the morning than would would have if it had been bright and sunny out.  We went on a walk and found a great variety of spots so P could choose the look he wanted.

A lot of headshot clients are nervous, but I find that taking time and just chatting helps break the ice.  Did you know that I also have a completely silent shutter?  Often I get asked if it’s so I don’t wake babies during newborn portrait sessions, but it turns out it’s much more helpful for headshot sessions.  I know when I’m on the other side of the camera, that “CLICK” keeps me feeling self-conscious, and makes it hard to forget there’s a camera in my face.  I’ve heard from many of my headshot clients that they appreciate the silent shutter so they can relax into the moment and just enjoy our time together rather than constantly being brought back by that “CLICK” to the fact that someone is taking pictures of them.

Here are some of my favorites from my time with P:

Winter Headshots | Cambridge, MA

Snow Headshots | Cambridge, MA

Snow Headshots | Cambridge, MA

I know snow isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and if you’re not used to it, the cold can definitely be a hassle. L, who relocated to California a few years ago and was back in town for a conference, was a great sport about the early morning cold, and her willingness absolutely paid off with gorgeous portraits.  We had that perfect early morning light, augmented by reflected light off the snow carpeting the ground.  Add to that L’s great sense of style (LOVED her hand knit scarf), she was able to stay warm (enough!) and super stylish.  We both bundled up between stopping spots, and it was definitely worth it!  This was also a session where we definitely kept moving as a way to stay warm 🙂  L kept saying “Wow, you seem to have a plan!” and I do — for all sessions, but especially sessions where we may not want to hang around outside any longer than necessary 🙂

Would you like your own winter wonderland portraits?  Hop on over to my contact form and get in touch so we can schedule!

Here are some of my favorites from my time with L — I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed working on them!

Snow Headshots | Cambridge, MA

Urban Headshot Inspiration | Somerville, MA

Urban Headshot Inspiration | Somerville, MA

You know, sometimes, there’s no point in reinventing the wheel.  Each session is different because each client is different, but there’s no harm in being inspired by previous sessions.  In fact, I highly recommend that when you’re looking for a photographer for whatever type of session, you look through their sessions and book with the photographer who inspires you — when you see a session and your heart leaps and you just KNOW “THAT’s what I want!”  Whether it’s color palette, posing, location, or just a general vibe, I feel like you’ll know the work that speaks to you.

It’s also really helpful for your photographer to know which session made you want to click that button or pick up the phone and get in touch — it helps us with styling, narrowing down location options, and just generally getting a feel for you to know what stood out to you when looking through the website.

With this headshot session, this gorgeous woman reached out because she had seen a recent headshot session I had done and just knew that was the vibe she wanted for her headshot update.  It turns out, she lives in the same neighborhood as my previous client, so we headed back to the same spots, but she absolutely made it her own.  We had rain that morning (the forecast had indicated it would be coming later, but we made it work!) and we used some different spots in the area as a result (they had a little bit of protection from the rain), so it was truly a session that was this client’s, and not a copycat, but the inspiration was a great jumping off point!

Urban Headshot Inspiration | Somerville, MA

Beauty Consultant Headshots | Lexington, MA

Beauty Consultant Headshots

It was a gray morning in Lexington, but we had glorious light for beauty consultant Lisa’s headshot session the other day.  We had a lovely time (though it was apparently a big morning for tree work, so there was a little more truck-dodging than I usually experience at this spot!) wandering around and finding good spots to use for her new headshots.

If your face is unbecoming to you, you should be coming to me!

This ^^ is Lisa’s motto, and it’s catchy, for sure!  And no wonder she’s drop-dead gorgeous, given her line of work!  Here are a few of my favorites from our time together:

Beauty Consultant Headshots

Urban Headshot Photographer

Urban Headshot Photographer | Somerville, MA

Urban Headshot Photographer

The clouds rolled in later in the day, but we had gorgeous sunshine for E’s headshot session in Davis Sq, Somerville recently.  And, to add to the amazingness, E was accompanied by her delightful fiancee, so we snagged a couple of quick shots of the two of them at the end.  We didn’t go very far, but were able to find a lovely variety of spots just within spitting distance of where we started.  With lots of looks to choose from, I’m excited to send these off to E! Here are a few of my favorites:


Urban Headshot Photographer

Natural Headshot Photographer

Natural Headshot Photographer | Arlington, MA

Natural Headshot Photographer

I met up with S on a beautiful evening in Arlington. With a beautiful smile and gorgeous backgrounds, we had a recipe for magic.  We had all sorts of different backdrops as we walked.   Some long grass, bright fall foliage, and a plethora of smiles at each one.   The natural world is a perfect setting for your new headshots — if you need an update, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!  Here are a few of my favorites from my time with S — I hope you love them as much as I enjoyed working with her.

Natural Headshot Photographer

Pediatrician Headshots | Arlington, MA

Pediatrician Headshots

A new pediatric practice needs marketing images — something to make families feel comfortable and safe in the care of their new doctor.  Dr. Sarah Sheldon isn’t exactly a new doctor, but she’s just started her own pediatric practice after being part of a group practice for years.  Just down the street from where she used to be, Purple Crayon Pediatrics’ space captures the child-centered kindness that Dr. Sheldon exudes.  I hope these images help bring in patients for her in droves — here are a few of my favorites from our time together.


Pediatrician Headshots

Cambridge Headshot Photographer

Cambridge Headshot Photographer

We had such a lovely morning in Cambridge.  New headshots for LinkedIn and PsychologyToday were the name of the game for this Cambridge therapist.  We had a fantastic time wandering and finding some fun spots with great light.  E had two shirt options that he used, and we got a combination of more natural backdrops and a more neutral gray backdrop with FABULOUS light (you wouldn’t guess from looking, but this is actually a graffiti-covered, dirty spot, but with the right light, it makes a fabulous background for a portrait).  Here are a few of my favorites — I hope you enjoy them!

