Newborn Baby Boy Portraits | Arlington, MA

Newborn Baby Boy Portraits

It was so nice to spend time with Jenya and Simon and their little ones the other day.  Big sister E was clearly so excited to have a little brother. He is certainly an adorable one!  We started off the session with some family portraits. So that Simon and E could go off to work and school, and then we focused on the baby by himself.  He was such a sweet little guy, letting me wrap him. Being such a good sport about changing setups to work in all the different stunningly gorgeous handknit blankets and shawls his grandmother had made. She was a professional knitter before the fall of the Soviet Union!.

In many ways, this was a regular newborn session like any other. Each of which, is, of course, slightly different because each family and each baby is different! But this session was also unique in a different way. I had someone else there with a camera!  Jonathan George, of Media Electric (also based in Arlington) was filming for a behind the scenes video he is producing. I’m so excited to get to show prospective clients what is involved when I come to a client’s home for a session!  After we were done photographing baby and family, we headed back to my house for a short interview. It will also be included in the final behind the scenes video.  For all the time I spend behind the camera, I’m actually no more comfortable in front of it than many of my clients, which is always a good reminder of what it’s like for them!

Here are a few of my favorites from this little guy’s newborn session:

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