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Boston Photographer | 2020: A Year in Portraits

Boston Photographer | 2020: A Year in Portraits

Boston Photographer | 2020: A Year in Portraits

What a roller coaster this year has been.  I know each year sometimes feels even more hectic and full than the last, but 2020 has definitely taken the cake for so many of us — remote schooling, not seeing our loved ones, loved ones becoming ill, losses on both business and personal fronts, isolation, cancelled milestone celebrations.  2020 has been ROUGH for so many of us.

So it has been a special honor to get to photograph the people I’ve photographed this year — marking moments in a historic year, taking that leap into entrepreneurship, up-leveling their business imagery to help support their family during an incredibly trying time, welcoming a new baby with all the usual stress and then pandemic added on top, making the effort to send out family photo cards in a reach for connection at a time when that is an extra challenge.

As a Boston Photographer, I get to enjoy all the seasons with my clients — cozy winters, glorious summers, crisp falls, and spring full of hope.  As we head into 2021, I’m so excited to see what the new year brings, and to share it with all of you.  I’ve expanded my offerings so you can experience all the seasons with me if you’d like — seasonal family portraits and monthly marketing minis are new on the menu.

Thank you all for all of your support, and I’m looking forward to seeing you in 2021!

PS — there’s still one more day of voting for my photo of the year contest over on my Facebook page — check it out and vote for your favorites!


Boston Photographer | 2020: A Year in Portraits

Boston Maternity Photographer | Belmont, MA

Boston Maternity Photographer | Belmont, MA

I have been photographing this family for several years now, and it was such a pleasure to get to see them again as they get ready welcome their third child next month.  We had gorgeous golden hour light — this time of year sunset is getting earlier, so we could meet at a pretty kid-friendly time and get to see the magic.

Maternity sessions can take many forms — sometimes it’s just mom-to-be, sometimes it’s both parents, and in this case, it was basically a family session with a little extra focus on the belly.  There’s no one right answer for a maternity session — each family wants something a little different.  With these folks, the kids were so excited about welcoming their baby sister soon, so it made perfect sense to plan it essentially as a family session.

Generally, you want to schedule a maternity session late in your pregnancy, but not so late that you’re in danger of going into labor 🙂  A good rule of thumb is to plan for maternity portraits between 32-36 weeks if you have a low risk pregnancy — if there is a reason you expect you may deliver early, we can always make earlier work as well — we will just need to be extra careful with posing to showcase a smaller baby bump!

Here are a few of my favorites from my time with this family — I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them!


Boston Maternity Photographer | Belmont, MA

Winter Maternity Session | Cambridge, MA

Winter Maternity Session | Cambridge, MA

Winter Maternity Session | Cambridge, MA

A lot of people ask me how my clients find me.  This blog is a big part of that, as is, of course, social media (Facebook, Instagram), but the thing is that most of my clients come from word of mouth.  This gorgeous mom-to-be is no exception.  Referred by one mutual friend, while talking on the phone prior to her session, we discovered that a very good friend of mine is the person who introduced her to her husband, all the way on the other side of the globe!  Talk about small world!

Though moving soon, this is one of her favorite spots (and mine!), and we had such lovely light for her session (dad-t0-be joined us, but prefers not to have his image online, so these are just my favorites of just her).  We had a fantastic time walking and exploring, chatting about dark humor and baby names and house renovations and commutes — while we were in the middle of the city, right by a major transit hub for cars, trains, and buses alike, at times, it felt like we were in the middle of nowhere — a true oasis of nature.


Winter Maternity Session | Cambridge, MA

Boston maternity photographer

Boston Maternity Portraits

It was totally worth getting up before dawn for these Boston maternity portraits at the Arboretum in Jamaica Plain!  We had lovely light, and Leah was just GLOWING as she approached her due date (her little girl was born just a week after this maternity session).  With a busy job and an older toddler, it was nice to take this maternity session as a chance to pamper Leah a little and make things all about her — a welcome treat at the end of any pregnancy.  Here are a few of my favorites — I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed working on them and working with Leah!