Cambridge Headshot Photographer

Modern Finance Headshots

Modern Finance Headshots | Arlington, MA

Modern Finance Headshots

Chris had been thinking about headshots for quite a while, and I was so glad when he got in touch saying he was ready to book.  We had a gorgeous evening in Arlington Center, and had a great time wandering around and finding some good spots.  Chris didn’t want a stereotypical studio-backdrop financial services kind of headshots, and really embraced a more modern, outdoor look.  Chris was nervous in front of the camera, but quickly relaxed.  As he said in his review:

I found her to be skilled and professional. And she made me feel comfortable from start to finish.

Here are a few of my favorites from our time together — I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them!

Stow MA Headshot Photographer

Stow MA Headshot Photographer

Stow MA Headshot Photographer

It was such a joy to get to work with Amy on new headshots — she’s an author and has a new book of poetry coming out in 2020 and needed something for the book jacket.  We had a beautiful evening with gorgeous light and had a great time exploring some spots near Amy’s home.  Amy wasn’t yet sure what vibe she wanted to go for for her author portrait, so we gave her lots of options with different expressions and backgrounds as we walked.  Here are a few of my favorites from our time together!


Stow MA Headshot Photographer

Outdoor Actor Headshots

Outdoor Actor Headshots | Maynard, MA

Outdoor Actor Headshots

K is an aspiring actor, and needed new headshots for an upcoming audition.  She loves the outdoors and a more natural look, so out we went to the forest.  When I was a kid, theater was my passion, and it was so wonderful to get to hear K talk about the productions she’s been in, and where she’s hoping to go in the future.  Her enthusiasm was infectious.  We went on a lovely walk with K and her moms, stopping as we saw promising spots for portraits.  All three of them were just such a joy to work with.  Here are a few of my favorites from K’s session.


Outdoor Actor Headshots

Summer Headshots

Summer Headshots | Arlington, MA

Summer Headshots, Arlington, MA

Though we had to delay for a day because of weather, we had a lovely evening in Arlington for D’s headshot session the other night.   We had gorgeous light, relatively low humidity (especially nice given that it’s August, which is not exactly known for its low humidity!) and, best of all, there was a nearby kids’ concert to provide some light entertainment 😉  All kidding aside, some of the best smiles from this session were reactions to the super silly songs wafting across the way from the concert.  Here are a few of my favorites from my time with D!


, Arlington, MA

Arlington Headshot Photographer

Arlington Headshot Photographer | Outdoor Portraits

Arlington Headshot Photographer

It was such a pleasure to work with L, who is a marine ecologist.  She wanted a professional headshot she could use for work in publications and presentations, and wanted to incorporate some water into the setting without schlepping all the way to the ocean.  We’re so lucky to have several bodies of water here in Arlington, MA and we had gorgeous light the evening of her session.  I loved both outfits she chose, but especially the lovely green top, which went so nicely with the setting!   Here are a few of my favorites from our time together.

Arlington Headshot Photographer | Prepare for your Headshot Session

Cambridge MA Headshot Photographer

Cambridge MA Headshot Photographer | Harvard Square

There are some lovely spots around Harvard Square for headshots, and as a Cambridge MA headshot photographer, I’m often asked to do sessions there.  There are so many considerations in scheduling a portrait session — light being the most important.  The best light of the day is within an hour or so of sunrise or sunset, and usually that gives us two good options for scheduling for any given day.  For an urban portrait location, though, there are other considerations — other people!  The best portraits showcase the subject of the image without a lot of distraction in the background, so sunrise is the best time to shoot in an urban setting where there will be lots of people and traffic later in the day.  Here are a few of a recent session I did with Michelle, who braved the early morning for the gorgeous light and clear backgrounds 🙂

Cambridge MA Headshot Photographer

Cambridge Headshot Photographer

Author Headshots | Cambridge Headshot Photographer

Cambridge Headshot Photographer

Mindy recently got in touch with me about needing headshots — she has just published a book about living with schizophrenia, and wanted headshots in a natural environment to complement her book cover design.  Mindy also needed somewhere that was accessible via public transit, so I took her to one of my very favorite T-accessible spots on the Cambridge-Belmont line.   We strolled around and found spots that appealed to Mindy’s aesthetic that had good light, and chatted about her book and the publishing industry and life.  It was a good way to keep everyone relaxed for the best portraits.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Cambridge Headshot Photographer

College Student Headshots

College Student Headshots | Cambridge, MA

It was my third year in a row to have the delight of photographing the undergraduate researchers at the MIT Energy Initiative.   These college student headshots are used for the department’s annual report as well as being available to the students to use as they head out into jobs in the wider world.  This year, I also had the pleasure of getting to photograph some of the students in their labs, which was a real treat!  Spread across campus in all sorts of different departments, I loved hearing about what they were researching!  Here are a few of my favorites from this year’s college student headshots and lab action shots:

Outdoor Professional Headshots

Outdoor Professional Headshots | Arlington, MA

Outdoor Professional Headshots

Last fall, I met Jodi when I photographed her son’s bar mitzvah.  She recently got in touch because, like my previous headshot client, she’d been told at work that she needed a new headshot.  Jodi is, in her words “not a portrait person” but she had liked working with me before, and felt sure she would be able to relax enough in front of my camera to get images she would love.  I was touched by her confidence, and we met up on a recent morning for her session.  It was great to get to see her again, and here are a few of my favorites from our time together:

