World Breastfeeding Week Portraits | Belmont, MA

World Breastfeeding Week Portraits

Last week, I was asked if I would be up for throwing together a portrait session for World Breastfeeding Week.   On such short notice, not very many people were available, but we had a gorgeous evening (in between massive thunderstorms in the afternoon and later at night) and the light was just perfect.  We did a couple of group shots, and then two of the participants opted in to do individual mini-sessions (with the proceeds going to support our local non-profit milk bank, Mothers’ Milk Bank Northeast).  I’m so pleased to be able to share some of my favorites from our time together.

We’re looking at planning another breastfeeding portrait session in September (when sunset is at a time more fitting for small children’s bedtimes and the weather is a bit cooler 🙂 ) so stayed tuned!  The date will be announced on my Facebook page.


World Breastfeeding Week Portraits

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