Cousin Portraits | Lexington, MA

Cousin portraits were the name of the game this past weekend in Lexington, MA where I met these amazing clients for their extended family session.  “Before we start, I should explain that my mom has something VERY specific in mind — the whole reason we’re doing these photos.”  This was how my recent session with this fantastic family started out the other day in Lexington, MA.   As the parents explained to the kids, Savta (the Hebrew word for grandmother) wanted a portrait of the cousins in a vertical format for a very specific spot she had in mind on her wall (print plans are always music to this historian-turned-photographer’s ears!).  Apparently, the last time the cousins had their portraits taken, the youngest was just a baby.  She lives just a short distance from her grandmother and sees the portrait all the time, but doesn’t recognize herself as being a part of it because she was so little when it was taken.  Time, for sure, for an update, and what better opportunity could their be than a visit to cousins in the Boston area?

Everyone had been a little nervous in the run-up to the session given the extreme heat wave we experienced last week — not just unusual heat, but humidity as well and it just felt oppressive.  We seriously lucked out, though, and the heat broke a day before we were scheduled for portraits in gorgeous Lexington, MA.  With a long drive the day before for the out of town contingent, we ended up pushing the session past the ideal timing of being within two hours of sunrise or sunset.  Because of this, we met in a space that I knew to have decent shade even in the middle of the day so we could still have flattering light without harsh shadows.  We played some games, told some jokes, photographed a skunk (plush, I should reassure you, but much loved by one of the younger subjects of this portrait session), and even snuck in a shot of just mom and dad while the kids were having a bit of a break and running around.  Here are a few of my favorites of our time together:

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