Outdoor Headshot Session | Arlington, MA

I often get asked by clients and potential clients what happens if the weather is terrible on their scheduled outdoor headshot session date — luckily, this doesn’t come up very often (hoping that doesn’t jinx things as I head into the busiest season of the year!).  Cheryl, a school counselor, had the unfortunate luck to have an outdoor headshot session scheduled for a day where the weather forecast was the very worst — uncertain.  Usually, I can make a call an hour or two before the session is scheduled about whether or not we need to reschedule, but on the day of Cheryl’s scheduled session the forecast was jumping all over the map — we tried meeting up to see if the more optimistic forecasts might come true, but alas it was not to be.  Luckily, I always leave a little bit of wiggle room in my schedule in case of just such a circumstance, and we met again the following evening — a perfect, beautiful Fall evening in Arlington Heights!

The one catch about the reschedule was that Cheryl needed to bring her little boy with her (never a problem as far as I’m concerned — as a mom of three myself, I understand completely!).   Cheryl’s son was fantastic for the whole time, playing on the playground near where I was photographing his mom, and at the end, he hopped in for a few shots with her.

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