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{Project 52: Week 52} The Final Week!

Well, this year has been quite the adventure.  As 2015 comes to a close, I want to thank you for all coming on this journey with me.  Project 52 has been a fun way to anchor my year, and given me a fun personal project to work on and experiment with in between professional projects.  I think in 2016 I’m going to make the jump to Project365 (don’t worry — I’ll only post the highlights!).  I’m looking forward to an excellent new year, and hope to make new friends, meet new clients, and improve my craft.

And so, with that, I will leave you with this incredibly sweet portrait of my brother-equivalent with my two boys, enjoying a book.

{Project 52: Week 51} Magic of Reading | Mira Whiting Photography

For last week’s Project 52 portrait, I decided to go out on a limb and do something a little more creative — the boys have both been loving the Big Book of Space book we gave them for Chanukah, and I wanted to somehow capture the magic they seem to feel when reading  together.    Which would you choose?  With or without the magic sparkles?

MWP-20 MWP-21


{Project 52: Week 50} So Proud | Arlington, MA Portraits | Mira Whiting Photography

On our long car trip over Thanksgiving, there was a lot of time to knit while my husband drove, and I was so glad to finish the boys’ sweaters for this year.  These boys were having a lot of fun hamming it up for the camera when I went to get a quick shot of the two of them in their coordinating sweaters.  Can’t resist these faces!  I also just love how Jacob is trying to imitate Jesse!


{Project 52: Week 49} Calm & Bright | Lifestyle Portraits | Arlington, MA | Mira Whiting Photography

After a ten day road trip, some quiet down time at home was definitely in order.  Jesse spent some time trying to teach Jacob how watercolors work (with varying amounts of success, but Jacob’s still a little young to get it, really).  Love capturing the moments of them working so nicely together!


{Project 52: Week 46} Teamwork | Arlington, MA | Mira Whiting Photography

My parents had a Korean spice bush in their yard — it was getting to be much too big for the spot it was in, and they didn’t have a better spot to move it to.  Luckily, my yard is still — how shall I say this charitably? — a blank slate.  So they brought it over last weekend and helped to dig it in.  My dad had some little helpers with the shovel (many thanks to my husband for serving as a human ladder and holding me up so I could get this shot over our next door neighbors’ fence!)


{Project 52: Week 45} Silly Portraits | Arlington, MA | Mira Whiting Photography

Sorry for the belated post — it’s been a crazy week of portrait and viewing sessions!  Last week the boys spent a good 20 minutes one morning chasing each other around the house (which conveniently has a circular path they can take around the entryway, dining room, and kitchen).  They often chase each other around, but when I looked up from the breakfast dishes, I saw they had decked themselves out in train hats and goofy sunglasses, and had to pull out the camera.  Usually my kids suffer from “photographer’s kid” syndrome, and run from the camera more often than not.  This time, though?  Jesse grabbed Jacob, sat him on his lap, and gave him a big hug.  How could I resist capturing this?



{Project 52: Week 44} Grandpa to the rescue | Franklin Park Zoo | Mira Whiting Photography

My dad retired this past April, and since then, he’s made it a tradition to hang out with me and the boys on Thursday mornings.  We go on all sorts of adventures, from Drumlin Farm to the playground down the street, but Jesse’s favorite (and one of my dad’s favorites, too) is the Franklin Park Zoo.  This past Thursday was the perfect day to go — the rain had stopped, the sun was shining, and it was over 70 degrees, which felt like a particular treat in late October!  The boys were both having a bit of an off morning, but rallied to watch the animals.  As we were leaving, though, it became clear that we had perhaps stayed just a little too long (other parents will know just what I’m talking about!).  The whining had come back, and both boys were insisting that my father carry them (note: we had a stroller that would have accommodated both of them, but that wasn’t what they wanted!).  Jesse is really too big for my dad to carry these days, and he was getting VERY upset that Jacob got to be carried and he didn’t.  So what did my dad do?  He worked his Grandpa magic, and I’m just so glad I got to capture it!



{Project 52: Week 42} Curiosity & Wonder | Lincoln, MA | Mira Whiting Photography

“Childhood is the world of miracle and wonder; as if creation rose, bathed in the light, out of the darkness, utterly new and fresh and astonishing. The end of childhood is when things cease to astonish us.” –Eugene Ionesco

In this case, the wonder was inspired by watching a tractor at Drumlin Farm on a beautiful Fall day.



