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Weston Senior Photographer

Weston Senior Photographer

Weston Senior Photographer

A perfect evening to photograph a beautiful senior, and a gorgeous backyard to work in!  A rare tree that happened to be the same type as a tree in a beloved family home long gone, a forest path, a beautiful patch of wild flowers — I could not have asked for better settings or a better subject for this portrait session.  Here are a few of my favorites from our time together.  I’m looking forward to seeing this lovely family again for a family session in November!

Weston Senior Photographer

Lexington Family Session

Lexington Family Session | Boston Family Photographer

Originally scheduled for one of the rainiest Springs on record, this Lexington family session had perfect weather — low humidity, gorgeous light, and happy teens (happy teens!  can’t get much better than that!).   We went to a quiet part of this park (no teens want to run into people they know unexpectedly 😉 ) and had so much FUN.  People often expect portrait sessions with toddlers to be playful, because that’s the only way toddlers really know how to interact, but portrait sessions with teens can be playful too.  The games are different, but the goal is the same: to bring out real moments and smiles and show the love within the family.  Even better, teens often have their own ideas of what they want to do, and I always love to incorporate those — sometimes they work better than others, but it’s so important that they feel like they are an important part of the portrait process.  It goes a long way towards getting good cooperation.  With parents who are willing to be a little silly and let their teens have that kind of input also, we end up with such a good dynamic that makes the whole session go so much more smoothly than when teens are told to “just smile.”


Lexington Family Session

College Student Headshots

College Student Headshots | Cambridge, MA

It was my third year in a row to have the delight of photographing the undergraduate researchers at the MIT Energy Initiative.   These college student headshots are used for the department’s annual report as well as being available to the students to use as they head out into jobs in the wider world.  This year, I also had the pleasure of getting to photograph some of the students in their labs, which was a real treat!  Spread across campus in all sorts of different departments, I loved hearing about what they were researching!  Here are a few of my favorites from this year’s college student headshots and lab action shots:

Meadow Senior Portraits | Belmont, MA

Senior portraits are all about showing who this young person is becoming as they get ready to launch into adulthood.  Annie loves being outdoors, so this meadow senior portraits session was a perfect fit.  We had a beautiful evening with a gorgeous golden hour.  Annie chose her outfit, showcasing her personal sense of style (such an important part of a senior portrait session!) and we kept the session relaxed and casual, chatting as we went on a walk, stopping where we wanted to shoot her portraits.  Annie heads off to college in the fall, and I’m so glad I was able to help her family capture this moment.  Here are a few of my favorites:


Meadow Senior Portraits

Spring Teen Portraits

Spring Teen Portraits | Arlington, MA

I’ve been photographing Leila for years, and this year for her spring teen portraits, we headed to a park that was new to explore.  We had muggy, buggy weather, but Leila was a great sport about it, and we found some amazing shots, from woods to fields.  One of my main goals in photographing teens is to build confidence — it’s an age where so much is in flux, and there is so much pressure, and when I’m with a teen, I try to use the time to help them feel better about themselves.  Many times, this is a senior shoot, but in other cases, it’s just an opportunity for a little boost!  Here are some of my favorites from our time together:



Spring Teen Portraits

Home Garden Family Portraits | Teen Portraits | Newtown, MA

This inquiry for a family portrait session with two teens came along when we were still in the depths of winter — home garden family portraits were a far away dream.  Little did we know then that we would have such a cold, rainy spring.  Lucy mentioned in her inquiry that she had two teens at home and that her grandmother lives with them and does a lot of gardening at their home — we were both thrilled at the idea of doing their family portraits in the garden.  When the day rolled around, we were lucky in the weather — one of so few truly nice days in the past month or two.  The garden wasn’t quite as far along as it might have been, but was green and lovely, and the teens were happy to be in photos (not always a given!).  This session was definitely a highlight of my spring, and I’m excited to get to share these highlights with you:

Teen Family Portraits | Arlington, MA

It was such a pleasure to meet these folks.  They had a spot in Arlington’s Great Meadow they wanted to go for their teen / family portraits, and I was excited to get to do their portraits in a spot they love so much.  With their oldest heading off to college in the fall, this was a great time to capture images of them as a family of four before they enter another phase.   With teens, they are so aware of what’s going on that sometimes it can be a bit tricky to get them to loosen up and have some fun in front of the camera, so we played some games to get some real smiles.  Here are some of my favorites from our time for their teen / family portraits:

Cityscape family portraits

Cityscape Family Portraits | Winchester, MA

“I’d love to celebrate that we’ve just moved to Winchester — more ‘cityscape family portraits’ than out in the woods.”  Thus came the inquiry that got us started with this wonderful family.   Recent transplants from Chicago, the cold morning we found ourselves with in early December didn’t phase the folks at all.  Additionally, they have the rare teen and tween who don’t mind getting up super early — this was a dawn/sunrise  portrait session (usually a hard sell with that age group!).  We spent a while wandering around the town hall and library, and sneaking off to a little street that really captured that cityscape family portraits feel.  And then the very smart parents revealed their secret to such amazingly cooperative kids — it was still early enough for there to not be a wait to go out for brunch 🙂

Student Headshots | Cambridge, MA

Student Headshots | Cambridge, MA | MIT

Student headshots with the MIT Energy Initiative in Cambridge, MA at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology were a blast this week! We had fantastic weather in Cambridge, MA and it was a joy to work with these folks.  What a treat to be back in Cambridge, MA at MIT this week.  Each summer, MITEI has a new set of undergraduate researchers for the summer, and this is the second year they have asked me to come and take headshots of each of the students.   With 23 students and two staff members, we had a *very* busy time.  We lucked out with the weather — last year was 95 degrees with 100% humidity and we were stuck inside, but this time the weather was gorgeous, and we took advantage of the shade provided by the majestic columns outside of Lobby 10 in Killian Court, which was being set up for commencement.

