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Personal Branding and Headshots: Preparing for your Portrait Session

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Mira put me at ease right away, with her calm and skilled approach. I’m really happy with the headshots she took. – Anjali W.


  • Time of Year: Spring, Summer, and Fall are all very popular times, but Winter works well too, especially forindoor business portraits.  Whenever you decide to book, it can be very helpful to schedule your session 1-2 months ahead of time if you can to ensure you get your preferred date and time.  If you aren’t able to plan that far ahead, please get in touch anyway — I try to accommodate everyone I can!
  • Time of Day: For outdoor sessions, the most flattering light is found within 2 hours of sunrise or sunset.  Obviously, the specific times will vary depending on the time of year (December sunset sessions are a lot earlier than June sunset sessions!).   For indoor sessions, you actually want to schedule in the middle of the day, if at all possible so we have as much light as possible to work with indoors.   So your session time will depend very much on what time of year it is, and the location.
  • Personal Branding / Headshot Sessions take up to 15 minutes.


All of my personal branding sessions take place on location, whether that’s at your home, office, your favorite park or another outdoor spot.   If you aren’t sure where to go, though, no worries!  I have a whole list of locations I love, and we can chat about what will work best for you!

What to Wear

  • If you are in an industry where suits are standard, it would be a good idea to wear a suit, but if you work in a more casual field, don’t feel like you need to be dressed to the nines just because it’s a business portrait — these images need to represent you and your work.
  • For business portraits, generally you want to wear solid colors (be sure to iron if necessary!) so thatyour outfit doesn’t take away from your gorgeous face.
  • If you decide to wear something with a pattern, it generally looks best if you avoid busy patterns or graphics (unless you are wearing something with a company logo).
  • Choosing something simple, and then accessorizing to provide some pizazz is a great choice since it gives us lots of options during your session — with and without your snazzy jacket or scarf, or statement necklace or earrings.  It helps give variety without having to change your entire outfit.
  • If you are getting a haircut, it can be helpful to do so 1-2 weeks ahead of your session so it has time to settle in.  I don’t recommend trying a drastically new hairstyle the day of the shoot — aim for something tried and true which you are comfortable with and confident in.
  • If you’re someone who never wears makeup, or only wears a minimum, that’s fine!  There’sno need to go all out if that’s not something you normally do.  If that IS something you normally do, go for it!  Get all dolled up and enjoy!

Odds & Ends

  • Personal Branding / Headshot Sessions are $200, and that includes a gallery you can download all the final full-resolution images from.
  • Group rates are available for groups of 5 or more.
  • I understand many people believe they are “un-photogenic” but I believe there is no such thing — there is beauty in each person, and I take great joy in bringing that out in images you will love!