{Project 52: Week 41} A day redeemed | Mira Whiting Photography | Boston, MA



A perfect outing, on a perfect Fall day!  Not!  What could go wrong with two kids, beautiful weather, and space to roam?  Well, the kids had other ideas and were pretty cranky for most of the morning.  Getting to the top of Bussey Hill at the Arboretum, though, cheered them both right up — Jesse had a blast pretending to be a bear, and Jacob had a blast eating his snack (and ignoring his brother’s roars).



{Project 52: Week 39} Portraits of Caring | Chelmsford, MA | Mira Whiting Photography

One of my favorite things about photographing my two boys together is watching their relationship as brothers really come to the forefront.  In this case, we were at a birthday party for one of Jacob’s friends, and the boys were not only playing nicely together, but Jacob asked Jesse for help when he was confused about how the barn door worked, rather than turn to me.  Don’t get me wrong — I’m happy to help if I need to,  but it makes me really happy to see Jacob looking up to his big brother like that, and that Jesse, in turn, didn’t hesitate to show and explain the whole process to Jacob (probably in much more detail than he wanted!).



{Project 52: Week 38} Mom Stays In The Picture | Family Portraits | Newton, MA | Mira Whiting Photography

Fall is a perfect opportunity to update your family portraits, and my own family is no different.  I took advantage of us all being dressed up for Rosh Hashanah and the fact that the place we attend services for the high holidays is right next to a lovely park and did a little mini-session with my own family.  I have a very hard time getting in front of the camera myself, but I know it’s important for my boys to see their mother in pictures of them growing up, so I do.  And looking at this image of my family, I know these images are ones I will really treasure.



{Project 52: Week 37} Friendship | Boston, MA | Mira Whiting Photography

We are so, so lucky on our street to have really fantastic neighbors.  These aren’t just people who happened to live nearby, but people I have definitely come to think of as friends.  Our across the street neighbors in particular — our older children are about the same age, and our younger ones are too, and they really play so nicely together.  It is really lovely to watch my kids’ friendships really blossom. Here, M. and Jesse do the hard work while Jacob supervises — at the Boston Children’s Museum.



{Project 52: Week 35} Summer Fun | Belmont, MA | Mira Whiting Photography

It was a bit of a whirlwind of a weekend, with me doing mini-sessions all day Saturday, and viewing sessions on Sunday afternoon.  I took an hour off to spend some time with these cuties, at a get-together our synagogue organized at the Beaver Brook Spray Park.  They both had a fantastic time running around with their friends, and then taking a short break for snacks and crafts.



{Project 52: Week 34} Reading with Daddy | Arlington, MA | Mira Whiting Photography

My older son, Jesse, has been pretty book-obsessed since birth.  His first two-word sentence was “read this” and his first three word sentence was “read this book.”  My younger son, Jacob, has been somewhat less book-obsessed than his brother.  He is now at the point where he enjoys being read to, and will sometimes flip through a book on his own, but he doesn’t seek them out quite as much.  That makes moments like this extra-special in my mind.  My husband had just gotten home from work, and Jacob practically shoved a book right at him asking to be read to.  Jesse, of course, sat right down with them, and it was an incredibly sweet moment.  Book in question is a perpetual favorite in this house, Airport (reading it to Jesse leads to some very interesting discussions about how current airport security is quite different from what is depicted in the book!).



{Project 52: Week 33} Somerville, MA Portraits | Brunch | Mira Whiting Photography

“Do you want to go see a band at Johnny D’s?” my husband asked when we were waking up yesterday morning.  Now, anyone who knows my husband would be slightly confused about this — my husband is not exactly into bands.  The whole query seemed entirely out of character.  So I told him “I must have misheard you, what did you actually say?” and it turned out I was right — he had said “Do you want to go see Ben at Johnny D’s?  He’s in town for a few hours and people are going to brunch.” Yes, that seems MUCH more like something he would say!  And, indeed, off we went.  We don’t get into Davis Square nearly as often as we’d like, and it was a real treat, not just to see our friend who was visiting from North Dakota, but also to get to soak in the city a little.

And, on the subject of Davis Square, there are still just a couple of spots left for my day of mini-sessions at Diaper Lab in Davis Square.   Please do let me know if you’re interested in reserving yours!