I hope these students all have a fantastic summer, and enjoy their new headshots as they embark on their journeys!  Here are a few of my favorites:

Family Portraits | Arlington, MA

Amazing Family Portraits, with kids from 2 months to high school

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What an amazing day we had for mini-sessions on Saturday!!  We seriously lucked out with the weather, and our location had greened out very nicely for Spring!  I loved seeing new faces and familiar ones, and loved getting to work with all these amazing kids and their parents (ranging in age from 2 months to 17 years old!)  We had goofy sibling games, LOTS of silly jokes (I learned a few new ones, and got to share a few of my favorites!) and got to see what the cool first graders are reading these days.  I got to hear about birthday plans (for the very next day!) and I made the acquaintance of a very friendly dinosaur (and his lovely sister).  I got to take a few seconds for parents to have a portrait of themselves as a couple — something I know can be hard to make time for!

Here are some highlights — I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed photographing and editing them!


Senior Portraits | Arlington, MA

Brr!!!!  With a low of 17 degrees today, and a high in the low 30s, it was pretty chilly.  Regina was a trooper, though, as we walked around the Alewife area for her senior portraits.  This gorgeous girl is going to go far — I loved hearing about what she wants to study in college and which classes she enjoys most.  Here’s a little peek at our time together (don’t worry — she put on a nice warm coat in between locations!):

Teen Fall Portraits | Arlington, MA

After a great morning session, I kept a very nervous eye on the weather as the large storm system moved towards Arlington.  It was starting to drizzle as I headed to the Arlington Reservoir for this shoot with L, a 7th grader who wanted fall portraits.  She was a great sport about the damp, and I loved hearing all about how school is going for her this year.  Here’s a little peek at L’s portrait session:

teens and tweens photography

Senior Portraits | Lexington, MA

I always love getting to work again with families I’ve worked with in the past.  Two years ago, I had the pleasure of taking family portraits for this family, and then I got to work with older brother Parker for his senior portraits (you may remember he brought his volunteer fire fighter gear to his session!).  Now it’s Tracy’s turn to be a senior and I had such a great time getting to catch up on what’s new and see how she had grown up in the past two years!   We explored a new-to-me bit of conservation land in Lexington (so many little parcels of land that have so many amazing backdrop options!) and Tracy brought some friends along to join in the fun — her cat, Claws and her dog Cookie.   I absolutely love when seniors bring something that really helps make the session their own.  Here are some of my favorites:

Spring Tween Portraits | Arlington, MA

What a treat to get to spend an evening with this lovely young lady.  I love tween sessions — just grown up enough to not be a little kid anymore, but not quite an adult — it’s such a great, fun age!  And spring is such a fun time to be outdoors with the flowers and the warmer weather and just the feeling of freedom after a long winter.  When I do portrait sessions with teens and tweens I love hearing all about what they’re up to in school, what they do for fun with their friends, and what they’re really proud of.  This girl had recently bought herself some new shoes she loves (pictured below!), with her own money, and the pride she had in that was palpable.

{Sneak Peek} Parker | Senior Portraits | Arlington, MA | Mira Whiting Photography

We lucked out with absolutely perfect evening weather yesterday for Parker’s senior session.  Parker is a young man who loves his truck, loves hockey and lacrosse, and is involved in the Firefighter Explorers program.  He was also a very good sport about wandering around the many nooks and crannies of Menotomy Rocks Park, looking for good spots, and he even put on his firefighter explorer’s kit to take a few pictures — much more of an undertaking than I had previously understood!  I love it, though, when seniors bring props that speak so clearly to who they are as a person, and where their passion lies.  This is clearly a young man who is ready to take on his senior year — this is his year!


{Sneak Peek} Annie | Teen Portraits |Spy Pond, Arlington, MA | Mira Whiting Photography

Annie is Ben’s sister, and I had so much fun photographing her at Spy Pond the other evening.  It was hot and sticky, but Annie was up for all sorts of climbing adventures!  The playground equipment was the least of it, but one of the advantages of a sunset session was that the playground was mostly empty, so we had pretty free reign!

We had picked Spy Pond because of the significance for Annie’s brother, who rows with the Arlington High School crew team, but I absolutely love how Annie put her own personal touch on the session — she silkscreened the shirt she’s wearing herself!


{Sneak Peek} Ben | Teen Portraits | Spy Pond Arlington, MA

Ben rows with the Arlington High School crew team, and I was delighted when he picked Spy Pond park for his portrait session.  Spy Pond is dear to Ben because that’s where his team practices, and it is one of Arlington’s treasures — a beautiful pond, playing field, playground, and walking paths.  It’s such a treat to get to photograph a client in such a beautiful spot, especially when the place has significance to them personally as well.  Here’s a quick peek at his session.  Stay tuned for his sister Annie’s sneak peek in another day or so!