Boston maternity portraits

City Maternity Portraits | Cambridge, MA

We had SUNSHINE for these city maternity portraits in Cambridge, MA this past week.   After all the cold and rain, it was such a delight.  And we had gorgeous light — worth getting up at the crack of dawn for.  Luckily, these two are teachers, so are used to early mornings anyway.   We enjoyed a jaunt around the neighborhood and into Davis Square — even stopping outside Erika & Natty’s previous home for a quick shot there.  I am so excited to get to meet their little one soon, but I do love being able to capture them as they are now, before their family grows by one.  Here are some of my favorites from Erika & Natty’s  city maternity portraits session:

powerful breastfeeding portraits

Breastfeeding Portraits | Massachusetts Breastfeeding Coalition

Breastfeeding Portraits | Massachusetts Breastfeeding Coalition

Several months ago, I was approached by the web developer who is working with the Massachusetts Breastfeeding Coalition on developing their new website.  They needed breastfeeding portraits to use in their new design.  Perhaps I could find 2-3 moms willing to model for this project?  As a breastfeeding mom myself, and former volunteer breastfeeding counselor with Nursing Mothers’ Council, I was SO excited to work with Mass. Breastfeeding Coalition on this project!  I knew they were on a tight deadline (they are hoping to launch the new site on Mothers’ Day), so I quickly sent a model call out into the world and was OVERWHELMED with the response.

Within 24 hours, more than 70 mothers had applied.  Sifting through was quite a task, but I was so excited to be able to showcase the diversity of breastfeeding experiences in our lovely commonwealth.  I was sorry I couldn’t photograph everyone who applied, but so pleased to be able showcase racial and ethnic diversity, different ages of nurslings from 7 days old all the way up to a few three year olds, and every age in between.  One mom was excited to be able to help show that plus-sized moms can breastfeed, another excited to showcase her prosthetic leg is no barrier to breastfeeding her toddler.  We were able to include a family with two moms, and a mom with twins.  We photographed breastfeeding dyads in a cafe, at home, in a park, waiting for the T, and in a library, a pregnant mom who breastfed her older two and is looking forward to breastfeeding her new little one, and were able to showcase a pumping mom as well.

Here are some of my favorites — more than 65, and it was SO hard to narrow it down this much. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed working on this project!

home maternity portraits

Home Maternity Portraits | Winchester, MA

I last got to photograph these folks when their daughter was a newborn, and it was so nice to get to photograph them again.  This time was for home maternity portraits in their lovely home, with their charming toddler!  I am so excited to meet their new little one in a few weeks for his newborn session, and it was so exciting to see Charlotte be so excited to be a big sister.

One of the nicest things about maternity portraits is that they capture a very fleeting moment — not just pregnancy which, of course, last for a limited time, but also their time as a family of three before they become a family of four.

Maternity Portraits & Cherry Blossoms | Arlington, MA

What a stunningly gorgeous evening we had for these maternity portraits.  When I started talking to Laura & Scott about what they envisioned for their maternity portraits — these last portraits of them as a family of two before they become a family of three — I mentioned there were some gorgeous cherry blossoms in a spot they may not have thought of for portraits (a glorified median in a large traffic circle (not really quite a rotary, even).   When we first started talking about this, the late Spring snow was still on everyone’s minds, most trees had just barely leafed out, and these cherry trees were even further behind the times than their other local counterparts, but I had confidence that they would bloom.   I kept an eye on the location, driving by several times a day sometimes, and I watched as the trees went from completely bare branches to the tiny hint of reddish buds, to LOTS of buds, to all of a sudden full blooms in about 72 hours (we *did* have some unusual weather with lots of rain and then a couple of 85 degree days, which I’m sure helped!).

