First Birthday Portraits | Lexington, MA

Another Baby’s First Year package is coming to a close with first birthday portraits this week — a bittersweet moment, for sure, as I love getting to see how far the babies I meet as newborns grow in their first year and as much as the first birthday is a celebration, I also get a teeny tiny bit sad that I won’t be seeing them quite as often going forward!  Lydia is certainly no exception.  It was a great pleasure to get to watch her grow from a newborn snuggled up in her mother’s gorgeous handmade quilts to a 4 month old curious about the world and excited to have her grandparents visiting, to an 8 month old who wanted to be off exploring but hadn’t *quite* figured out how to get there yet, to today — a toddler who loves dogs (and we met quite a few at our session this week — Ruby, Cody, and Freddie were particularly friendly 🙂 ), has a mind of her own, and is adventurous and excited to explore (and has the walking skills to navigate some pretty challenging terrain!

Once again, Lydia’s grandparents were visiting, and joined in for some of the portraits.   It was especially nice for her maternal grandmother to be able to be there since she wasn’t able to make the last grandparent-including portrait session in December.

Lydia’s mom, Dana, mentioned at the very beginning of the session “We really have a toddler now” and that was definitely in evidence throughout the morning — Lydia toddled, Lydia expressed opinions, and Lydia charmed everyone we saw.  Here are some of my favorites from our time together:


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