Outdoor Professional Headshots

Professional Headshots

Professional Headshots | Somerville, MA

Meghan needed new professional headshots and she needed them quickly — she had just found out she was going to be speaking at a conference and needed a headshot that would meet the conference’s specifications.  She also figured while she was at it, it was a good excuse to generally update her professional images.  We met at her apartment, and used her living room as the backdrop for the conference images, and then headed outdoors to take advantage of the lovely light right outside her building.  We got creative with the spaces we used — we even shot a few portraits in the air lock!  Here are a few of my favorites:

Professional Headshots

Arlington MA Personal Branding Portraits

Arlington MA Personal Branding Portraits

Arlington, MA Personal Branding Portraits

Jennifer wears many hats, and needed updated headshots and personal branding portraits that she could use in various parts of her life, from her role on the town school committee to her work.  We picked a spot that is quintessential to her town to do her session in, but something that also had universal appeal for her broader uses of the images.  Like many headshot and personal branding portrait clients, Jennifer was nervous in front of the camera, so we kept the conversation going to help her relax about the camera.  Here are a few of my favorites from our time together:

Arlington, MA Personal Branding Portraits

Team Headshots

Team Headshots | Lexington, MA

This past winter, it was my pleasure to photograph the client appreciation party for MA Properties Online, and this week I had the pleasure of helping them update their team headshots.  When I think about what I would want in a realtor, one who is down to earth and works well with their colleagues would be pretty high on the list.   While I’ve never had the opportunity to avail myself of their services, it was abundantly clear to me that this is a team that enjoys each other’s company and that they really know their stuff.  We had a lot of fun during this session, and I hope that comes through in these team headshots!

Interior Designer Personal Branding Portraits | Arlington, MA

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but Megan’s home, where we did her interior designer personal branding portraits, was warm and inviting.   Megan has extensive experience doing interior design with a big firm, but after her children were born, decided she’d like to start out on her own.  Our goal was two-fold — to get images of her that were as warm and inviting as her design, as well as to document some of her work in her own home for her portfolio.  You can read about Megan and check out her work on her website here.  And here are a few of my favorites from our time together:


~ Interior Designer Personal Branding Portraits ~

Spring Headshot | Arlington, MA

After all this rain, it was such a treat to have this spring headshot session in Arlington with the sun just peeking out from behind the clouds.   On her inquiry form, V. said “I need headshot for work website and LinkedIn. I envision images that convey openness, vitality, intelligence, authenticity.”  And we had such a lovely time wandering around the Robbins Library and Town Hall Gardens (recently refurbished!).   Originally scheduled for the day after, we scooted the session a day earlier to take advantage of the lack of rain, which ended up being quite a good decision — while the day after wasn’t horrible, it was certainly less pleasant.  Spring headshot s are always such an adventure with the weather!  Here are a few of my favorites from our time together:


Academic Headshots | Cambridge, MA

April showers have been in full swing this week, and while it rained in the morning and was supposed to rain later in the evening, for these academic headshots in Cambridge, MA, we had a perfect break in the weather and gorgeous light.  Shai is coming out with a new book soon, which was the impetus for this headshot session (side note — as a former history major, I am super excited to read it when it comes out — it sounds completely fascinating!).   When I asked what feel he was going for with these images, he said “oh, you know, the basic academic headshot feel” and I think we got some good variety within that genre!  Here are a few of my favorites:

snowy headshot session

Snowy Headshot Session | Arlington, MA

When you’re on a deadline, you’re on a deadline, no matter what the weather brings.  Beth reached out to me with a last-minute need for headshots for a presentation at a conference, and I was happy to be able to squeeze her in for this snowy headshot session.  I LOVE photographing people in the snow.  The light is fantastic, the gently falling snow adds to the beautiful bokeh, and I just think snow has a magical quality to it (ok, I *am* from New England 🙂 ).  Often, clients are a little nervous about shooting in the snow, but it can turn out beautifully — as one person commented on Beth’s sneak peek on Facebook, she looks like a snow queen!

Indoor Professional Headshots | Arlington, MA

I’ve had a lot of requests for outdoor headshots this winter, but indoor professional headshots are a joy as well.  This past week, I had the pleasure of working with Sharon, who opted to stay in the warmth of indoors for her portraits.  We had a lovely time and no fingers were frozen in the process 😉  Sharon needed these for a potential new job, and needed them quickly — please let me know if you have a particular rush for your images and I will do my best to get them to you as soon as I can.   Here are a few of my favorites, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did taking them!


Actor Headshots | Lawrence, MA

Actor headshots in an amazing old mill building?  Yes, please!  These folks from Voices of Hope were such a pleasure to work with — they needed new headshots for their upcoming performance of Titanic.  Voices of Hope is an “organization with over 200 members who each share a passion for the performing arts and a desire to join the fight against cancer. With music as our voice, we raise awareness and funds to support those who conduct the research and create the hope of finding a cure for generations to come. Through song we celebrate those we love, remember those we have lost, honor those who fight, and rejoice for those who survive.”  What an amazing mission, and way to support such a worthy cause!  Here are some of my favorites:

Winter Outdoor Professional Headshots | Arlington, MA

While we continued the educator theme for these winter outdoor professional headshots, we thankfully did not continue the trend of extremely frigid weather.  Jenn is an educational advocate for kids with special needs.  She has extensive experience in this area both professionally and personally.  We had such a nice time walking around these beautiful wintery paths, and chatting about her kids, my kids, and the state of special education in Massachusetts — I definitely learned a lot from our conversation!  Here are a few of my favorites from our time together — it was SO hard to choose.  I hope you enjoy them!