{Project 52: Week 32} Goodbye Party | Village Parenting | Winchester, MA Portraits | Mira Whiting Photography

I am a firm believer that, even though it’s a bit of  a cliche, it takes a village to raise a child.  I consider myself incredibly lucky to have several “villages” of support to draw on in my parenting journey — the friends made in a new moms’ group which morphed into a playgroup as our children got older, my babywearing group, which not only helped me learn to babywear, but has helped me make new friends, and then there are my pre-parenthood groups of friends — first and foremost among them being the bell ringers.  My husband and I met through change ringing at Old North Church and Church of the Advent in Boston.  In many ways, the ringers were a primary social group for us as a couple in the years before we had kids, and even once Jesse was born.  It became a lot harder to make it to practices and service ringing as Jesse got older and more involved in social things of his own, and we added a second child to the mix.  Nonetheless, we have done our best to attend when we can, and to attend the social events even when we haven’t been able to make it to practices.  Two of our friends from ringing, Dale and Emily, are going to be moving away soon, and another ringing couple hosted a going away party for them this afternoon.

Both Dale and Emily have been huge supports for my husband and myself as we figure out this whole parenting thing (something I’m sure we’ll never do entirely!).  While many of our friends who don’t have kids have continued to invite us to things, and include us socially, Dale and Emily have really bonded with both of our kids in a really special way — in many ways more an honorary aunt and uncle than mere friends (they are by no means the only ones of our friends who have done so, but I single them out because we are about to see much less of them than we are used to).

We are glad they are not moving too far, and we hope they get to visit often, and that we get to visit them when we pass through their new city on travels south to visit family.  They are both incredibly wonderful people, and we will miss them!


{Project 52: Week 31} Visit & Smiles | Arlington, MA | Mira Whiting Photography

Shortly after my mother-in-law departed, we were lucky to host another guest — our friend Asher, visiting for a couple of days from London.  It was such a treat to get to spend  time with him, and I especially loved this moment at breakfast the day he left.  We had been out late the night before, and I had to wake the children so they’d have a chance to say goodbye.  My children don’t usually do very well being woken up earlier than they want to get up, but had such a delightful time eating and chatting with Asher.



{Project 52: Week 30} Grandparent Portraits | Arlington, MA | Mira Whiting Photography

This has definitely been a week of joy and sadness.  It has been lovely to have my mother-in-law visiting — the kids especially are enjoying all the extra attention she lavishes on them, with endless willingness to play games and read books.  On the sadder side of things, one of Jesse’s best friends from his first year of preschool is moving far away this week.  His family had a party at Robbins Farm Park, in Arlington, and we had beautiful weather (and light!).  I used the opportunity to snap this portrait of my husband with the boys and his mom.



{Project 52: Week 28} Morris Dancing | Esplanade | Boston Portraits | Mira Whiting Photography

As many people were saying on Saturday evening — there’s a reason we don’t usually tour in July!  It was hot and sticky, but we had a lot of fun dancing by the fountain at Park Street and on the Esplanade.  What dancing, you ask?  Morris dancing!  I dance with Muddy River Morris, and while we *usually* don’t dance out in the summer due to the heat, we rallied enough dancers to dance with Thames Valley International, a visiting team.

Jesse has become a little obsessed with morris dancing since he first saw us dance last year.  I love how in this one, he’s checking in to see if Jacob is watching, too.


{Project 52: Week 27} Brothers | Boston Portraits | Mira Whiting Photography

The weather this year for 4th of July felt just about perfect — nice enough to be outside, but not too hot.  The boys had a fantastic time on a friend’s roof deck watching all the sights of the city from such a height (there was always someone right next to them — don’t worry!).  It was fascinating to see what caught their eye — and to see how eager they were to share with each other what they found interesting.   (Oh, and yes, Jesse’s shorts are on backwards — there are some battles not worth fighting with a four year old!)


{Project 52: Week 25} Babywearing Portraits | Arnold Arboretum, Boston, MA | Mira Whiting Photography

Yesterday we had a big day of babywearing mini-sessions at the Arnold Arboretum in Boston.  There was a last-minute opening, and my husband asked if he could have the slot as a Father’s Day gift.   It was a beautiful day, and we settled in near the linden and cork trees, which created some beautiful spots of light amid the shade.   I particularly like this one, where, as James put it, he is carrying all his babies — Jacob is in a wrap on his back, Jesse is in his arms, and Jesse has a baby doll in a carrier, Patrick, that was James’s when he was a little boy — as he put it, his first baby.






