{Sneak Peek} McDonald Contracting | Arlington, MA Portraits | Mira Whiting Photography

We were so lucky with the weather yesterday afternoon — the rain held off just long enough to get some wonderful outdoor portraits of the team behind McDonald Contracting.    I will confess something — I’m a little scared of heights (ok, a lot scared of heights — I’m 5’1″ and I joke with my 6’2″ husband that I don’t think I could deal with being as tall as he is!).  So, when the McDonald Contracting team suggested doing some of the portraits in front of the sign on their garage, I was all for it, until I saw just how high up they would be — much higher than my normal step stool could accommodate.  Being resourceful guys, they quickly fashioned a platform for me out of two sawhorses and a plank of wood — perfect for getting the angle I needed for the photo, but a little precarious.  In the end, I decided to go for it — I knew that, logically, if I was careful, I was unlikely to fall, and it would improve the images immensely to get a higher angle.  Sure enough, all was well, and I got this gem of the team with the sign.  Can’t wait to show them the rest of their images soon!

MWP-6Construction Headshot

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