Professional Outdoor Headshots

Professional Outdoor Headshots | Arlington, MA

Erika got in touch with me earlier this month, she’s a consultant for Spivey Consulting, and she needed some new professional outdoor headshots in a natural setting.   Jen helps applicants to law school with their applications, in addition to being a middle school and yoga teacher (how amazing is that, right?? We all wear many hats in life, but I am super impressed with how community-minded and varied Erika’s are!) .   It was chilly, but Erika was game to walk around and explore our various options for her portraits.  Here are a few of my favorite images from our time together.

Urban Headshots | Cambridge, MA

The wind was fierce this weekend morning, but Sarah was a good sport as we searched out some fantastic spots for the urban headshots she wanted.  Sarah is a professor of history at a local college (full disclosure — I was lucky enough to take several classes from her!) and we had such a great time walking around Cambridge, even with the cold.   Getting up to be ready to be on location at daybreak on the weekend after a hard week of work is not for everyone, but we were rewarded with fantastic light.  Here are a few of my favorites from our time together:

beachy winter headshots

Beachy Winter Headshots | Arlington, MA

Jen came all the way to Arlington from Lynn, where she lives right near the beach.  She had been hoping to do a headshot session AT the beach, but we chatted about how windy and extra-cold it might be at the ocean, and instead aimed for the feel of beachy winter headshots right here in Arlington.  As it turned out, that was definitely the right call — while the forecast had called for chilly-but-manageable 25 degrees, it ended up being an absolutely frigid EIGHT DEGREES.  Jen was a real trouper, persevering for the whole session despite the cold, and doesn’t she just look radiant here?

in-home headshots

In-home Headshots | Arlington, MA

It’s always helpful when a client tells me what they will be using their headshots for.  In the case of these in-home headshots, Shelley is a nurse and needed new headshots for work as well as for using on dating websites.  I always strive to show my clients in their best light, and we met at Shelley’s home for this session.  The characteristics she wanted to show for both uses of her headshots were warm, approachable, and competent, and the comfy setting and gorgeous window light (even with the torrential downpours outside!) worked wonders to help her be more comfortable in front of my camera, and get the results she was hoping for! In-home headshots are a great option in these chillier winter months for those who don’t want to deal with the cold outside.  If you’re thinking about scheduling, check out my headshot session prep guide here.

Outdoor Lawyer Headshots | Belmont, MA

Kevin is a lawyer based in Waltham, MA.  He specializes in criminal defense, family law, and civil litigation.  When he got in contact with me through his web developer, he said he needed “outdoor lawyer headshots” — approachable, but confident, professional, but not uptight.  We had a fantastic time meeting up at one of my favorite portrait locations, which happens to be near his office, and we had lovely and not too chilly weather (especially consider that this IS December we’re talking about!).   With a balance of serious and more smiley, I think these outdoor lawyer headshots turned out pretty well!  Here are a few of my favorites:

Entrepreneur Portraits | Lexington, MA

I first met Rebecca at a Pepperlane Boost she was facilitating in Lexington, MA that I photographed this Fall.  I was so touched when Rebecca reached out to me when it was time for her to update her headshots/ entrepreneur portraits and we had a lovely time!  Rebecca is the founder and managing director of In a Nutshell Consulting, where she helps other entrepreneurs make their businesses go.

It was a chilly, rainy day, but we were cozy indoors and there was such lovely window light we were able to take advantage of.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Co-Author Headshots | Arlington, MA

Holly and Liz are an extraordinary duo.  They wrote a book on yoga together a few years ago, and just finished a sequel when they got in touch with me to update their co-author headshots.  We had a chilly but beautiful afternoon in Arlington with golden light and it was so much fun to hang out with these two!   From the golden of the trees to the clear blue of the pond, we had lots of lovely backdrops on our walk around the park.  Here are a few of my favorite images from our time together.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them!

Arlington headshots

Arlington headshots | Fall Color

Ahhh!!  We could not have asked for better weather or better fall color for these Arlington headshots for Caryn.  Her sunny smile matched the stunningly vibrant trees.  Caryn came all the way to Arlington from Melrose, and was such a joy to work with.  I took her to a spot that I go to with lots of clients, but one of the things I love about this job is that no location is really the same twice — whether it’s because of the season or the client, each time I find new things and new ways to explore.  I hope you enjoy these — some of my favorite shots from our time together.

Boston Skyline Headshots | Arlington, MA

What a beautiful evening I had with Rhonda in Arlington the other day!  Rhonda chose to do her headshots at Robbins Farm Park, a gorgeous spot in Arlington Heights with a perfect view for Boston skyline headshots, as well as other lovely backdrop options.   Rhonda has recently completed a degree in genetic counseling, and was looking for headshots that would show how approachable she is.  Genetic counseling is such a sensitive, personal subject, and it’s so important to feel at ease with the person delivering what can often be life-changing test results.

Headshot Marathon, Chamber of Commerce | Arlington, MA

It was such a pleasure to work on a headshot marathon with the Arlington, MA Chamber of Commerce recently!  We had lovely weather, and a beautiful location right in Arlington.  Here is just a little taste of what we captured.  It is always so nice to get to meet with people from all walks of life.  Do you need a new headshot for your business or dating profile?  Fall and winter are great times to book, and I have a group rate for businesses requesting headshots of five or more employees at a time.

