Tips for Your Wedding Day

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After your wedding is over, your wedding photographs will be the part of the day you can look at to remember how special a time it was.  Here are some tips that will help us get you the very best wedding photos we can for you:

Hair & Makeup

  • Please consider avoiding glossy lipsticks and mineral makeups, and consider using foundation or a powder to minimize shine.   As someone who generally doesn’t wear makeup myself, I totally understand if you choose to go all natural, these tips will just help a bit in case it’s super hot or we are using flash.
  • If your hair will be down, consider having a style where the sides are pinned up so your hair doesn’t cover your face.

During the Ceremony

  • Please consider having an “unplugged” ceremony — asking guests to put away their phones and cameras and enjoy being in the moment with you.  Not only will this be a more enjoyable experience for your guests, but it will also help us be able to get shots of those crucial moments without a sea of cameras and phones in front of us 🙂
  • Please let us know what special traditions will be included in your ceremony (special candle lighting, glass smashing, etc) so we can be best prepared to capture them!

Formal Portraits

  • Don’t worry — “formal” doesn’t have to mean stuffy — we will have a lot of fun during these.  Sometimes I’ll use some silly prompts or play some silly games to get everyone relaxed and looking their best.
  • Please appoint a friend or relative to be the official gatherer of people — family portraits go much faster when everyone who needs to be there is nearby!
  • We ask that people not involved in the portraits being taken not take photos during the formal portraits — it can be distracting as the people being photographed are sometimes distracted or not sure which camera to look at.   The more people who are around during this portion, the longer it can take to complete.
  • We generally advise allowing 4-5 minutes per grouping.  The amount of time we take for group portraits will depend on how many groupings you want to fit in.
  • The portraits of you and your beloved will just include the two of you, the photographer, and the photographer’s assistance if applicable.  We ask for 45 minutes for this portion.


  • It can be helpful to schedule the “events” (dances, cake-cutting, bouquet toss, etc) early in the reception to ensure they take place within the booking time with the photographer.
  • Please let us know what special traditions you will be including in your reception so we can be best prepared to capture them!


Most importantly, have fun, and enjoy your special day — that is the best way to get to best wedding photos 🙂

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