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{Specials} Snow Day Portraits this Winter!

Let it snow!  As I write this, the season’s first real snow fall is taking place outside my window.  I don’t know about you, but I *love* snow.  I like building snowmen, I like snowshoeing, and I even like shoveling (ok, I realize that last bit is a bit weird — but it’s good exercise and such a nice way to hang out with neighbors!).   One of the things I love most about the snow though is that it has a certain magical quality — sparkling as it falls from the sky, its effect on sound, and of course, its reflective qualities (I’m a photographer — I like light!).   Snow can be elegant; snow can really showcase some of the great joy in our lives.   So I’m going to be offering Snow Day Portraits this winter — perfect for almost any type of session you might have in mind, but because of the nature of the weather (and that we want beautiful pristine snow) scheduled by necessity at the last minute.

How will it work?

Step 1:  Sign up for the wait list by sending me an email here (link).

Step 2: When there’s snow in the forecast, I’ll email the waitlist to see who might be interested in a portrait session.  The location of the session will depend on the amount of snow we get.  As a default, sessions will take place at the Arlington Reservoir, where there is stunning scenery all year round, but especially beautiful in the snow.  Road conditions permitting, I may be able to travel to you.

Step 3:  In order to claim the snow day slot, you’ll need to complete a portrait session contract (link).   As a snow day special, your entire session fee will be applied to your purchase of any print or digital products you choose at your viewing & ordering session.  You may view complete product pricing in the Welcome Guide (link).

Step 4: We’ll have a great time in the snow, and get some gorgeous portraits you can enjoy for years to come!



{Sneak Peek} Arlington Family Connection Fundraiser | Arlington, MA

One of the things I *love* about my job is being able to give back to the community.  Arlington Family Connection is a fantastic organization in my town which provides programming for families with children 0-6.   I’m very excited to be doing a fundraiser mini-session day for them in May 2017 at Ready, Set, Kids in Arlington Center, and today I had the treat of heading there to take some images to use for publicizing the fundraiser.

Here’s a small peek at our sessions with three families who volunteer their time to help AFC run smoothly — I can’t wait to share more soon!

Announcing: Mothers’ Day Mini-Sessions at Diaper Lab


Boost Image

I am so pleased to be returning to Diaper Lab, one of my favorite local stores and parenting resources, for mini-sessions in celebration of Mothers’ Day.  These minis will be offered in Diaper Lab’s outdoor space, directly adjacent to the store.

These sessions will be 15-20 minutes long, and I am delighted to be offering a $125 session fee which includes a $75 art credit, which can be used on any of my products — whatever fits your family’s needs the best!

What kinds of times are available?  I understand that every family has their own unique schedule, so I’m offering both Early Bird (6:30-9am) and later afternoon/early evening slots.  As a bonus for Early Bird clients, you will have the option of scheduling your Viewing & Ordering session the same day as your portraits — near-instant gratification!  For both Early Birds and clients who schedule for the later sessions, additional Viewing & Ordering appointments will be available the following day.

There is limited space available, so please send me an email  or fill out the contact form linked in the menu at the top of the page for more details and to reserve your spot before they’re gone!


Upcoming Event: Summer Mini-Sessions at Diaper Lab in Davis Square

When: August 29th

Where: Diaper Lab, 200 Elm Street, Somerville, MA

I am so excited to be partnering with Diaper Lab, a fantastic local business in Somerville’s Davis Square, to offer summer mini-sessions in their outdoor space directly adjacent to the store.  Show off your cute cloth diapers, or just have a general mini-session — entirely up to you!

For these minis only, there is a special session fee of $85 (normally $125) and in addition to covering the time of both your Portrait and Viewing sessions,  you will receive a complimentary 5×7″ mounted print.

What kinds of times are available?  I understand that every family has their own unique schedule, so I am very pleased to be offering both early bird (6:30-9am) and later afternoon/early evening slots.  Bonus for early bird clients: exclusive early-afternoon Viewing Session slots will be available to you SAME DAY!

There is limited space available, so please send me an email for more details and to reserve your spot before they’re gone!


{Upcoming Event} Babywearing Mini-Sessions, June 20th, Arnold Arboretum

I am excited to be announcing, in conjunction with Babywearing International of Greater Boston, a day of mini-sessions at the Arnold Arboretum on June 20th.
The session fee is $75, half of which goes directly to BWI of Greater Boston  to support the fantastic work they do educating parents and other caregivers about babywearing.  Your session fee includes a 5×7″ print, and a personalized viewing session with the photographer, a week or two after the photography session.
There are only 10 slots available (20 minutes each).  Please to reserve yours, or to ask any questions.  Spread the word!  Let your friends know 🙂 

Babywearing Mini Sessions Summer 2015