Outdoor Headshot Session | Arlington, MA

I often get asked by clients and potential clients what happens if the weather is terrible on their scheduled outdoor headshot session date — luckily, this doesn’t come up very often (hoping that doesn’t jinx things as I head into the busiest season of the year!).  Cheryl, a school counselor, had the unfortunate luck to have an outdoor headshot session scheduled for a day where the weather forecast was the very worst — uncertain.  Usually, I can make a call an hour or two before the session is scheduled about whether or not we need to reschedule, but on the day of Cheryl’s scheduled session the forecast was jumping all over the map — we tried meeting up to see if the more optimistic forecasts might come true, but alas it was not to be.  Luckily, I always leave a little bit of wiggle room in my schedule in case of just such a circumstance, and we met again the following evening — a perfect, beautiful Fall evening in Arlington Heights!

The one catch about the reschedule was that Cheryl needed to bring her little boy with her (never a problem as far as I’m concerned — as a mom of three myself, I understand completely!).   Cheryl’s son was fantastic for the whole time, playing on the playground near where I was photographing his mom, and at the end, he hopped in for a few shots with her.

bank manager headshots smiling

Bank Manager Headshots | Arlington, MA

We are very lucky here in Arlington to have several lovely local, small banks that are incredibly involved in the community.  Leader Bank, founded in 2002 and based here in Arlington, is no exception.  It was my privilege to get to work with the East Arlington Leader Bank manager for her new headshots this month.

We had a stunningly gorgeous early Fall evening in Arlington Center.  Doreen wanted images that conveyed her professionalism as well as her approachability, and we took advantage of a very quintessential Arlington streetscape to also anchor some of her portraits in the town her company is based in.


new headshots for local author outdoor pond

New Headshots for Local Author | Arlington, MA

How many of you reading this have school-aged kids, or know any?  I bet if you do, they are fans of Toni Buzzeo’s wonderful children’s books.  I know my own kids are, and it was a huge treat to get to photograph Toni’s new headshots, which she’s using for a new brochure.  Toni and I met at her home, and did some photos in her little writing cottage — a tiny oasis in her backyard that just oozes calm.  I can see why she loves writing there!  After we did those shots, we headed over to a lovely park overlooking a pond near her house — with a beautiful large tree and some playground equipment (perfect for a children’s book author!) we had a lovely time exploring out surroundings.

One of the things I love about my clients is that I get to know them during their sessions — with Toni, I loved hearing about her life and how different parts of it brought her to writing, and how she persisted to get published — a daunting task, for sure, and one that doesn’t necessarily get easier even with a couple dozen well-received titles already under her belt.

Updated outdoor headshot with greenery arlington, MA

Updated Outdoor headshots | Arlington, MA | Boston Tech Mom

Cyndi and I had such a lovely time earlier this week to get her updated outdoor headshots at the Arlington Reservoir.  We managed to sneak in her portrait session before the heat and humidity really cranked up (it’s been a serious scorcher this past week!) and had a lovely time exploring.  I love getting to show this space to my clients since it’s so underrated if all you know is the view from the main road or the swimming beach!  Cyndi lives in Belmont, but drives past the Arlington Reservoir frequently, and was super excited to get to check it out.

Cyndi needed updated headshots for her website, BostonTechMom which is being redesigned by the amazing Kate Gilbert of WordPress SuperService.  Boston Tech Mom connects parents with high-quality STEM programs that expose kids to technology in fun, meaningful, and engaging ways, and I will say I learned a lot just poking around for a few minutes — can’t wait to see it after the redesign is finished!  You should definitely check it out if you’ve got kids who are even remotely interested in STEM!

One thing that Cyndi did that was really helpful was that she sent me cell phone shots of the outfits she was considering before her session so we could chat about what might work best for her.  We do walk around a lot in my portrait sessions, so paring down to your favorites is important so you don’t end up schlepping too much stuff from spot to spot, but a few options are super helpful!  Wondering how else to best prepare for your upcoming headshot session?  Check out my session prep guide here.

I hope Cyndi had a great time getting her updated outdoor headshots for her new website — here are a few of my favorites from our time together:



Author Outdoor Headshot Summer

Author Headshots | Outdoor Business Portraits

What a treat to spend some time a few days ago with Karen while I was on vacation in gorgeous Branford, CT.  Karen is an author and speaker, and was so excited for the opportunity to get her updated headshots while she was in her home town for a week!

I love getting to explore new places, and it was definitely a challenge to scout out some different location options sight unseen.  I started out by checking out some parks on Google Maps near where Karen was staying, seeing what photos other people had posted of them, and in one case a really neat news story with some video footage from a brand new park in town.  We ended up at Foote Memorial Park, which had some lovely shade (Karen was only able to meet mid-afternoon for this session so we couldn’t work with the usually magical golden hour light).    We did luck out with absolutely gorgeous weather — not too hot or humid or windy.

Karen had talked to me some about what she was looking for — many of the books she writes are for children, and when she is seeking speaking engagements she needs to convey a very animated, engaging personality, so having her feel accessible and lively was absolutely critical for these.  One of the things I really appreciated in working with Karen was that she was game for getting into a bunch of different poses, including some that involved being on the ground (she pointed out that her whole outfit was machine-washable, even though it looked very fancy — such an important feature!!).   That was a great way to provide her with variety in her images so she can really tailor which she uses for which purpose depending on the specific situation.

Here are some of my favorites from our time together — I hope Karen loves them as much as I do!


