Home Garden Family Portraits | Teen Portraits | Newtown, MA

This inquiry for a family portrait session with two teens came along when we were still in the depths of winter — home garden family portraits were a far away dream.  Little did we know then that we would have such a cold, rainy spring.  Lucy mentioned in her inquiry that she had two teens at home and that her grandmother lives with them and does a lot of gardening at their home — we were both thrilled at the idea of doing their family portraits in the garden.  When the day rolled around, we were lucky in the weather — one of so few truly nice days in the past month or two.  The garden wasn’t quite as far along as it might have been, but was green and lovely, and the teens were happy to be in photos (not always a given!).  This session was definitely a highlight of my spring, and I’m excited to get to share these highlights with you:

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