In-home Headshots | Arlington, MA

It’s always helpful when a client tells me what they will be using their headshots for.  In the case of these in-home headshots, Shelley is a nurse and needed new headshots for work as well as for using on dating websites.  I always strive to show my clients in their best light, and we met at Shelley’s home for this session.  The characteristics she wanted to show for both uses of her headshots were warm, approachable, and competent, and the comfy setting and gorgeous window light (even with the torrential downpours outside!) worked wonders to help her be more comfortable in front of my camera, and get the results she was hoping for! In-home headshots are a great option in these chillier winter months for those who don’t want to deal with the cold outside.  If you’re thinking about scheduling, check out my headshot session prep guide here.

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