Natural Arlington Entrepreneur Headshots | Arlington, MA

Entrepreneur Headshots | Arlington, MA

I had a fantastic time with Debra the other evening in Arlington.  I met her recently at an Arlington Entrepreneurs meeting.    Debra is a career coach who  “guides women to align their work and personal lives with their brilliance and unique definitions of success.” in her business Connect2.  She was looking for new business portraits, and we had a gorgeous evening wandering around a favorite local park.   Our goal was to show Debra in her best light, and in a way that would encourage her potential clients to think of her as approachable and friendly.  Debra, like many of my clients, was a little nervous about having her picture taken (heck, I’m a photographer and even I get a little nervous when I’m on the other side of the camera!).  So we kept everything relaxed as we walked around the park (she had cleverly brought comfy flip-flops to walk in so she didn’t have to walk in her high heels).  It’s always nice to work with a fellow Arlington entrepreneur!
personal branding and headshots Sassy business portraits wakefield, ma

Fun Business Portraits | Wakefield, MA

It was such a pleasure to meet Ina the other day in Wakefield, MA.  She had a beautiful spot in mind for her business portraits in the center of Wakefield.  Ina didn’t want just any old business portraits — she wanted FUN business portraits.  We made great use of the space, and were very grateful that the local public works truck that arrived mid-session offered to park in a way that would still allow us to use the landscape.  Ina had some fantastic ideas for what she was after in business portraits and we had a BLAST getting these shots.

Ina is an entrepreneur — she runs a business helping other women who are interested in leaving the corporate world start their own businesses.

Student Headshots | Cambridge, MA

Student Headshots | Cambridge, MA | MIT

Student headshots with the MIT Energy Initiative in Cambridge, MA at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology were a blast this week! We had fantastic weather in Cambridge, MA and it was a joy to work with these folks.  What a treat to be back in Cambridge, MA at MIT this week.  Each summer, MITEI has a new set of undergraduate researchers for the summer, and this is the second year they have asked me to come and take headshots of each of the students.   With 23 students and two staff members, we had a *very* busy time.  We lucked out with the weather — last year was 95 degrees with 100% humidity and we were stuck inside, but this time the weather was gorgeous, and we took advantage of the shade provided by the majestic columns outside of Lobby 10 in Killian Court, which was being set up for commencement.

I hope these students all have a fantastic summer, and enjoy their new headshots as they embark on their journeys!  Here are a few of my favorites:

Laughing Outdoor Author Headshots | Lincoln, MA

Author Headshots | Lincoln, MA

When first looking at the ten day forecast for this headshot session in Lincoln, MA, the prediction was for torrential downpours.  Over the course of the week, the forecast gradually got better though — first showers starting after sunset, then just clouds, and when the day finally arrived, the forecast was for sunshine all around, and that is exactly what we were rewarded with.  I often get concerns from clients about the weather for their portrait sessions, and this is a perfect example of why I always advise calm, and waiting until the day of to make any decisions one way or another about rescheduling 🙂

Michelle has written a book about human trafficking, based on the experiences of a woman she met on her travels.  It sounds like a very powerful read, and I was honored to be her choice to capture her headshots for her author page.  We enjoyed the beautiful landscape of historic and lush Lincoln, MA, and had a great time exploring.  Here are my favorites from our time together:

Outdoor Headshot Portraits, Arlington, MA

Lactation Consultant Headshots | Arlington, MA

When my oldest was about a year old, I considered, for a little while, becoming an IBCLC because I so appreciated the help I had gotten when I needed breastfeeding help, and wanted to give back to other moms.  Though I didn’t go down that path very far, for a number of years I was a volunteer breastfeeding counselor with a local peer counseling organization called Nursing Mothers’ Council.  Through that work, I met the wonderful women of LC Home Visits, a group of local IBCLCs, several of whom volunteer their time with NMC in addition to having their own private lactation consultant practices.  When LC Home Visits reached out about getting new headshots for their website, I was so thrilled to get to work with them!

With ten lactation consultants to photograph individually in addition to their group shots, we got started with those who arrived first, since some of them live very far afield!  We even squeezed in (ha — pun totally intended 🙂 ) a very silly shot indeed.  This headshot session was so much fun, and I am so pleased to share some of my favorites from our time together:

business marketing photography

Business Portraits | Waltham, MA

One of the things I love about my job is that I feel like I’m always learning new things — sometimes it’s a little kid who is super enthusiastic and telling me everything she knows about airplanes, sometimes it’s a family with some amazingly acrobatic young adults doing neat tricks during family portraits, and last week it was carpet cleaning.  I learned just how involved a process it is not just to get a stain out, but also to clean even a non-stained carpet during my session with Ray from Sunshine Cleaning Systems in Waltham.  I had a great time helping him document what he does so he can show his process on his website, and then we took some time at the end to get him some updated headshots for his business cards as well.  Here are some of my favorites from our time together:

headshot photography belmont

Headshots | Arlington, MA

After a couple of 70+ degree days in February, I was NOT expecting to be going to a headshot session with the temperature below freezing in mid-March!  Luckily, we had fantastic light (and the snow is always welcome at my portrait sessions — it serves as a fantastic natural reflector!) and Shawn was a serious trooper, not complaining once about the cold, and even being game for using some of the very, very cold metal railings and stone benches in posing.  Here’s a little peek at his session!

Academic Headshots | Boston University

Academic headshots at the Boston University Campus

It was so fantastic to be back on the Boston University campus working with the folks in the CRESCENT program again!  This time I worked with a mix of faculty members, grad students, and post docs.  We were in the same space I shot in this past Fall, but this time I tried a few different things, including taking advantage of a big plant by one of the windows, which got us some neat results.   We also used some of the other views, not just looking out down Commonwealth Avenue, but also across the river and even looking over to Fenway Park.  Here are my favorites:

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Faculty Headshots | Boston, MA

It’s been many years since I last was on the Boston University campus.  It was a huge treat to get to see one of the new buildings from the inside, and to meet 19 of the faculty of the CRESCENT program.  I loved hearing about their work and getting to know them a little bit over the course of the two days I spent photographing them.  You might think that with 19 faculty headshots it would all be the same and a little boring, but each person really helped to individualize their images, whether that came out in something small like how they stood, or a larger gesture like being asked to be photographed with a large piece of equipment used in their research.  Here’s a little peek!