We had a fantastic time and I felt so lucky to be able to capture this precious time for them as they wait for their baby’s arrival (and I can’t wait to meet their baby when he or she makes an appearance later this summer!).  Best of all for me was this message I got from Laura after I posted their sneak peek:

Hi Mira, Thanks so much and can’t wait to see the gallery! Scott and I had a great time and that says a lot coming from him because he REALLY dislikes having his picture taken 🙂 Best, Laura

Maternity Portraits | Arlington, MA

When you’re about to become a parent for the first time, you hear all the time from people about how you’ll never get to sleep in again (it’s not true, but can definitely feel like it sometimes!).  So it can be especially hard to get motivated to get up at the crack of dawn for maternity portraits.  With A & I the other day though, it was especially worth it for astoundingly good early morning light, and we were even rewarded with some gorgeous fog, and A came prepared with a beautiful hand-made mug for her tea!  It was so nice to get to see these two in the last few days before they became a family of three.  Here are some of my favorites from their session:


Local Resources for Parents

Are you ready for the baby, everyone asks as you near your due date.  How the heck would you even know?  I know I certainly didn’t — with any of my three kids (some things you’re more ready for after the first time, but then there are always new things that come up!) That being said, I know there were a lot of community resources that were a huge help to me when I realized just how not ready I was, and helped me meet the challenges in front of me, whether that was night wakings, navigating the city with a child and without a car, breastfeeding help, and more.  At the newborn portrait sessions I shoot, I often end up talking to the new parents about how they’re doing, and finding that they might find one of these resources helpful, so I thought it might be helpful to compile a list for those clients and others to have at their fingertips.   Do you have something to add?  Let me know!  I’m always happy to grow this list!


Drop-In Groups

Tricks & Skills for Making Life Easier

Second Hand Stores

Prenatal & Mom/baby Focused Fitness

Library Story Times/Events

I hope you find these helpful!  We welcome any additions you may have.

– Thanks for reading!  Mira with









Maternity & Big Sibling Portraits | Arlington, MA

Gorgeous mom-to-be and her feisty middle guy capturing this moment for them in their Maternity and Big Sibling Portraits

What an incredibly gorgeous morning with this stunningly beautiful mama who is due any day now with baby #3.  We went to the Arlington Reservoir, because mom was on strict instructions to not walk very far. And we had lots of good options for backgrounds right near the parking lot.  This mom hadn’t been sure she was going to make it to the maternity session. Her little boy was so eager to make his appearance, but she did after dropping her oldest at kindergarten.  Her middle child came with her, and he was so sweet and excited to be a big brother — when I asked “Who’s going to be a big brother?” he got the best smile on his face and raised his hand as high as he could.  Here are a few of my favorites from our time together, and I can’t wait to meet this little guy soon!

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Maternity Leave


As those of you who subscribe to my monthly newsletter are aware, I will be taking a maternity leave from August 15 – October 1 to care for my third baby, due in late August.   I am excited to get to start shooting again in my very favorite season, Fall!

Please send me a message  if you’d like to put a session for your family or business on my calendar after my leave — now is a perfect time to book a Fall session!  Please be patient if you send a message while I’m on leave — it may take me a little longer than usual to respond.

I’m very much looking forward to hitting the ground running in October when I’m back, and have some exciting events planned — stay tuned for more information!

{Tripod Tuesday} Practicing What I Preach

I spend my working life helping other families understand the value of the printed image for their children, and those children’s children.  And I particularly spend a fair amount of time convincing reluctant parents, moms often in particular, to get in front of the camera either on their own or with their children.  I explain that these images will be treasured by those children.  I usually manage to convince them 🙂

You know what I’m not so great about?  Getting in front of the camera myself.  I have lots of gorgeous, funny, poignant, name-your-adjective images of my own children.  I have lots of pictures of them with my husband, their dad, and with their grandparents and other important people in their lives.  I make a point of it!  And I always get them printed, just like I encourage my clients to do.   But there are hardly any pictures of me, their mother, with them.  I think I could count on one hand the number that have been taken in the last year.

I’m currently expecting my third child, due in August, and I will say that in many ways, much as we are excited about this new baby coming into our lives, it can be a lot harder than it was when I was pregnant with the others to take the time and really focus on this baby, this pregnancy.

Sunday I had a maternity mini-session, and I decided that I would bring along my tripod in case there was still a little light left after I was all done with taking the clients’ images.  The light was fading quickly, but there was just enough to get this self-portrait — a moment in time where I am focusing on the baby, and my hopes and dreams for him.  Some time just for the two of us.

This image will be printed, and it will be something I treasure, and I hope he (and maybe his children) will treasure.  And I’m so glad I took the time to get in front of the camera for once — that was my Mothers’ Day gift to myself.