{Project 52: Week 24} Playground Portraits | Arlington, MA | Mira Whiting Photography

This is one of those moments I never want to forget.  Jesse was insisting someone go down the slide next to him, and neither my dad nor I were really feeling like it — so he turned to Jacob.  And Jacob, for his part, actually understood the request and seemed to agree it would be fun.  This feels like a huge sibling-interaction milestone, and I am so glad I got this shot, to remind me 50 years from now.  Even sweeter?  Jesse was going down on his belly because he a) wanted to go down how Jacob does, since Jacob can’t sit up on the slide safely yet, and Jesse didn’t want to encourage him to do something unsafe, and b) he wanted to hold hands while they went down (which they actually managed!).


{Project 52: Week 23} Siblings | Arlington, MA Portraits | Mira Whiting Photography

I am an only child, myself.  Having two children and seeing their sibling relationship develop day in and day out has been a real revelation for me.  I count myself very lucky that they mostly get along pretty well, with minimal squabbles (though they definitely do bicker occasionally!).  One of my favorite things to watch is to see how they learn from each other — Jesse loves teaching Jacob how to do things, but he doesn’t quite get yet that Jacob wants to do everything he does, whether it’s a good idea or not.

Yesterday evening, they were playing outside as usual, and they were both in the wagon.  Jesse decided to stand up, and then quickly sat down when he realized that wasn’t a very stable position.  Jacob, meanwhile, thought this was a new game they were playing, so he started trying it himself.  He’s not quite as coordinated, and I snapped this while Jesse was telling Jacob he needed to stay seated– a perfect mix of older-sibling-know-it-all and genuine concern.


{Project 52: Week 22} Play | Magnolia Playground Portraits Arlington, MA | Mira Whiting Photography

One of the things that makes having kids in Arlington, MA so fantastic is the large variety of playgrounds and parks all over our small town.  One of my kids’ favorites is Magnolia Playground, in East Arlington.  My older son loves the larger climbing structure and my younger one love all the push toys people leave, and they both have a blast digging in the sand.  With a new walker — especially one who doesn’t really like swings — playgrounds can be a bit tricky at this stage, and this is often our best bet for giving both kids a good playground experience.

This image was taken on Memorial Day — Jesse was frustrated that the trike he wanted to ride had a handle that was dragging on the ground, and he came up with a great solution — he could push the trike while Jacob rode on it.



{Project 52: Week 21} Bicycle Portraits Arlington, MA | Mira Whiting Photography

We’ve had such gorgeous weather, and this weekend had the opportunity to take the boys out for a bike ride.  We have my in-laws’ old tandem bike, and then attach a two-kid trailer to the tandem — it looks a little silly going down the bike path near our house, but we have a lot of fun with it.  We haven’t been able to take it out for a long time now, first due to my pregnancy with Jacob, and then because Jacob was too young to go in the trailer and wear a helmet.  Yesterday, though, we finally had the perfect opportunity to take Jacob on his first bike ride, and Jesse was thrilled to be in the trailer again, too!  I was a little nervous about how it would be convincing an opinionated toddler to wear his bike helmet, but I had forgotten how much Jacob loves hats, so it was actually much harder to get him to take it off when we got home!


{Project 52: Week 19} A Taste of Summer | Toddler Lifestyle Portraits Arlington, MA | Mira Whiting Photography

Well, we got quite the taste of summer the past few days with the temperature upwards of 80 degrees!  The boys took full advantage and broke out their new bucket of chalk.  It was so sweet watching Jesse trying to teach Jacob how the chalk worked (lesson #1: chalk is not good to eat!, lesson #2: chalk works better on the cement than it does on your leg!).   What are your favorite markers of the beginning of summer?


{Project 52: Week 18} Reunion Memories | Mira Whiting Photography

This was a very exciting week for our family.  We got to go down to Maryland and see a whole bunch of our cousins.  Both boys had a fantastic time, and one of my cousins even decided she wanted to wear Jacob on her back in my brand new wrap, which was fun.  I also had a fantastic family session with my cousin Michelle while we were visiting — such a treat to be able to combine work and fun.




{Project 52: Week 17} Hiking | Blue Hills Reservation | Mira Whiting Photography


One of the great joys of parenthood as far as I’m concerned is getting to see your children make connections with the people around them.  Even when extended family might be far away, it can be so enriching for kids to have adults other than their parents to look up to (literally, in the case of Jacob here).  I feel increibly lucky to have such a wonderful community of good friends surrounding us.  Here the boys are with one of their honorary aunts, on a hike in the Blue Hills.MWP-18


Project 52: Week 16} Fun in the sun! | Magnolia Playground Portraits Arlington, MA | Mira Whiting Photography

What completely gorgeous weather we’ve been having!  After such a hard winter, it feels like we’re all breathing a huge sigh of relief in the warm sunshine.  And there is nothing like the pure glee on the faces of all the kids who are getting really run and play outside for the first time in months.

Speaking of spring, now is a great time to book a session!  I’m busy with three this weekend, and am looking forward to sharing them with you!


{Project 52: Week 15} Love |Salem, MA | Mira Whiting Photography

This was an incredibly special week in our family.  One of my best friends from childhood was getting married to a fantastic guy, and they asked my older son to be the flower boy.  He was so proud and excited that he got a special job, and got to be a part of their important day.  While we were waiting for the ceremony to start, I snapped this photo of my boys all dressed up in their wedding finery.


{Project 52: Week 14} Off to the Races! | Arlington, MA Portraits | Mira Whiting Photography

We’re incredibly lucky to live on a small dead-end street, which gives the kids much more running around space than our own little yard (which is still mostly snow-covered anyway).  It’s particularly great to have all the pavement for ride-on and push toys, especially for our new walker.  I also feel incredibly lucky to have two little boys who love playing together — here they’re “racing” (though the four year old certainly has a distinct advantage!).   Being able to capture their burgeoning relationship is a real privilege.


{Project 52: Week 13} Childhood Joys | Arlington, MA Portraits | Mira Whiting Photography

This week has been about some pretty basic joys of childhood — watching seedlings grow, and visiting a local library.  As Spring approaches, it’s nice to be able to see things growing again and get out of the house a bit more, even with the rain we’ve been having.  Speaking of Spring, now is a great time to book a spring portrait session!  Get in touch through my contact page — I’d love to see how I can help you!


{Project 52: Week 12} Lend a Helping Hand | Arlington, MA Milestone Portraits | Mira Whiting Photography

Jacob turned 17 months this week.  He still doesn’t walk independently for more than a step or two, and it’s something we’ve been working on with him.  On Thursday, Jesse decided to get in on the action and help out.   For both of them, it was such an amazing moment with a real sense of accomplishment — Jacob walked longer than he could have on his own, and got to see his brother as being there for him to help him out, and Jesse had this incredible pride in being able to help his brother with something he was struggling with.



{Project 52: Week 11} Wonder and Curiosity | Boston, MA Museum of Science | Mira Whiting Photography

This week brought us to the Museum of Science.  While my four year old had spent the entire drive there talking about how excited he was about seeing the dinosaurs and the space capsule, the very first thing he went for when we walked in the door was the ball machine in the lower level lobby.  He spent a good 20 minutes just sitting there watching everything work its way through.  Jacob, who I was expecting would be even more fascinated, wanted nothing to do with the ball machine, and instead was captivated by the walk-through bird wing pattern thingy right next to the ball machine (despite not knowing how to walk and not being tall enough to put his arms in even if he could).  It was clear he thought the museum had put it there just for him to crawl back and forth on.  Then something caught his eye and he looked up — I followed his gaze and saw he was looking at the mobile above the ball machine in total wonder.



{Project 52: Week 10} Music Makers | Mira Whiting Photography | Arlington, MA

There is nothing quite like children making music, right?  Both of my kids absolutely love music, but it’s interesting to me to see how they express that differently.   At this stage of the game, it’s hard to tell how much is just age and how much is personality.  Only time will tell!  Here in this week’s Project 52 portraits, see Jesse and Jacob expressing themselves musically — Jesse brought his violin in to show his friends at school, and ended up giving a mini-concert.  Jacob explored the musical instruments at a friend’s house, carefully examining each one to see how it worked (before throwing it on the floor, because that’s what babies this age do!).




{Project 52: Week 9} Visiting | Mira Whiting Photography | Brookline, MA

You know how they say third time’s the charm?  We had been trying to get together with some friends who have a new baby, and had gotten snowed out twice.  Today we finally made it over there, and had a lovely visit.  Baby E was charming and lovely, though he only made a brief appearance.  Jesse and Jacob made themselves right at home, though — Jesse enjoyed looking through Baby E’s books, and asked our friend A to read to him.  Jacob had fun exploring new spaces.



{Project 52: Week 7} Play | Mira Whiting Photography | Arlington, MA

It’s been another week of snow here, and the kids are both going a little stir crazy.  With a four year old who is ambivalent about snow, and a one year old who can’t walk yet, we haven’t really gotten to enjoy the outside fun that comes along with that quite so much, so we’ve been making do with entertaining ourselves inside.  These boys are in constant motion!


{Project 52: Week 6} Snow Days | Mira Whiting Photography | Arlington, MA

We have apparently gotten a record amount of snow in the past week, here in the Boston area.  We’ve also had some incredibly bitter-cold days, which has led to a lot of indoor time, not getting to go outside and play in all the white stuff.  We’ve definitely made lemons out of lemonade (or should that be “maple snow out of … regular snow?”) though, and have been having fun.  Here are this week’s photos — Jesse peering out a window at the driveway where he made a snowman (now totally covered in snow), and Jacob showing off his awesome attitude.


Project 52: Week 5 | Mira Whiting Photography | Arlington, MA

This week has been a little challenging.  Jacob has been SO clingy, and is really coming into true toddlerhood.  But there has been a really big bright spot, which is seeing how Jesse tries to make his little brother feel better (for instance, I had to leave the room briefly, and Jacob lost it, and Jesse said “It’s ok, Jacob.  Mama will be right back, and I’m here.”  *melts*  I just love how much these boys love each other (they certainly have their share of squabbles, but overall, they are each other’s #1 fan).



Project 52: Week 4 | Mira Whiting Photography | Arlington, MA

January is almost over, and this was quite the week, with one snow storm already, and another on the way.

One exciting thing was that I finished knitting Jesse his sweater for this winter (a little behind schedule, I know!) — he’s modeling it in his picture for this week.


Jacob is turning into such a toddler (in the best sense!) recently — really engaging with everyone around him on a whole new level.  This week I absolutely could not decide between two images, which really capture this in between space — not a big kid yet, but not really a baby still either.  In the first, he heard me talking to my husband about our lack of carrots in the house, and helpfully went to get one a friend of mine knitted.  In the other, I snuck into his room while he was napping to put away some laundry, and saw his tiny feet sticking out of his blanket, so sweet, and I realize he won’t have his little baby feet very much longer.


Project 52: Week 3 | Mira Whiting Photography | Arlington, MA

My husband has been participating in the MIT Mystery Hunt since he was an undergrad, and the weekend ends up being a sort of annual college reunion for him, with bonus puzzles.  The kids are now old enough and have little enough attention for full days of grownups sitting around that mostly my husband went on his own this year.  The kids and I stopped by yesterday though, and Jesse had fun reconnecting with his friend B, who moved away a couple of years ago, but came back for the puzzles this weekend.  Right outside the room where our team was solving puzzles is a gorgeous large atrium where the kids had a lot of fun playing and running.  B introduced Jesse to the fun of hexbugs, which we hadn’t seen before, and Jacob had fun with his nesting blocks.



Project 52: Week 2 | Mira Whiting Photography | Arlington, MA

This week was COLD, and there was a lot of time inside.  It was hard to keep both kids entertained and happy, but luckily they both are fairly train obsessed.  Unluckily, Jacob, my one year old thinks that trains are played with by flinging them (and the tracks they’re on) to the ground.  Jesse, My four year old is very into teaching his younger brother The Right Way to do things, though, and I was able to convince him to try to teach Jacob how to play with the trains nicely rather than just shriek at him.


Project 52: Week 1 | Mira Whiting Photography | Arlington, MA

I’m so excited to be starting this year-long project.  I’ll be taking a picture of my kids (either one each individually, or one together) each week, and posting it. At the end of the year, my plan is to make an album out of all these images, documenting my kids’ year.  I encourage you all to play along!

Here is the first week.  My older son, Jesse, was having a fantastic time playing with wooden trains at my parents’ house when we were there for New Year’s.   I love the expression on his face — the joy he takes in his trains.

Later this week, we were in the car, and my younger son, Jacob, who is teething up a storm right now, was
*not* happy that I was sitting next to him, but not nursing him.  Since I couldn’t actually solve his problem, I thought this was actually a perfect opportunity to capture this moment — not one that usually gets photographed, but an important part of his babyhood nonetheless.