Headshots | Lexington, MA

In-home and outdoor headshots for the gorgeous C today!

When I do in-home, or in-office headshots, I’m always curious what I’ll walk in to in terms of lighting.  While I do have a flash I can use in a pinch, I much prefer to work with natural light, and one inherent quality of natural light is that it is very dependent on the surroundings and varies quite a bit.  Walking into C’s home, I was so glad to see such gorgeous light, and after we’d done some inside, she even braved the cold and let me take a few outdoors as well.   Here’s a little peek at our time together:

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Mindfulness Educator Headshots | Arlington, MA

“Mindfullness n. a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations.”

How amazing is it that some schools are choosing to incorporate mindfullness into their curricula?  I was lucky to spend the evening last Wednesday with Betsy, who teaches mindfulness in urban schools.  I can only imagine how huge the benefit is to students who learn such an important life-long technique for how to be in the world (I know lots of adults, myself included, who struggle with it!).  We had some really gorgeous light and took the oppportunity to explore a little further afield from a favorite spot for headshots to get a bit more of an urban feel.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Musician Headshots | Concord, MA

The weather for this session was a little iffy, but we managed to sneak in some outdoor shots before the rain really started up, and clouds made for lovely light.  Indoors, I was treated to a mini-concert while I got headshots of this young pianist recently graduated from the prestigious Eastman School of Music.  When thinking about possible locations, this young man knew he wanted shots with his instrument, and we both knew we needed some good natural light.  His old high school was kind enough to allow us to shoot on their grounds and in their beautiful historic chapel, which suited very nicely!  Here’s a little peek at our session:

Headshots | Arlington, MA

How often do you meet someone who is so excited about creating community and helping people help each other that they make a whole new system to facilitate that?  It was my great pleasure to spend some time with Anjali the other evening, and she is doing all that and more with her new site, HelperVille, her project which is helping people find their “village.”  Here’s a little taste of our session:

Headshots | Arlington, MA

Gorgeous evening for outdoor headshots

Whenever possible, when I’m shooting headshot or business portrait sessions, I try to tailor the session to the profession of the person I’m photographing.  For someone in the financial sector, I bring out the portable studio backdrop for a more traditional look, but for an au pair coordinator, what to do?  N wanted to be outdoors, and I suggested we head to a park in town that has some lovely natural backdrops as well as — wait for it — a playground.  For someone who works in the childcare business, why not involve child’s play?  Our session was in the evening, so we didn’t have to worry about getting in the way of kids who wanted to use the equipment as intended, and it was such a fun way to personalize the shoot!

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Headshots | Cambridge, MA

When you can find a bit of oasis in the bustle of the city, that’s something to treasure.  This client had a spot in mind she’d biked through on her commute, and it was lovely!  Once we were there you would never have known there was a ton of construction going on mere feet away.  Here’s a little taste of this session’s business portraits and headshots:

Business Portraits | Arlington, MA

I am often really lucky with the weather (hope writing that doesn’t jinx it!).  This session was a true nail-biter with thunderstorms scheduled to come in right around the time we had scheduled for.  This client needed one image rushed for publication for a newspaper article, and the deadline for that was the following morning (UK time! So we couldn’t even do a sunrise session the next morning).   When I was driving over, I breathed a sigh of relief because the crazy-ominous clouds that had gathered appeared to be dissapating.  Imagine my surprise, then, when as I turned into the parking lot the heavens opened and torrential downpours persisted for the next 45 minutes.  Luckily, I was early to the session, so only some of that was session time.  When the rain cleared we got amazing evening light which flattered this gorgeous woman perfectly.  We were incredibly lucky in our timing because when I got home from the session and was editing her one rush image, the heavens opened again and there were even bigger thunderstorms for quite a while!  Here are a few of my favorites:

Headshots | Cambridge, MA

Before I was a photographer, I worked an office job at MIT.  It was such an amazing place to work, even as someone who wasn’t directly involved in teaching or research.  So when the academic coordinator of the MIT Energy Initiative got in touch to see if I could take headshots of this summer’s crop of undergraduate researchers I jumped at the chance to be back on campus with all that amazing energy.   This was such a neat group of students, from all sorts of disciplines and from all over the world (from Canada to Saudi Arabia, to far-flung corners of the US).   We shot in the beautiful Lobby 10 space, which was a relief for all given how hot and humid it was outside.   When everyone’s headshots were done I got to follow one of the students back to his lab to take some pictures of him at work — so cool to see cutting-edge research in action!    Here are my favorites from the time I spent with these students:

Spring Mini-Session Fundraiser | Arlington, MA

What a treat to get to work all afternoon Saturday at Ready, Set, KIDS in Arlington Center, providing portraits to families as a fundraiser for Arlington Family Connection!  From families with small babies and toddlers, to older elementary kids, to a professional needing new headshots, it was a busy day!  Here’s a little taste.  Galleries are heading out this morning!

Business Portraits with Pepperlane | Lexington, MA

Business Portraits with Pepperlane

Last week it was my great pleasure to get to work with seven amazing businesswomen in conjunction with Pepperlane. It’s new website based out of Lexington, MA.  Pepperlane is “a community of mothers building businesses on our own terms.” It seems to be taking off like wildfire — it seems every other week I’m hearing about them from someone new in a different part of my life.  I joined a few months ago, and was thrilled when they asked if I’d be interested in working with them. We wanted to get fantastic business portraits of some of their members to enhance their profiles on the site.   Over the course of two half days, Pepperlane’s director of community outreach and I travelled around to business owners’ homes and places of business. We went to capture them and get some images to really convey what they do.  It was a treat to get to meet such a wide range of people in such a short time!  They ranged from professional organizers to a writer, to an accountant, natural healer, personal stylist, and decorator. I loved hearing all about what they all do and what drives them.

