Snow! | Mira Whiting Photography | Arlington, MA

I feel like half the time I’m blogging about something that isn’t a session with a client, it’s snow.  Well, it’s winter, right?  And snow is just about my favorite weather.

Today’s snow was *not* my very favorite kind, but I hear we’re getting a large amount of that on Tuesday.  And today’s heavy wet snow was excellent for playing in and building snowmen.

Our street is not a high priority one for the town to plow, so my husband built a snowman with a bunch of the snow from the street, and the snowman was a little taller than he is (he’s over six feet tall).  One of the neighbor kids named the snowman Albert (we held a naming contest — first person to suggest a name won 😀 ).

Jacob happened to be napping this morning, so it was so nice to get some time to spend with Jesse doing big kid things.  And towards the end of the morning, all the neighbors were out shoveling and playing too, which is always so much fun.

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