Littleton Newborn Session | Boston Newborn Photographer

We were tucked in the woods for this Littleton newborn session.   At 5 days old, baby P was super adorable, but the heart-stealing moments were when big sister C wanted to help (and showed how well she COULD help!).  A new baby is a big transition for everyone, but can especially be so for a big sibling who may have only had a vague idea of what was coming (ha, who am I kidding… as a mom of three, I know that even the adults involved really only usually have a pretty vague idea of how everything will go with a new baby!).  At all my newborn sessions with older siblings, I work extra hard to make sure that big brothers and sisters feel heard and involved, and get some say in how we do pictures.  So much is not up to them at a time like this, and so much attention focused on the baby.  I usually also start with the whole family shots first, then anything involving the sibling(s), so that after that, if the big kid(s) want to go play or not have the camera on them, we’ve gotten what we need with them.   Sometimes, like in this session, a kid who has decided they are Absolutely Positively DONE will actually come back around for some more candid shots, which is always so nice to see.

Littleton Newborn Session

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