Here are some of my favorites to give you a taste of what we got up to:

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{Sneak Peek} Business Portrait | Arlington, MA

New England weather sure is a roller coaster — single digits on Friday, 6″ of snow and slush on Saturday, almost 60 on Sunday and back to 20 on Monday!  With all that, we opted for an indoor headshot session this morning.  For a nice headshot, it’s hard to beat a wood-panelled room with enormous windows and a cloudy sky for nice diffuse light!  Here’s a little peek — can’t wait to show the rest soon!

{Sneak Peek} Business Portraits | Sarah | Arlington, MA | Mira Whiting Photography

This morning I had a great headshot session with Sarah in Arlington.  It was bright and sunny, but definitely on the chilly side, so it was a good day for an indoor session.

When I go to a client’s home for an indoor session, I like to make sure I’m fully prepared for all possibilities — unless the client happens to mention what the light is like in their home, I’m generally going in blind, so I bring all sorts of light modifiers as well as my flash, but I also hope for the best — some gorgeous natural light, which is my favorite.  In Sarah’s case this morning, I really hit the jackpot — I walked into her home and saw that it was full of absolutely gorgeous light.  Sarah was also a very good sport and temporarily took down a large print on her wall so we could take advantage of the very best spot, in her kitchen.  We got some great images, which I think Sarah will love.

One of the things I love most about my job is getting to connect with my clients.  In Sarah’s case, it turned out that even though we’d never met before, our kids are in the same year at the same school — talk about neat coincidence!  When I was a kid, my mother was always commenting about how wherever we went it seemed like we ran into people I knew, and I love that that trend seems to have continued in my adult life — it’s one of the many things I love about living and working in Arlington.


{Sneak Peek} Beth | Rainy Day Headshots | Arlington, MA | Mira Whiting Photography

The forecast kept going back and forth — rain, no rain, rain, no rain… so we ended up planning to be inside.  Beth has a dining room with a lovely large window, which gave plenty of light for the indoor portion, and the rain held off in the end, so we got to go outside as well — a gorgeous moss-covered wall served as a fantastic outdoor backdrop.

Just a quick peek — can’t wait to show Beth the rest of these next week!

Woman Outdoor Professional Portrait MWP-9


{Sneak Peek} McDonald Contracting | Arlington, MA Portraits | Mira Whiting Photography

We were so lucky with the weather yesterday afternoon — the rain held off just long enough to get some wonderful outdoor portraits of the team behind McDonald Contracting.    I will confess something — I’m a little scared of heights (ok, a lot scared of heights — I’m 5’1″ and I joke with my 6’2″ husband that I don’t think I could deal with being as tall as he is!).  So, when the McDonald Contracting team suggested doing some of the portraits in front of the sign on their garage, I was all for it, until I saw just how high up they would be — much higher than my normal step stool could accommodate.  Being resourceful guys, they quickly fashioned a platform for me out of two sawhorses and a plank of wood — perfect for getting the angle I needed for the photo, but a little precarious.  In the end, I decided to go for it — I knew that, logically, if I was careful, I was unlikely to fall, and it would improve the images immensely to get a higher angle.  Sure enough, all was well, and I got this gem of the team with the sign.  Can’t wait to show them the rest of their images soon!

MWP-6Construction Headshot

{Sneak Peek} Outdoor Headshots | Acton, MA | Mira Whiting Photography

It’s a beautiful morning to drive out route 2 and enjoy the scenery, and I do love early morning light!  Even better, I was on my way to the Acton Memorial Library to photograph Kate Gilbert, of WordPress SuperService.  Kate and I have known each other since our oldest children were tiny babies, and we met in a new parents’ group run by the Midwives of Mt. Auburn Hospital.  I’m also lucky to be working with Kate and her co-worker, Christina on a new website for BACE-NMC,  a nonprofit I volunteer for.  It was so nice to get to catch up, and a good reminder we should get together more often!

Here are a few of my favorite images from her session!


{Sneak Peek} Alan | Business Headshot | Davis Square, Somerville | Mira Whiting Photography

This morning it was nice and cool, and the light was beautiful — Alan was a good sport about meeting me nice and early to take advantage of the early morning light. One of the things I love about Davis Square is that there is a great variety of options for backgrounds, and props built right into the landscape — nice benches, tree-lined pathways, and so on, and we got to take advantage of several micro-locations.  Here’s a quick taste of the session!


{Sneak Peek} Business Portraits | Arlington, MA | Mira Whiting Photography

This session was supposed to be last week, but the weather had other plans.  As it turned out, we lucked out with absolutely perfect weather — nice, soft light, and relatively low humidity.  We went to the Robbins Library, in Arlington Center, which has a beautiful stone exterior, and gorgeous greenery options nearby, including the lovely gardens right next door, between the library and town hall.  With a beautiful and charming subject like Michaela, this portrait session was a joy both to photograph and to edit — though it was really hard to narrow the images down to the best of the best since so many of them came out so well!

{Sneak Peek} Shulman & Hill Headshots! | Mira Whiting Photography | Arlington, MA

This morning I had the opportunity to work with the delightful team at Shulman & Hill, a tutoring company here in Arlington, MA.   Although you don’t normally think of bank conference rooms as being particularly pleasant spaces, this particular room had two nice large windows letting the sunshine in, and there was a nice wall to take the headshots against.  Everyone was a good sport about some of the sort of silly things I asked them to do, and I think we all had a good time!