{Sneak Peek} Maternity Mini | Carlisle, MA

What a gorgeous evening to be enjoying the great outdoors!  I had a fantastic time with Mike & Rebecca at Great Brook Dairy Farm this evening.   This gorgeous state park is a place this couple already loves to go for ice cream and to visit the animals, and I’m sure it will be a favorite spot for their child as well.

We had lovely golden hour light, and I can’t wait to show them the rest of their images!  Even more, I can’t wait to meet their little one in June!


{Sneak Peek} Sunset Maternity Session | Kat | Waltham, MA | Mira Whiting Photography

Yesterday I had the pleasure of photographing Kat, who is 35 weeks pregnant with her third child.   She has a wonderful daughter and a son, and a great husband, but this session was all about celebrating her, and how gorgeous she is.

One of the tricky things with a late-March due date and wanting to do outdoor maternity portraits is, of course, the weather.  When we first started talking about Kat’s session, I had thought maybe there would be snow on the ground, which could be all sorts of fun to work with, and definitely lead the session in a particular way.  As this “winter” (in quotes because it’s been so crazy mild!) has gone on, though, I started to think maybe we could have a nice outdoor session without all the heavy coats and breaks to warm up.  Sure enough, as the date for the session approached, I was keeping a close eye on the weather forecast, and it was consistently predicting 45 degrees and sunny — perfect, I thought!  I am a hardy New Englander, Kat is originally from Colorado, and no stranger to cold weather, so this should be a great early spring session!  Even as I was getting ready to leave my house, 10 minutes away from our location, the forecast was reading the same.  When I got in my car, however, the thermometer read 35 degrees.  Uh oh, I thought.  Maybe I was just parked in the shade?  There were a lot of open spaces where we were going, so I held out hope it would be a little warmer.  No such luck — as I pulled into the parking lot, the thermometer on my car read 33 degrees.  Wrong direction!  Oh well, I figured we’d make the best of it — find warmer spots, take lots of breaks and warm up in the car if necessary, whatever it takes, right?

I was pretty early so I’d have time to scout out the location, since this one was new to me.   Since I wasn’t going to be IN the images, I bundled up, figuring I had almost an hour before Kat even arrived, so there was no use in getting cold yet, and off I went to explore.  I scouted out about 5 different options for where we could set up, all within about 20 minutes, but still, I was absolutely freezing by the time I got back to my car (which luckily had been baking in the sun, so was plenty warm!).  I was starting to get a little worried.

Before the session, Kat had proposed several clothing options — I helped her select what I thought would both be most flattering and most comfortable.  The dress we decided on was gorgeous on her — a perfect green to complement her eyes, with just enough embroidery detail to add some interest without being distracting.  The downside?  It had short sleeves.  Luckily, she had a lovely brown sweater and high brown boots which would help pull in the browns of the environment we would be in (who are we kidding — even “early spring” in New England is definitely still pretty brown!).  I had to hope it would be enough to keep Kat warm through the session.

As we went along the session, I tried to keep us moving as much as possible — instead of flowing evenly from one pose to another, there was a lot of back and forth so Kat wouldn’t get too cold staying in one spot the whole time.  We also moved around the space a lot — starting in one spot, heading across the parking lot and up a hill, heading back down the hill and across a field, and then heading all the way to the far corner of the area — Kat even climbed up onto a fence at one point!  She was amazing!  I kept checking in to see if she was getting cold and wanted a break, but she wanted to keep going, so we did.  The light was phenomenal, and Kat was a real natural at posing, despite her protestations otherwise.  Here is a quick sneak peek, and I can’t wait to show Kat and her family the rest of the images soon!



{Sneak Peek} Jenny & Dave | Maternity Portraits | Arlington, MA | Mira Whiting Photography

What a beautiful, bright, sunny morning we had today at Robbins Farm Park, with the Boston skyline visible, if hazy, in the distance.  And what fun I had capturing this family of four shortly before they become a family of five.  The playground held a powerful sway over the younger half, but they were amazingly cooperative with the promise of getting to play while we finished up with their parents.  Even the chilly weather this morning didn’t phase this family.  I can’t wait to meet their new little one when she arrives and get to show them the rest of their images from this session, but for now, here’s a little taste: